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Recent content by Solvandus

  1. Solvandus

    Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.

    In all the time I've played Terraria, one item that has always escaped me (probably because I never actively sat and had a good grind for it), is the Whoopie Cushion. I've wanted that, but never gotten it. In my most recent world with friends, one of them got it. Then, another friend acquired...
  2. Solvandus

    If you could add one (small) thing . . .

    Dice! Roll the die and get a number.
  3. Solvandus

    The Vending Machine

    ...Smooth. -_- Anyway, You get a tipping of a lifetime. I insert the Goblin Tinkerer into the machine.
  4. Solvandus

    The Vending Machine

    You get a silverfish trying to stop your every move. I insert Squidward Tentacles himself into the machine.
  5. Solvandus

    What Would Ruin Terraria for You?

    Like what a lotta' other people said, mostly Hunger. That mandatory "Collect food or die as punishment" just never cut it, and that addition to Minecraft resulted in a sharp loss of interest on my end (however entitled I may not be). I think other things would include any other really big...
  6. Solvandus

    How do you organize yourself?

    I usually have one big storage building, maybe divided into floors, maybe not. In my most recent run, I was very specific about where things went. I had General Items (x3), Blocks (x6), Walls (x6), different chests for weapons of each class (ran out of room, would recommend having 2 chests for...
  7. Solvandus

    Favorite Key Weapon?

    Most recent melee run saw me using Vampire Knives a lot. Also had Scourge of the Corruptor, but gave it to the other melee user. OP Lifesteal? OP Lifesteal. The raw sustain on that thing, but I guess the low DPS balances it. :dryadnaughty: Buuut my favorite... RAINBOW GUN~!!
  8. Solvandus

    Respond with a haiku!

    (Too many syllables in the first sentence there, mate.) L-B-P is nice. "M-L-G" or "M-L-P"? M-L-P is great. >3> (Replying to the one that shall not be forgotten!) Pizza for the soul. But whatever shall you do... When it's aggressive?
  9. Solvandus

    Respond with a haiku!

    Interesting tale, I can haiku a little, I want a burger...
  10. Solvandus

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    New world with friends to hold us over until 1.3! :D Screenshots on the way~! Got to the ice biome (was a lot farther from spawn than I'm used it; it's usually right there.) And these trees... I explained in fine, panicked detail that these were supposed to be Boreal, and that this was how...
  11. Solvandus

    If you were the god of a universe,

    Let's see... Live out any fantasies and fantasy worlds (candy world, etc), get bored, probably take my role seriously while still doing stupid things with my time like planet billiards. That all aside, when I get down to it, probably just create something, see what they do, and go from there...
  12. Solvandus

    Reading through The Legend of Maxx (start to finish in one sitting). Wish I found this sooner!

    Reading through The Legend of Maxx (start to finish in one sitting). Wish I found this sooner!
  13. Solvandus

    Do your characters know each other?

    Me... Me... Me in a Unicorn outfit... Me with a sweet afro... Me... I say we get along nicely! :0 (I really oughta expand on original characters... At least, in Terraria)
  14. Solvandus

    PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

    "Just In Case...": Defeat a boss with 8 or more active buffs. "With Friends Like These": Have 6 or more active summons at once. "Here Comes the Bride": Defeat the Groom during a Blood Moon and acquire his sweet head-wear. "Jiminy Fluffer": Have the Steampunker NPC move into a house. "Party...
  15. Solvandus

    PC Favorite Biome?

    I love the atmosphere and soundtrack of the Ocean ^^... I also like the Hallow and the Desert quite a bit! :dryadhappy: I'd love the sky biome (particularly the islands and outer space), buuut Harpies. I could build a base up there and prevent that, but I already got one! :0
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