A "Not the Bees!", pre-Hardmode mini Review.

¡¡Warning, this mini Review may contain Spoilers, reader discretion is advised!!
Greetings everyone! Today, I'd like to share my experience(s) with the Secret World Seed, Not the Bees!, with no long intros, let's cut to the chase!

Terraria 1.4.4 [1.5] will be here before we know it, so it seemed like a great opportunity to examine the current state of the game in many ways, to see how it'll measure up to the inevitable updates. I discovered some pretty interesting things about this Map [Not the Bees!], and I guess this'll just be me providing context, when it comes to what is and isn't available, in comparison to a standard "Vanilla Map"; and what was done to either compensate, or adapt to such drastic changes.


A.) No Potions for you, Sir! Well, not entirely true but, I'm fairly used to being able to craft my Apothecary Station pretty early on in-game. At a certain point, I'd been convinced that Water just didn't exist on this Map. I had theories, pretty early on about where I might find Water, but none of them turned out to be "accurate", I had the right idea in most cases, but I just didn't "dig deep enough" to find what I was looking for.
  1. and of course, no Water source(s) means, no Potion Farm! This wasn't really a major issue at first, but the idea of going into Hardmode without Potions, and other vital equipment, seemed like a death sentence [more on that later]!
  2. it was still possible to find some random Potions pretty reliably, but Specializing in what specific Potions were needed at certain times, like Obsidian Skin Potions for example, didn't seem possible. I'd nearly forgotten just how treacherous the Underworld could be without "Lava Immunity"!
  3. and this also means no Water Fishing, which would render an entire other set of Potion-types unusable [Material, Quest Rewards]!
  4. I'm not sure if I'm just unlucky but, there's also currently no Angler NPC in my World... 😏 🤷‍♂️
B.) Oh yeah, and no Spider Armor either! Okay, so I guess it's time to come clean, the thought of going into Hardmode without any reliable Potions, without any Molten Gear/ Pick Axe [because, you know... no Water for Obsidian!], without any access to Jungle Fishing, and without any means of obtaining a Hardmode Minion right away, I had to make the tough call, and look up a Not the Bees! Map on Official Terraria Wiki - wiki.gg.
  1. around the same time, it also occurred to me that I haven't messed with any of the Old One's Army content yet, so perhaps I could substitute one of the Sentries from that Event for Queen Spider? 🤔 ☕
  2. then, after glancing around at the properties of a Not the Bees! Seed, I noticed that I'd been right about Water possibly being deep, deep down under the "Honey Ocean". That'd be good for Potions [as I could just make a Sink for now], but Fishing was still gonna be very limited!
  3. I also caught a glimpse that there was Ice somewhere on the Map [though I can't imagine where], and that there was also Water available in the Sky Islands... -_-🤦‍♂️
    • ...because of course there is; this just goes to show, how easy it can be to overlook something, when you're not totally accustomed to considering it.
    • all this time it never even occurred to me to just "Look Up", but this was quite the revelation overall.
C.) A Puzzle? Ooh, I like Puzzles! Playing on a "Not the Bees!" Map, isn't quite like SkyBlock or anything, but I imagine there are some elements here, that encapsulate small examples of its appeal. Having to think about the game differently, ...being forced to have to think about the game differently, likely isn't for everyone, and I get that.
  1. a lot of players like consistency from their games, there is certainly fun to be had knowing exactly where to go, what to do, and how to do it. This is one of the main reasons a "Second Playthrough" is so alluring, "what does the game feel like to play, now that I'm mostly informed?"
  2. on the other hand, I believe the opposite could be just as appealing, "what does the game feel like to play, when the things I'd normally rely on are completely removed or replaced?"
  3. regardless of where you land with that answer [because I'm sure it'll likely be slightly different for everyone]; fact-of-the-matter is, you can have it both ways here!
  4. that's kind of the beauty here though, even if a "Not the Bees!" Special Seed isn't your "thing"; it's there if you want it, but you can totally ignore it if you don't [Terraria Golf anyone?]. 🏌️‍♂️⛳
A solid 8/10, but would NOT recommend! I've been a part of this community long enough to know, most players likely won't enjoy this style of World Map. The Queen Bee Boss will harass you at nearly every turn [a much worse version of Enemies spawning in Boss fights], Hornets are almost everywhere, so prepare to be sniped off-screen often. Moving through liquids, is slow as molasses...!

...the list goes on, so to keep this somewhat short, and to avoid adding any more spoilers then is necessary, I'll just end it here. Keep in mind, this is just a mini review of "Not the Bees!" pre-Hardmode, I have no clue what Hardmode will be like! 😬 🤷‍♂️
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