A poncho accessory. (Vanity)

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  1. Yeah.

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  3. What is a poncho?

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  1. Green Rango

    Green Rango Skeletron Prime

    With the revamped cowboy outfit, I think it'd be pretty neat if they added in a poncho, so we can live out our Man With No Name fantasies.
    The cloaks/capes in this game look amazing, and are a great addition to a player's choice of cosmetics. I mention capes/cloaks because I think a poncho could be implemented similarly to how they were.

    This is a simple suggestion, but it's something that I think some people would appreciate.

  2. King Victor

    King Victor Skeletron Prime

    Rain Poncho? or Cowboy Poncho?
  3. Green Rango

    Green Rango Skeletron Prime

  4. Horizontal 8

    Horizontal 8 Terrarian

    You hurt my donkies feeling... Say sorry to him.
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