• Fantastic news Terrarians! All platforms have officially been submitted! Barring any issues our tentative release date is September 28th!

A Distinctly Etherian Update: Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II Crossover Coming Soon!

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All of this is cool and all, but there is one very distinct thing I noticed.

We now know what those distinct green clothes on the Dryad are!

While this update is cool, that's what I'm happy about.

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YEp, it's an ogre. Hooray! Everybody loves ogres!


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Really cool stuff! Can't wait to try it out. :D

A question that really bothers me though. Why would one use turrets if you can also deal with them in your own?
What's the balance between the turret and player? I understand that the lihzahrd traps were useful during a frost moon or autofarming. But if I'm endgame (or near endgame). I don't think I see the use of preferring Turrets too.

Maybe I might be wrong and might it be balanced and well done in some point. But I'm rather not preferring a "higher tier than the previous top tier" balance.

....or maybe it's not an endgame event at all. Who knows.

Anyways. I'm really looking forward this. And it's already out in two weeks as well! :)

(As for the "i don't like this and I'll stop updating" people; I see this event and content as optional as the pumpkin and frost moon events. If you don't like them. Don't fight em. I don't see they would be neccesary to fight for me)


Awesome. It'll be fun to do something other than Moon Lord at the end of the game (no offense to ML, but it gets old fighting him after awhile, lol).


Wow! As a Terraria fan, I can't wait to play this new version of 1.3.4. So in the future I will try the console version called PS4 to play 1.3 though.


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finally, 2 things I never would have thought to come together have done so. Terraria is going to be a lot easier when you are a skilled tower-defense player


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Grab the Hydra and the Rainbow Crystal Staff. We've got a gem to defend...

I've always liked the stationary sentry style of certain weapons, but expanding that to a full on tower defense mechanic? I'm really excited to see how that will work out!

That's a rather premature conclusion. My suggestion is to first experience the content, and if it turns out you don't like it, just don't engage with it. If this is just like the Moon events, they would be completely optional.
Well, i am going to download this update on my old laptop first. But my main PC won't be updated.


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The music playing in the background of the trailer when the DD monsters went into the portal, was that new soundtrack?!

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Defending bases, you say?

I am always ready for more excuses to slip Resonant Defensive into sound mods. Also, as excited as I am for the base update itself, I can't wait to see what modders do with the base defense groundwork in the game. Release the Goldrahdas.
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