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  1. Judge Hellboy

    Turbo Truffle Worm Farm - Vertical, Hoik Engine Powered (+ Spawn Area Tutorial)

    It is as if he has max HP and Defense so killing him is an unlikely solution. Maybe a way to drop em into hell every so often, or hoik em out or teleport em out if possible.
  2. Judge Hellboy

    Let's talk Overpowered Jungle Turtles...

    *shrugs* I had 3 before I even mined chlorophyte... RNG is RNG
  3. Judge Hellboy

    Let's talk Overpowered Jungle Turtles...

    Turtles are fine. They have a easy enough counter. Keep moving and stunlock them. On the other hand hornets and more importantly Moss Hornets can drop me dead before i realize it.
  4. Judge Hellboy

    Grinding. Hacking. Duping. How do you play?

    I don't edit in items or dupe (sans liquids) or use a program to peek at the map. I will, however, create grinders or autofarms in game to help farm stuff like keymolds, ectoplasm and other stuff. I utilize the liquid duping setup sometimes and other times I wont.
  5. Judge Hellboy

    What do you dislike about Terraria?

    The absolute tedium in managing items. We get shift+click to trash items but why not a quick method of sending item to inventory or chest or reforge slot or guide slot, etc.
  6. Judge Hellboy

    Console An Early Console Christmas - Fixes & More

    Every time i see a new post I'm like "Yay Finally 1.3 that we've been waiting forever for.." only to be disappointed again. ;-;
  7. Judge Hellboy

    PC Ctrl+Click Inventory to Chest / Chest to Inventory

    I feel like this suggestion has been made a million times over. It intuitive to have such a feature yet after all this time it still doesn't exist.
  8. Judge Hellboy

    Mobile Terraria 1.2 for Mobile!

    Every time I see an update announcement I jump for joy.. then I stop mid air for when my brain catches up and tells me its for mobile, not PC. I then float back down, sink into my chair and let out a few tears. Maybe next time. :\
  9. Judge Hellboy

    T - U - R - T - L - E POWER!

    T - U - R - T - L - E POWER!
  10. Judge Hellboy

    Official And Now for a Taste of Things to Come...

    There have been far too many retro style games in recent years. I'm okay with retro games and the art styles to a point but put some modern features in there to spruce it up. There has been many years of innovations in gaming for good reasons, a lot of which have made some games tons of fun...
  11. Judge Hellboy

    Official And Now for a Taste of Things to Come...

    All of terraria doesn't look like that. I said "I draw similarities" to terraria. If you were to re-imagine places from terraria into the art style presented I don't feel it is too big a stretch. Even if it has absolutely nothing to do with terraria you can see the inspiration from it is there.
  12. Judge Hellboy

    Official And Now for a Taste of Things to Come...

    Captured some still images to look at and thought I'd share. I draw similarities to Terraria with the desert with a floating island above, the above ground jungle and the hallow. Really there is no telling what this game is until they tell us tho.
  13. Judge Hellboy

    Quick Loot storage option - New looting feature for easy item refreshing.

    THIS ^ Along with shift+click items into reforge and guides little box for use. (And anywhere else that may apply that i've forgotten.)
  14. Judge Hellboy

    Question for DEV about moving biomes & future content.

    Meh I guess I'll use TEDIT as recent tests and experiments are showing that it will take many times more hours to farm and build what I want naturally.
  15. Judge Hellboy

    Weirdest Spawn

    I always find it interesting when the spawn is a snow biome.
  16. Judge Hellboy

    Question for DEV about moving biomes & future content.

    I find things look many times more natural building block by block instead of TEdit especially when building more organic things. Still can't move spider biomes as it is based over the background tiles that you can't harvest or make.
  17. Judge Hellboy

    Question for DEV about moving biomes & future content.

    I have been planning a rather large building project in which I build and/or connect every biome in the game. With the next update there is a possibility that new biomes or minibiomes will be introduced. I would like to know that IF such things are introduced will I be able to bring parts of...
  18. Judge Hellboy

    How do you explain Terraria to other people?

    I tell people Terraria is a sand-box game that has exploration, adventure, platforming, combat, loot hording, mining, fishing and building all in one. The great thing about this is you don't have to do all those things but you can if you want. There is enough variety in the systems and content...
  19. Judge Hellboy

    Official 2014 ReLogic Terraria Halloween Contest Entry Thread

    Platform: PC Your concept & Inspiration: I started out with the idea of carving a jack-o-lantern with the carved shape being Plantera's face but it uh.. sorta evolved from there. If you are a team, team member list? : Just me and my laptop. Screenshot: Head of the Horseman Video:
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