A Distinctly Etherian Update: Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II Crossover Coming Soon!

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words cannot express how i feel right now...


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That's some horribly awesome stuff. I always wanted to see how Tower Defense of this sort would look like in Terraria and seems like November 15th will be my lucky day. Cheers for the devs.


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This is very exciting stuff.

The events for both games look spectacular. And it's fun to learn more about the game Dungeon Defenders 2. It's good to meet you @Elandrian


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I've never played Dungeon Defenders 1 or 2, but this still looks fun!
Question though, why does the Dyad turn evil or something in the trailer?
Also, the cyclops make the giant troll roar from Castle Crashers.


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In Dungeon Defender, the objective is to defend magical crystals from the hordes that enter the map to attack the crystal. The crystals are used to seal ancient demons, known as "the old ones"
So, if the goal is to not to let the enemies attack the crystal what prevents you from placing blocks around it and blocking the enemies from touching the crystal?


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Grab the Hydra and the Rainbow Crystal Staff. We've got a gem to defend...

I've always liked the stationary sentry style of certain weapons, but expanding that to a full on tower defense mechanic? I'm really excited to see how that will work out!
As i can see, i am the only one here who doesn't like this. Gonna turn off auto-update Terraria on steam...
That's a rather premature conclusion. My suggestion is to first experience the content, and if it turns out you don't like it, just don't engage with it. If this is just like the Moon events, they would be completely optional.
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