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Adventure 4 Swords (The Quest For The Nights Edge)

What are your thoughts?

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This is my very first Terraria map!

Its a simple quest to gather the 4 swords of the night edge.
Some simple info on the map are as follows
1)Simple puzzles involving many elements of Terraria.
2)Plenty of post adventure content and secrets to find crammed in every nook and cranny.
3)Fight the 5 bosses Prehardmode (EoC, EoW, King Slime, Queen Bee, and Skeletron)
4)Play with up to 4 players.





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I'll try it, and will update this message with my opinion, from the screenshots it looks good, so there's a good base.
EDIT 1: The jungle bats and demon eyes during the Tree Top Trail are very annoying, intended or not; there should be something around to reduce spawn rates (Peace Candles or Calming Potions) Other than this, it's pretty good so far and I like the use of the natural world.
EDIT 2: Are there supposed to be constant sandstorms in the desert bits.. or is that just my Terraria being weird..?
EDIT 2.5: A spawnpoint or teleport point would be nice outside of the dungeon...
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EDIT 1: That is indeed something I should (and will) look into.
EDIT 2: Sandstorms Are not in my control
EDIT 3: Don't know if you got through the whole thing but the teleporter is meant to be inside for story/progression reasons.

Second note I just did EDIT 1 and added easier mobility in the desert, I've put up the new file now
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Official Terrarian
Is the lava pool after the Queen Bee fight intentional? If it is then please remove it, I died to it and now I can't get back to where I'm supposed to be.
Other than that, it's a great map!


Hello my fellow Terrarians. With the release of 1.4 I was thinking about updating this map. Making it better and way more polished. I'm curious what kind of suggestions you guys have if I were to update the map.


I am currently stuck. I beat Eater of Worlds and got the Lights Bane, but can't progress anymore because there's no new paths in the dungeon.
What do I do?
Also, when do I open the teleporter to the dungeon?
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