tModLoader [1.4.4] TerraGuardians - Terraria Companions Mod

I launched like last hour, the test version of the 1.4 version of the mod.
You can get the file here, just install it on your tModLoader's mods folder (Use tmodloader mod list to lead you to the folder).
  • Currently, only Rococo, Blue and Sardine are implemented.
  • Some interactions with companions have been moved to be done through dialogues with them.
  • You can ask a companion to move in and out of your world through a dialogue with them.
  • Managing companions house is done on the same interface as managing their inventory and equipments. There is a new tab there for that.
  • For now, you can ask to mount on your companions, or ask companions to mount on your back without friendship requirement.
  • The friendship system is implemented, but the progress is not visible right now.
  • Companions will now try using furnitures when your character does. You can let them know if you want to share furniture with them.
  • Some weapons and items might not work as intended, and some item animations might be broken.
  • There is no orders system right now.
  • Skill system isn't implemented.
  • Shared health and mana crystal progress for the companions is implemented. The life/mana crystals used by the companions will be shared among all companions of the same type regardless of character.
If you feel like exploring the mod test version, feel free to.
Do expect broken stuff to happen during your gameplay, though.
If you manage to bump into some, mod incompatibilities, or have feedbacks, do let me know.

Do not forget that there's discord and steam group chat, if you want to post feedback, or just talk, who knows, It's a community.
Discord -
Steam Group -

Mod Github Repository. Yes, spoiler alert: GitHub -

As for the most important part:
Have fun. :)
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You think I'm not serious, huh?
Update launched!

Fixed an issue with companions aim when using ranged weapons.
Added attributes that controls companion aiming speed, attack trigger rate and accuracy.
Companions should no longer feel confused when using ranged and magic weapons, about when to use them.
Fixed a bug where Sardine was shown inside King Slime, even if you have met, or have him in the world.
Increased the targetting and combat engaging range of companions.
You can now ask companions you're mounted on to use nearby useable furniture.
=> That's also valid for beds.
I kinda missed saying "Update launched". Yes, I used to alternate between what I say during the updates, but I'm sure you also get what I mean.

I had to fix and tweak a number of issues that came with the test version launch.

One of the new things that came, is that now you can ask companions you're mounted on to sit on a chair, or sleep on a bed near them.
That way, you no longer need to get off your companion mount should you decide to use a furniture.

Another thing I added, is player positioning when using a bed.
Use a bed while either having Rococo as a follower, or mounted on his back to see what happens.

Whew. I spent a lot of time working on this mod today.
I begun working on it 3pm, when I was splitting the companion dialogues from their base script.
That was a QoL change though, not exactly for players since there would be no visible changes for dialogues,
but for the modders, will be better to manage dialogues and companion infos.

Now, it's 1:22am, and I barelly managed to work on the house I made for the companions.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to work on it another time, heh.

Enjoy your gameplay, and see you on the next update. :)
Another update to TerraGuardians Alpha is out, and there's even a video showcasing the progress:
Companions will no longer look like they fell from the sky when they spawn on your screen.
Fixed a bug where dismissing a companion that doesn't have their npc spawned in the world, caused a duplicate of them to appear.
Added a safety measure to avoid duplicate companions of being loaded with the world.
Tweaked further the shared furniture usage scripts.
=> Small companions can now sit on the player lap when the player uses a furniture, while the player holds the companion.
=> Added a sleeping offset, which might be used for small companions when sharing bed with the player.
=> Large companions will now show the player between their arm and leg when the player uses a chair.
=> The player will be shown behind the companion arm when the companion is sharing bed with the player.
Fixed issue with companions aiming.
Michelle re-arrives.
Companions will no longer change their wandering direction when there's a tree on their way.
Fixed issue where Blue wasn't a starter companion.
Combat Tactics were reimplemented.
=> You can change them by talking with the companion about other topics.
Companions can now be hurt by monster projectiles.
Companions you're talking with will begin running towards your character, if you get too far away from them.
You can now see the companions friendship heart progress.
=> The change compared to TerraGuardians 1.3, is that now the heart will show as filled when it's 1 of progress away from max progress.
Companions will no longer mention ids when speaking of npcs.
=> The name of the npcs will also be colored based on their gender.
Fixed a freeze issue that happened when a companion tried to despawn by itself.
Do let me know if you guys bump into some issue.

Have fun :)

Edit: Gotta like the fact that Anquest's message is on the top of this page.
Everytime I post the link on Discord or Steam, their message saying "Hype" pops up.
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New TerraGuardians mod update out.
This update fixes an error you would have with the mod when playing with Fargo's Mutant Mod.
You can now tell TerraGuardian Companions to get to your character size.
=> Talk with them about other things to see the dialogue.
Your character should now be shown correctly behind companion arms, when sharing thrones or benches with them.
=> For now, this breaks held projectiles visibility.
Fixed an issue where the game would crash with Fargo's Mutant Mod extra buff slots system.
Added vanity and dye slots to the equipments interface.

Enjoy :)
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Another update out.
Sorry, no returning companion right now, but I'm working on it.
Changed how player and companion rendering works.
-> It should be less expensive than previous method.
Replacing dumb message from Michelle for one that makes more sense.
Items on the ground that gets close to a companion you're mounted on will be pulled towards you character.
Added friendship level requirement for mounting on companion shoulder.
Small companions should now try jumping through tall places in their way correctly.
The game will now take in consideration companion horizontal speed when checking when to jump tall tiles.
Companion speed will be resetted upon teleporting.
Companions will no longer decide between wether they should focus on jumping or following horizontally the target.
Companions should no longer jump off cliffs when following you.
-> Yes, you aren't a bad team leader.
Companions not in the group will no longer die of hunger.
Hovering a companion equipment slot will now show their set bonus, instead of yours.
The mod should now let you know if the house you're trying to make a companion move in to is valid.
Added a bar showing the hunger progress of companions, to their group interface.
-> That bar will only be shown when playing in the Constant seed, and your companion is either Hungry or Starving.
Companions should be less suicidal and dumb now. Beside there's still lots more to do about their AI, I will improve it as the mod is developed.

