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1.3.6 Background Preview


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Hello Terrarians!

The Re-Logic dev team has been hard at work on 1.3.6 this week. There is some pretty exciting stuff, so we thought we'd start your weekend off right with a look at one of the many new backgrounds coming to Terraria in 1.3.6 :)



This looks amazing! I've always thought "The ocean background looks great!" But now you've replaced it with something a thousand times better!

I love how the clouds are behind the islands, but in front the sun.

I just noticed that! The little things like these really make the Terraria world that much better/more realistic. Well, as realistic as you can get with a game that features flying eyeballs with mouths that roar.

Stahn Aileron

What a fantastic summer's day! :happy:
Huh... I just realized something:
  • Summer = Ocean & Desert Biomes
  • Fall = Corruption & Crimson Biomes (mainly the forest type)
  • Winter = Snow Biome
  • Spring = Purity Forest (i.e. a normal forest) & Hallow (again, mainly the forest type)
Not sure where Jungle would fit in. Seems like a Spring/Summer biome, leaning more towards Summer.
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