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Jun 26, 1998 (Age: 24)
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  3. Terraria: Nintendo Switch
Getting thoroughly beaten by the Deviantt in Eternity


U maid BIG

by The Floof
@NameTaken guessed my favorite boss in this forum game: Try to guess the last poster's favorite Terraria boss!
as revenge i guessed theirs back in two tries with no hints :dryadcool:
as revenge they guessed my second fave :sigh:
YESYES 1.4 stuff
the Empress is YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESer than any other vanilla boss
npc happiness = no more boring npc towers (though if you make them in a certain way they can be pretty cool)
flails are now good ':eek:~:eek::nurseeek::merchanteek::dryadeek::eek:
charged blaster cannon is kewl
ambiance is yesyesyes
the bestiary is fun to read and fill (mostly)
balancing changes <3
emotes -> 😀
whips make summoner more interesting (though it wouldn't hurt to give them better reach)

i honestly can't decide whether the UG desert being so difficult is yesyes or nono

NONO 1.4 stuff
i hate graveyards (just my opinion)
queen slime's drops - except for the hook, mount and expert accessory - are useless
queen slime is too hard to be pre-mech
fossil armor isn't worth it anymore (until you use a certain tweaker application :hoppinjack::nursenaughty:)
dreadnautilus is too hard and his drop rates for the sanguine staff (a very good weapon tho) are far too low



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