A Road Well Traveled - Terraria: Journey's End Launches on Xbox & PlayStation!

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Console Terrarians, it is here at last... welcome to Journey's End!

Initially released in May 2020 for PC, Journey's End brings Terraria to the next level, to a place where the core game can finally be called "complete". From new ways to play the game, to over 1000 new items to find and craft, to new bosses to challenge, and even a full-pass review of all content of the game for balance, graphic quality, and mechanics - truly, Journey's End has something for everyone. We cannot wait to see your reactions as you dive in to all that this update has to offer, and we hope that you thoroughly enjoy our gift to you. It has been an amazing journey indeed... but we truly feel that this end is really just a new beginning for the amazing world of Terraria.

This release will bring Console up to an equivalent (content-wise) of the version of Terraria. Once all platforms are at least at this level (Nintendo Switch is next up!), the team will be focusing on bringing Console/Mobile/Switch up to content parity with the current PC version!

So, what awaits you in Journey's End? As you can imagine, this is a LOT to go over... so we are going to provide you with a topline summary along with links to the PC Changelogs and the Journey's End Review articles from earlier this year. While some things may not match 1:1 (such as UI/control differences and some features will be different), we feel this is an easy way to get you familiar with the content that is here at your fingertips. We will cover off some differences where we can. Ready to map out your Journey? Read on, loyal traveler!



HOTFIX #1 - OCTOBER 1, 2021- Release v1.
Fixed Syncing Files Bug


HOTFIX #2 - OCTOBER 7, 2021 - Release v1., Build 759
Fixed autosave bug
Fixed the black screen sync bug
Fixed a crash when fighting Empress of Light
Fixed a crash after long play times
Fixed a crash in very old world saves
Fixed hotbar navigation affecting player movement
Fixed housing query controller bindings (Players will have to go into settings and rechoose from Classic, Advanced or Simplified again or bind the Housing Query setting)
Fixed research not consuming the held item stack
Fixed mouse conflicting in split screen pause menu
Fixed PS4 offscreen mouse cursor
Fixed PS4 trophy for Empress of Light
Added shoulder combo hint on screen
Added more controller bindings on screen
Added safe region settings in game
Added support for PS4 touchpad button


HOTFIX #2 - OCTOBER 19, 2021 - Release v1., Build 765

"Classic" scheme has been changed to be the closest match Red's Pick from the Console 1.3 Era (though it retains the ability to remap/add all of the new functions available with 1.4)
D-Pad Cursor Snap feature from RL/PW can be achieved by binding dpad to Grid Snap (see video below)
D-Pad Hotbar feature from RL/PW can be achieved by binding the four dpad directions to Dynamic Hotbar 1-4 (see video below)
Grapple is now bound to B again, along with Interact- Interact may be bound to whatever button players have assigned for Secondary Fire or Grapple, but not any others in order to avoid numerous conflicts and edge case issues.
Fixed an issue where the system was wrongly capping the maximum number of worlds at 10, but the UI was not recognizing this cap. The world/map cap is now 30 as originally intended, and the UI will enforce this (no New button if you have 30 or more worlds)
Fixed an issue with not being able to add more offline players to splitscreen on PS4
Fixed the mouse scroll wheel issues on PS4 and Xbox
Fixed lag spikes caused by the growth of Pumpkins
Fixed Player 2+ in split screen not being able to see the Traveling Merchant's wares
Fixed Thunderstorms in splitscreen causing blocks to become invisible
Fixed time being frozen in non-journey worlds when joining a MP session from the tutorial
Fixed the Angler's quests not being updated for Clients in a MP session
Fixed treasure bags only being dropped for one person in MP or Split screen
Fixed Dungeon Casters and other Projectile weapons' VFX not showing in the left hand side of the world
Fixed Geodes not being able to be thrown on the ground to open them

Check out the video below to see how the evolved versions of Dpad Hotbar and Dpad Snap work in 1.4!

With this evolved version of these long-standing features, you can now do things that you could not do previously:
- Dpad Hotbar can now be mapped to 0-4 buttons. Previously, this was an all-or-nothing feature.
- Dpad Snap can now be mapped separately (LB+Dpad) in the video - so that players can now use Dpad Hotbar and Dpad Snap at the same time.

By Default in Classic controls, Dpad Snap is on and no Dpad Hotbar buttons are mapped, we leave this up to you, the player.


