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Recent content by ZeroTakenaka

  1. ZeroTakenaka

    PC In your opinion, what areas could use revisits?

    As we all know, the Underground Desert will be revisited in 1.3.3. Finally, an area worthy of exploring! The Underground Desert has never been a place that was fully fleshed out with gear when it was made. Personally, I think Hell could use a revisit. Once you're in hardmode, there's little...
  2. ZeroTakenaka

    PC Improvements for Adventure Map Building

    I like this idea. I've personally felt that too much time was spent implementing controller features when being able to spawn any type of monster for adventure maps is a sorely lacking feature.
  3. ZeroTakenaka

    [] More Traps, and Statues!

    Since 1.3.1 came out, I feel like they were missing a few things Traps While the ability to rotate traps ensure that new placements for traps can now be secured. I feel like there should have been more traps added than just a geyser trap. To be fair, you can't get most of the traps until...
  4. ZeroTakenaka

    Sprites Warning: Contains Balls That Sparkle

    These look really cool. You did a great job spriting them.
  5. ZeroTakenaka

    Adventure A Terraria Adventure Map : Echoes of the Lost World

    First of all, I'm gonna say that I love the map. There are very ingenious use of various items to get through certain areas. But uh... I'm stuck.
  6. ZeroTakenaka

    Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

    Alright, here goes, I don't have much to suggest but... More statues that have an activation! - Those statues are used in some adventure maps to control when and how many monsters spawn. Traps! - More devilish traps of... some description. Especially a nuke-type explosion! Bigger booms...
  7. ZeroTakenaka

    Puzzle Portal Gun Puzzles 2: The Sequel

    Um... the first one? I'm assuming you have to go up the dirt path but you can't see around in the dark. because well... there's no way that I can see to get up so you can place portals down other than an area of sloped blocks but they need to be activated.
  8. ZeroTakenaka

    Puzzle Portal Gun Puzzles 2: The Sequel

    I got stuck in the antlion room. I'm not sure how to get past this point.
  9. ZeroTakenaka

    Puzzle Portal: Multiplayer

    That was fun. There were some devilish tricks that me and my friend had to solve to get through the map. It was well lit so that wasn't an issue. Me and my friend had to think for a while to get through. I thoroughly enjoyed it... It took me and my friend almost 45 min. to get through so... you...
  10. ZeroTakenaka

    Terraria's Future

    Now that 1.3 is out and Redigit(the person) is leaving development of Terraria 1 to focus on Terraria: OW... Where do we go from here? We know that Yoraizor, Cenx, and Skiphs, along with a few other devs will continue supporting Terraria for the immediate future. Where do we head from here...
  11. ZeroTakenaka

    A Terrarian Wedding Celebration!

    WAIT. Can I just say something? I thought they got married like... back in 2012?
  12. ZeroTakenaka

    PC Bouncy/Sticky Blocks, please!

    Yes I like this idea, You could use this in like a physics maze or just have like a 'bouncy house'.
  13. ZeroTakenaka

    3 New End-Game Bows (And 3 new Arrows)

    Looks good. Just one problem. The Pulse Bow isn't affected by gravity so there's less of a reason to have a Lihzahrd Bow. Otherwise good suggestions.
  14. ZeroTakenaka

    How do you explain Terraria to other people?

    Typically, I say it's a 2d version of minecraft but focused more on the exploration/battle side of things. That's not to say it isn't a VERY nice builder too. I mean... WE HAVE PAINTS.
  15. ZeroTakenaka

    If you could replace any music in the game with music from another game, what would it be?

    I'd totally use this theme for skeletron prime boss fight This one would be for destroyer. Last one for the Twins.
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