A Distinctly Etherian Update: Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II Crossover Coming Soon!

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I live on the Reunion island in the Indian Ocean ! It's already 17:00 :( I will have to stay up all night to enjoy this amazing update ! Thanks again !
Edit : that was not sarcastic ! I really don't care if it's day or night I will enjoy it :)
It's about noon here in Brazil and I have a test tomorrow, but I'll play it today, only a little to have some time to study.


Updates not out yet....



Skeletron Prime
Because I was planning a guide and I need to know whether or not I am allowed to recommend decompiling the game.

In administering the wiki, I decompile Terraria whenever an update is released. That's where all the stats on the wiki come from. The mod and inventory/map-editor authors are constantly doing that too. Re-Logic has said more or less that it doesn't have a problem with decompiling for either information or modding purposes. If you were to copy code and use it in a commercial product, on the other hand, that may likely be problem.
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