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Recent content by Lucca aguedes

  1. Lucca aguedes

    tModLoader Dragon Ball Terraria

    It is too dirty... i can USSJ1 + flight + attack without losing even 1 point of ki! all that before WOF, just after skeletron. :( kinda broke the immersion, sorry. please fix the "calmed ki scroll"
  2. Lucca aguedes

    tModLoader Dragon Ball Terraria

    another bug I suppose. just beat skeletron and all. went to hell and got me some prideful crystals. just made the "noble ki scroll", actually labeled as "calmed ki scroll" in game, and now my ki is instantly recharging... like 0 - 2000 in a fraction of a second quite literally. I feel kind of...
  3. Lucca aguedes

    tModLoader Dragon Ball Terraria

    just wanted to address a bug here. not sure if someone already did. if you die while charging, you respawn charging indefinitely, until you press the charge ki button again. btw, would it be possible to destroy terrain on fall damage? dbz impact style?
  4. Lucca aguedes

    tModLoader Starting Class mod?

    I tend to try and do a one class playthrough, but halfway through I find a weapon from other class that i really like and stop following the rules I set to myself :( Is there any mod that makes you only able to do only one type of damage? for example one that gives you a slight buff for your...
  5. Lucca aguedes

    tModLoader Peculiarity

    where do i find the phantom fletching and the other materials for the quiver?
  6. Lucca aguedes

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    is there a release date yet?
  7. Lucca aguedes

    Standalone N Terraria Mod: RPG, Races, Classes, Quests, and other things.

    what about the shadow scales, those are guaranteed drops from EoW
  8. Lucca aguedes

    Standalone N Terraria Mod: RPG, Races, Classes, Quests, and other things.

    fix the drop rate as well! in this version, i killed 4 Eater of worlds and only got 13 shadow scales :( 300+ corrupt mobs to get 15 rotten chunks, same for lenses and demon eyes, and that with 30 points in luck- as a ranger i felt the need to get luck, or i would be stuck trying to get hunter...
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