A Distinctly Etherian Update: Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II Crossover Coming Soon!

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Greetings, Terrarians!

A few weeks ago, we shared the outline of a mysterious shape to you all - a revelation which has led to much speculation, as we have come to love and expect from our dedicated community! As revealed via PC Gamer yesterday, this mysterious object is indeed what some of you guessed: a Portal between Terraria and Etheria! A rip in the fabric of space and time itself has pulled enemies, weapons, and more from Etheria into Terraria...and sent our beloved Dryad on a dangerous excursion to save Etheria from some uniquely Terrarian foes!

This will be no ordinary event, as the Etherians have brought all new game mechanics - for both you and your foes alike - to bear as they endlessly seek to destroy all that is in their path. This will challenge Terrarians to devise new strategic approaches if they hope to succeed in thwarting these bloodthirsty invaders.

Spoiler DD2 v2.png


For Dungeon Defenders 2 players, an equally powerful menace will invade their peaceful realm. Foes familiar to Terrarians seek to corrupt all that they touch, and only through a mix of smart strategy and honed skills will heroes be able to keep the land pure! Fortunately, the Portal also brought with it a new hero - an ancient guardian of nature and purity itself: The Dryad! Check out the news post on dungeondefenders.com for a complete list of the content coming to Dungeon Defenders 2!​


We will have more to share in the coming weeks - but it will not be too long before Terrarians and Etherians alike are enjoying all of this exciting content. To learn a bit more in the meantime, check out the brief FAQ below.

Terraria & Dungeon Defenders 2 Crossover Event FAQ - Spoilers below, if you would rather just wait to find out when the update comes out!

Etheria Invades Terraria

  • Terraria fans will see a brand new DD2-themed event – complete with authentic enemies and loot – added to the game. We are planning to make this not only accessible to new players, but also engaging for long-time veterans. The goal here is a truly authentic blended experience that brings Etheria into the world of Terraria.
  • DD2-themed event with brand new tower-defense style mechanics developed specifically for this crossover collaboration will challenge players in new ways.
    • The Old Ones’ monstrous horde of evil minions are on the march, crushing everything in their path – can the player fend off their advances?
    • New defenses designed with this event in mind will be at the player’s call!
  • Plus brand new weapons/vanity and more…particularly for those foolhardy enough to challenge the fiend leading the Old Ones’ march on Terraria!

Terraria Invades Etheria

  • New Map & Incursion inspired by Terraria
  • New Terrarian enemies...and a new boss...invade Etheria!
  • New Hero Character - The Dryad (including a new way to try her out for free)! Take on the new challenges in DD2 with this ancient defender of nature, whom has learned to control the very forces that she has fought against for centuries to aid in the struggle!
  • Terrarian Weapons
  • Terrarian Themed Heroes Marketplace
The teams have been in close contact on this project since its inception – ensuring an engaging and authentic experience that is sure to make both fanbases happy!

  • It all starts with each team being fans of the other team’s game and work in general. That is the heart and soul of this collaboration – a chance for us to introduce some really cool things into these games that is inspired by another game that we greatly enjoy.
  • It all began with informal chats after some extended DD2 play sessions by the Re-Logic team. We got to thinking about how cool this might be, the teams got to talking, and it really took off from there. The chance to bring two talented teams together is too cool to pass up!
  • For Terraria, this also gives the Re-Logic team a chance to experiment and play around a bit with Tower Defense style gameplay with our core fanbase – the feedback from which will be hugely valuable as we continue to shape and polish Terraria: Otherworld.

Our goal and plan is to have both of these updates (for DD2 and Terraria) out to everyone on November 15th!

  • Terraria players will see this come through in the same manner as past content updates. This will be version 1.3.4. As with all Terraria updates, this will be free to owners of the game. As for how players will find and initiate the content in-game, we will leave that as a mystery for now.
  • Dungeon Defenders 2 players will unlock the new content in a variety of ways, depending on the content in question. This will be in line with how previous content has been rolled out (Either purchased or unlocked via gameplay). However, the Trendy team has included a chance to get an early preview/taste of what is available for newer players as well.

Along with the amazing core crossover content courtesy of @Yoraiz0r, @Lazure, @Crowno, and the rest of the team, this update (1.3.4) will also contain the cool water visuals work that @Skiphs has been showing off.

More details will be shared as we near and reach launch. We hope that you are as excited as we are for this crossover - it is not very often at all that two Indie studios get together and collaborate on something this large across two games. We would like to sincerely thank the entire team at Trendy Entertainment for their partnership thus far...and now we will all dig deep and work to push this update to the finish line!!!
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I'm just hoping I don't have to create another new world for it. As it stands, I'm not planning on making another world for the next Underground Desert update, so I'm missing out on that for a while...
since the dryad will be free to try her... many new player maibe are going to DD2 .. is a really graet game, and is Free to play so u should try it if u can!
i used to play the DD1 but i cannot run the DD2 until i buy a graphic card.... but is a really fun and interesting game (tower defence mixed with action)
This as mentioned will serve as en early introduction to the tower defence mechanics that T:OW will bring us, im pretty exited for this simultaneous updates that will probably get me a lot more of gameplay time :D
(also, if the dryad will have the same cost to unlock like the other heroes, i'll recomend to start farming those medals, DD2 players ;))
let me tel u some things as a DD player:

in Dungeon Defender, the objetive is defend magical cristals from the hordes who enter the map to only atack the crystal . the cristals are used to seal a ancients demons, only know as "the old ones"

as u can see in this image... there is the crystal!!! ( rigth side of the screen , the purple one) also a mage tower and a ballista tower ( all this are from Dungeon defender) so i can assume the crystal is goin to be the Trigger to the event !


in this other image : we can see the BARTENDER ( left bottom) he is the main NPJ in Dungeon Defender, selling equip, and buying ur stuff. is from his tavern u start each mission in the game
It looks like there are turrets from one of the screenshots. Just wondering how these will fit in with the NPC attacks and also the Pirate/Bunny Cannon.
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