The team has additional fixes and tweaks coming in the days and weeks ahead - along with continued work on getting Nintendo Switch (all of these fixes and improvements, etc. will apply to Switch as well so win-win). Keep the feedback coming - the best way is to use the Bug Report Button below!





Terraria: Journey's End contains so much in the way of content and new features, that we felt it would be best to refer you over to the main Journey's End Changelog from the PC launch for the full details. To be clear, at this point, there are a couple of things that are NOT supported by Terraria: Journey's End on Console:

Texture Packs & Modding are not currently possible on Console. This is something the team will explore as we move forward - but we cannot currently make any promises one way or the other.

Splitscreen + Online (in combination) Multiplayer is not currently supported - this will be explored at a later update, as we did not want to delay the launch to chase the many edge case issues this specific situation creates.

Chroma/RGB Effects are not currently supported on Console

Crossplay is currently not supported for Terraria - this is a feature that the team plans to explore once all active platforms are at content parity. We cannot promise whether or not we will succeed in this effort nor what form it will take, but we will attempt to make it a reality.

That being said, let's dive into a few of the more cool/bigger features:



A host of new settings and options, ranging from graphic quality to control profiles and much, much more!

Horizontal vs Vertical Splitscreen Toggle

Revised Gamepad mapping to account for the wide range of Journey's End controls - adjusted Defaults (Console Legacy, Advanced, Simplified) as well!

UI Changes to account for Journey's End Features

UI Editor - Check out the video above for details!

Keyboard and Mouse Support


Over 1000 new items (beyond 1.3.5), bringing the total item count to over 5000!
New Critters to find, Enemies to Battle, and two new Boss Encounters!
New minibiomes
Blood Moon and Lava Fishing are expanded
Brand new epic Terraria Music
and much, much more!



Journey Mode provides a more accessible Terraria experience by placing the power to create the gameplay you desire in the palm of your hands. Research blocks that you dig up, items that you find, and enemies that you defeat in order to gain the limitless power to duplicate or to adjust the difficulty of the game to your whims. At last, you can have the Terraria experience perfectly tailored to your desires... the only limit is your imagination!

With Great Power Comes Great Accessibility - Introducing Terraria's New Journey Mode

How will all of this work on Console? Well this is where some of the new Console UI changes come into play. Here are just a few examples:

Research & Duplication are located within Inventory on Console - so you can Research, Duplicate, Craft, and Repeat all without leaving your Inventory Screen!

Control the Weather, Difficulty, Enemy Spawns... Godmode... and much more with your Journey Powers located in Settings!




A next-level challenge intended for those skilled, brave, or foolish enough to take it on, Master Mode represents the ultimate Terraria challenge. Unrelenting, Master Mode will punish your every mistake and force you to prepare and up your game like never before. Do you have what it takes to prove that you are a Master of Terraria?




Time to hit the links in the world of Terraria! That's right, Journey's End brings the timeless game of golf to Terraria. Featuring an array of golf clubs, scorekeeping, and more, Terraria Golf introduces a whole new way to play. Create your own epic golf courses, share them with your friends, and then meet up on the links to challenge each other - who can hit the ball the longest, who has the best short game, and who has what it takes to make that clutch putt when it's all on the line?

Want to learn more? Check out our Feature Article all about Terraria Golf!

FORE-RRARIA! Hitting the Links with Terraria Golf




One of the most impactful Quality of Life changes perhaps to ever reach Terraria, Block Swap is one of those features that you will find yourself asking "how did I ever live without this?!" in no time at all. No more will you have to tear down your constructions first in order to spruce them up with new-and-improved blocks or walls! Simply grab the block with which you wish to replace the existing blocks and place away - the new block will be put in place, and the old blocks will be there for you to pick up.

As long as your currently-equipped pick is powerful enough to dig up whatever it is you want to replace, Block Swap is there to serve you well!

Oh... and did we mention it works on chests... without you having to empty them first?




(Wait, your inventory is full? Where is all that pricey furniture going exactly?!?)


Inventory overflow... you hate it too? Well, we have got the solution for you!

What on the surface appears to simply be the fourth available character storage item - the Void Vault - transforms into an automagical inventory overflow vacuum when combined with the Void Bag held by the player. This combination of items will immediately whisk away any items the player picks up once their inventory is full - and deposit them safely at home in the Void Vault for safekeeping. This won't totally eliminate all of your inventory woes, but it will certainly cut down on those trips to and from home base!




Beware! For when too many tombstones gather together, the air shall chill and the mists roll in... what mysteries will you find buried six feet deep in the Graveyard?



