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A thread-worthy compilation of all my thread-worthy ideas. (100+ and counting!)


The Beetle Breaker and the Snake Breaker, both have too much damage, ESPECIALLY Snake Breaker. I KNOW that the two weapons are slow and don't have projectiles, but are FREAKING MASSIVE! And they both come from the Lihzahrds. SzG, why do your Breaker weapons do too much damage? Praise Ria!


Brimstone armor.png
Brimstone Pickaxe.png

This is a long-term project, so don't expect to see the full thing for a while. :p


I was actually coping you could help with some of the sprites if you ever find the time. :happy: It's a rather tall order, this one. :p
Well... that depends on what you'll give me...

I will require payment, I think $70,000 in quarters will be sufficient, with a $25,000 down-payment. Next, you will have to email me a kitten. A live one, preferably one that has stripes. Also, a lifetime supply of various cakes and candies would be a nice perk. Finally, you would have to come and serve as my personal butler for a minimum of 17 years.

Jokes aside, I have a lot on my plate, but I can probably help out some :happy:


Official Terrarian
Hello! Everything sounds and looks very epic! Can I have permission for realizing any idea in my mod (I don't know what ideas right now)? With credits of course.
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