The reason why no new companion right now, is because not only I had to push the update due to an issue with the constant seed, but also...
Yep, he's the 4th companion. That means I'm having to translate his boss fight to the new pre recruit companion system.

Heh, wish me luck and patience.
Enjoy your gameplay :3
I made a form which will let me know what features people want mostly to be implemented on the mod.
If you want to vote, the form is found here: TerraGuardians Mod 1.4 Priority list

I added 2 extra questions just for fun and feedback.
Feel free to ignore them if you just want to vote on the priority list.

Thank you for reading.
i think the mods (1.4 Test) conflict with another mods that using right-click features (example: hammer mode UI mods doesn't appeared, some items on LuiAFK Reborn, etc) and Basic Automatic Mining mods
i think the mods (1.4 Test) conflict with another mods that using right-click features (example: hammer mode UI mods doesn't appeared, some items on LuiAFK Reborn, etc) and Basic Automatic Mining mods
I'll investigate that issue next time I mess with the mod.
i think the mods (1.4 Test) conflict with another mods that using right-click features (example: hammer mode UI mods doesn't appeared, some items on LuiAFK Reborn, etc) and Basic Automatic Mining mods
I reported the issue to LuiAFK developers, and it seems like the issue is also attached to a problem they were having with right click features and mannequins/hat shelves. The modder said that they took care of the issue so I guess this issue also helped them find a solution to a issue they were having with their mod too. heh

As for Basic automatic mining mods, I didn't gave a try on that mod yet.

There's also the AlchemistNPC mod that is having issues with interfaces, which a player reported on the form I posted days ago.
I contacted the developer through their discord, but I still await answer.
Would you consider adding some more humanoid, or at least shorter companions? I can't help but find the ones like Blue and Rococo a bit disturbing.
Well, I still have to reimplement the other companions from 1.3 version. But yeah, I can try.
I'm actually quite curious to know why you find companions like Blue and Rococo a bit disturbing,
but on other hand I think maybe might be better not to know why.
It's just... They're weirdly tall and lanky. They look like animals, but also like humans at the same time, and not in the usual anthro/furry way, but in some uncanny valley-ish way. It's a bit better than usual seeing as they're sprites rather than 3d, but if they were in 3d, they would look really eerie and strange-
Ah, I see.

The companions they are intended to really be tall, at least most of the TerraGuardians are, because I wanted to make them be like kind of "titans" or something. That's why they're a lot taller than the player.

I couldn't do more about their sprites to make them look less "lanky", because my spriting skill is still very limited, and changing their body proportions is quite complicated.

Just for example, I tried to draw a Gnoll Knight for my game project, and I ended up getting this:
gnoll knight.png

I'm still not very happy with how I've drawn the character, but at least is something.

Maybe for future followers I can try making the companions physique look less weird, but I won't be changing the existing ones because it's actually quite complicated to sprite them.
Beside, I think that the reason why they look weird, is because they stand just like the human character does.

Hm.. I guess I'll have to research that some time...

Edit: Also, your feedback wasn't what I expected. Haha.
Now I'm wondering, with humanoid companions, they will have armor showing on them right? It would be interesting if they could also be renamed. With a final fantasy mod I have, I could grab three companions, dress them up in the vanity sets, and rename them to the appropriate character's name.
I still need to reimplement the nicknaming of companions.
On 1.3 version you could rename characters once, being that to rename again, would require you to buy and use a item to allow renaming again.

Yes, I'll reimplement that in the future.

Ps:. Final Fantasy VI, I guess.
New TerraGuardians 1.4 Update is out!

This update is special because it not brings only one, not two, but THREE returning companions!
Also, It reintroduces the Requests and Skills system.
Do notice that Skills system will only affect non Terrarian companions.

The companions are Zacks, Nemesis and Alex.

The companion selection interface also got a wiki link to the page of the companion, if it exists.
If you want to help contributing with their wiki page, feel free to.

Companions will avoid getting close to their targets when near death.
Reimplemented Requests system.
=> You can get requests from companions, once they have them available.
Added a Wiki button on the companion selection interface.
=> That button will lead you to the page of the companion in the mod wiki.
Fixed a issue where some mods wouldn't have their interface open correctly if you had companions in the world.
=> I'm not very happy with this solution, since might lead to issues with other mods..
Rococo pre recruit companion no longer appears during the night.
Zacks rearrives.
Town npcs now mentions companions.
Sardine gained again his unique attributes.
TerraGuardians Skill System reimplemented.
=> Companions can increase skills as they do actions.
=> The skills increases attributes of the companion respective to the skill.
=> Only TerraGuardian companions benefit from this.
=> Due to the addition of this system, Dodge Rate, Block Rate (unusable right now), Defense rate attributes were implemented.
TerraGuardian companions gains Defense Rate, depending on their Defense value.
=> Defense Rate further lowers damage they receive from attacks.
You can now see some of your companion informations on the equipment tab of their information interface under the inventory.
Companions can now use whips.
Nemesis rearrives.
Fixed an issue where companions would think they would fall, if there's blocks in their path, but with open space under them.
Companions should no longer leave their chair if you try talking to them while in front of them.
Alex rearrives.

Enjoy :)

The repository of TerraGuardians 1.4 can be found here, if you're curious, or want to maybe give me a hand, beside for the later case, I'd preffer if the person contacted me first.
Yes, Spoiler alert by the way.
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