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  1. Wigglesniff

    There & Back Again: A Summary of Journey's End

    My thumb got sore scrolling through the changelog... enough said.
  2. Wigglesniff

    Yo-Yo Playthrough

    Looking for 2 other people or so to do a playthrough solely using yo-yos. Whether expert or normal mode depends on what the people I'm playing with would want. If you would be interested, send me a PM including some details of yourself. Ages ~17 would be prefered. I will be leaving until ~ 3PM...
  3. Wigglesniff

    PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

    Exploration Explorer - Travel to both Oceans That's Low - Reach the Underworld Skyward Bound - Open a Floating Island Chest Locksmith - Unlock a Dungeon Chest Death Mad Bomber - Blow yourself up Not so Friendly - Die to a Nymph HOT HOT HOT! - Die due to On Fire! Sleeping with the Fish - Drown...
  4. Wigglesniff

    Casual Myers Briggs Personality Test

    Interesting how most people on here are introverts.
  5. Wigglesniff

    PC Sampling the Sounds of 1.3

    The conductor made sure to orchestrate that.
  6. Wigglesniff

    PC Sampling the Sounds of 1.3

    I can't say that was the most instrumental comment I've seen, but it beat some others.
  7. Wigglesniff

    PC Sampling the Sounds of 1.3

    Thanks for keeping me in tune with the update.
  8. Wigglesniff

    WIP Enhancing the original biomes

    Well played RNG, well played.
  9. Wigglesniff

    WIP Enhancing the original biomes

    Fair enough :P I'd still be happy even if they didn't have loot though. Just has a LAN party with some people... We ran a medium world and got two pyramids contains a sandstorm and magic carpet. Luck of the optimistic?
  10. Wigglesniff

    WIP Enhancing the original biomes

    I like this idea. Any extra variety that can be added to worldgen is always welcomed... it adds a nice way of spicing things up. Pyramids, Underground Cabins, Giant Trees, Floating Islands, Jungle Shrines, and Hell Houses are all great examples of this.
  11. Wigglesniff

    tAPI Omnirs Nostalgia Pack

    Glad to see this on here! Congrats on the release.
  12. Wigglesniff

    Casual In an all-out war, would Voldemort or Sauron win?

    I think you guys are giving a total lack of credit to the number of death eaters at Voldemort's disposal. In the 7th movie, when they are attacking the castle, the camera can't even capture all of the death eaters in a shot... well over around 100 which is generally what is being said. I'd say...
  13. Wigglesniff

    Profile picture courtesy of @Cireus

    Profile picture courtesy of @Cireus
  14. Wigglesniff

    tAPI [Tutorial] Custom Bosses - NPC AI and Server Syncing

    Very nicely written. It's very admirable to see someone take such a long time to write an in-depth and resourceful guide towards a topic that not many are familiar with.
  15. Wigglesniff

    Pre-Hardmode Mage Issues

    Just a few magic weapons off the top of my head... waterbolt, bee gun, magic missile, demon scythe, flower of fire... all of which are very viable weapons pre-harmode. As for armor, you could go meteor armor and grab a space gun... that's also a very potent pre-harmode magic option.
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