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Rule Suggestion that won't matter for a while: You must build the Mechanic's house out of blocks that do something when powered by wires and have puressure plates in and around the house that will trigger every block. You're playing on "get fixed boi" so I think you'll be able to get enough Dart Traps if you don't want to craft anything for it.
You have to write Boulder Is Nice with alphabet statues. :boulder: (On any part of the world)
Also, i would like to remove the rule of A far away planet, that erases your ability to break tombstones, there must be no dead people's tomb on the monument!
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Put an Owl Statue in the Zoologist's house. If you don't have one, and you can't craft one, instead place an Item Frame with an Owl on it in the house.

This is a reference to a half-joking suggestion idea I had a while ago:
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You get a free Terragrim but you have to unequip 1 accessory while using it.
(ONLY WHILE USING IT, if you don't use it, you may equip that accessory again, also accessories that are on vanity slot or are vanity accessories don't count as accessories.)

yay 100th message on here!
Bad news everyone, for todays video I ended up getting a demon scythe, getting a band of star power, and killing king slime, but my screen recorder messed up and didn’t record everything. I’ll try and record again, but I’m sorry.
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