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Hello, I serve as the head Daikon!! Along with my other reasons for joining TCF, little did I know that I would also come as some force of unification among the few of us. I aspire socialization (usually about the subject of these forums).

As you can tell, I relish the prospect of wearing plants on my head with varying results (i.e. the eponymous Daikon Radish and Nature's Gift); some of which leading towards the seemingly childish demeanor of myself (as a Player Character). Plants or no plants, I regard myself as an optimistic, friendly, and lenient person.

This game did wonders for me with even more done as updates came about and thrust me into some perpetual cycle. In the meantime, I also got myself making varying progress across older games with varying degrees of obscurity and it wouldn't happen without the staff and modders. No seriously, you guys rock. :)

Once, I looked at Minecraft again intent on covering this stuff; unfortunately, the colors (along with my judgement) prevented me from making any further progress. In Garry Newman's mod (his changes in plan for S&box preventing me from taking these affairs to the next level notwithstanding), I can shine and captivate assorted users with what I have brought.
I don't rely on requests too mch guiding me regarding these projects; although, there criteria exists before I move on. I possess greater motivation on starting entries for certain reasons (such as file corruption).

In the case of experimentation, newer utilites came around helping me give nice things for others. We stick together!

Great Times
The game itself satisfies my plans for unification; allowing the assessment of interactions between new and old users (usually) and people who I think fare well with each other, just naming a few. Looking for someone intent on matchmaking? Most of the time, I'll send a Player intent on helping each other along the way. Keep in mind that these interactions stand canon in the Daikontinuity: a series of initially Terraria headcanons that eventually segued into all sorts of crossovers as years go by.
In fact, I took it upon myself changing my homepage from my Photobucket profile in favor of my Steam profile making things easier for everybody. I go with PC since I have many options for communication at my disposal!

I Like Writing/Typing/Whatever
Terraria has modest headcanon potential, so I went about and justified nearly everything I do in-game. For example, Boris and his story thread considers itself a minor community effort, having asked others so they can allow inter-continuities. Overall, I have enjoyment. :)

You can count on me! I won't let you down and if I do, I'm sorry! Gotta take responsibility for my own actions and such.
Jul 1, 1998 (Age: 21)
Chicken Charlie's
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Terraria: PC, Terraria: Xbox 360, Terraria: Mobile, Terraria: Xbox One
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