As a part of Journey's End, the team examined and re-examined the balance of the content in the game. From start to finish, no stone was left unturned and no gear left unaccounted for. In the end, what remains is a full rebalancing of the game from top to bottom. Stats have changed, functionality has changed. There is no better time to start a fresh playthrough and experience the new Terraria for the first time!

Read all about the Revisit and Rebalance via the Article below!

What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience



The world of Terraria is so chock-full of content, it can be hard to keep track of it all! Sure, the Guide has you covered for crafting recipes and the Terraria Wiki is fantastic - but don't you wish there was a way to know more about your foes? Where can I find the Lost Girl? How much health does a Derpling have? How many coins can I get from farming Jellyfish? Wonder no more, for the Terraria Bestiary is here!

As you defeat foes, you will learn more and more about them - key stats, locations, drop rates, background info and more!

Learn all about the Terraria Bestiary by reading our Feature Article on the topic!

Mythical Beasts & Where to Farm Them: Exploring Terraria's Bestiary



During Journey's End development, we conducted a focus group with all of the Terraria NPCs. Outside of some very strange requests (no, Guide, we cannot 'remove all doors at night'), their feedback was very clear: they are tired of being shoved into tiny cubicles or L shaped tubes and they want you to know this!

In order to help raise NPC morale so that they could be at their very best - and to reward players who go that extra mile to treat their NPCs with the respect they deserve, we are introducing the NPC Happiness System. How does it work? What does this mean for you? We have provided some details below, but you can check out our full Feature Article on the topic linked below as well!

Expand Your Terraria Empire - Pylons, Town Building, and NPC Happiness

What affects NPC Happiness?
  • NPCs are happier when you locate them in biomes that they prefer​
  • NPCs are happier when they like their neighbors​
  • NPCs are happier when they are not overcrowded with other NPCs​

Adding nice furniture and aesthetics doesn't directly affect NPC Happiness... but it sure will make you feel better about yourself when your friends come over for a visit. ;)

What Happens if my NPCs are Happy/Unhappy?
  • NPC Shop prices will adjust based upon how happy each NPC is at the time​
  • If you make an NPC happy enough, you will gain access to a Pylon for that Biome (more on this below!)​

How can I tell if my NPCs are Happy?
  • You will notice a new dialogue option for Happiness for each NPC​
  • This will give you hints about what might make them happier as well!​




We briefly mentioned these mysterious Pylons in our section on things you can get with happy NPCs. So what are these, and why should you care? Well, if you have enough happy NPCs in a given biome, you will unlock the use of a Pylon for that biome. Pylons allow you to instantly teleport from one Pylon to another! With Pylons in place, your "big central base" now becomes an interconnected network of cool outposts all over the world, allowing you to get around quickly without the need to lay tracks or teleporters... and providing you a home away from home wherever you are!

Pylon 04.png


You can only have one Pylon of a given biome type placed at a time (so you can not have, for example, an Ocean Pylon at both Oceans)

Pylons must be placed in their aligned biome in order to function (you can place them anywhere else, but they will not work!)

Pylons must also have two nearby (and living) NPCs in order to function - again, the idea here is to reward building those bases/towns! :)

Pylons cannot be used during Boss Battles or Invasion Events!


Pylons are quite easy to use. Once placed in their aligned biome, you simply click on a nearby pylon. This will take you to the map screen where you can locate another placed pylon to which you want to teleport, click it and off you go!


Journey's End has so much more to find and experience - we hope this very top-level summary has made you more familiar with some of the bigger features.

Return to Table of Contents


So that we can have an easy way to find and interact with bug reports, please post them on TCF by clicking the bug report button below!

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Glad to hear about it being on PS4 / xBox. But now for the question of HOW long for the Switch? It's not going to be until 2022, is it? Really eager to get onto playing 1.4 on the Switch.
All this waiting and the game is now unplayable thanks the top bar being off screen. Can't even see what the weapons are.

Surely, after the complaints in 1.3 about this, something could have been done to address this?
All this waiting and the game is now unplayable thanks the top bar being off screen. Can't even see what the weapons are.

Surely, after the complaints in 1.3 about this, something could have been done to address this?

This is caused by individual TV models have different safezone settings.

If you go to the Main Menu (NOT in-game), and got to Settings>Interface>Advanced, there is a Safe Zone option that will let you adjust these freely until it fits your particular television!
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Question about mods for the consoles, will there be a new app to download mods or can you just download them on Terraria with a list of high picks?
Unless there is not going to be mods.
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