Hiya there, it's your local Dialga lurker of the forums! You don't have to refer to me as if I'm an actual Dialga, though. (it actually makes things easier that way)

Sometimes I post random Terraria shenanigans on my profile, or a doodle if I feel motivated enough. I'm not really active on here anymore, though, so ask me if you wanna be friends on Discord or any other social media.
Thanks for visiting!
September 5
New Bark Town
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Heyo, Dialga lurker of the forums here!



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    I Have Many Leather-Bound Books....

    1,095 days is a long time, indeed....and that's how long you've been a member of our Community!
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    The Fabric of Our Lives...

    Two years as a Terrarian! Thanks for your continued support!
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