PC 1.3.1 Release Date!

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Good day Terrarians,

In celebration of Terraria's 5th birthday we are pleased to announce the release date for 1.3.1, an update for PC that focuses on wiring mechanics and controller support.

Thank you for your ongoing support, these last 5 years have been a blast!
The day is drawing nigh! Quite excited for this one to be out there and then get to see all of the amazing creations that people come up with (that and to finally be able to provide controller support for those folks that have avoided PC to-date for that reason)!

Great work team! :cool:
Wooo can can't wait to use controller. Tho it doesn't like running on my pc anymore. Surprisingly. Thank you so much for the controller Support. :D Can't wait to see how it handles.
This is happy birthday to Terraria! For being a very fun game that has continued to evolve throughout the years providing many hours of fun!

I'm looking forward to being able to use that Controller, and experiment by making better and more cool wiring contraptions! The wait will certainly be worth it!
Congrats to the 5th...
but can someone please post the date, because of the DNS problems that imgur has in the moment, I can't see the pic in the post. :/

edit: Ok, imgur seems to be working again... damn only 6 more days... yay :)
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