A thread-worthy compilation of all my thread-worthy ideas. (100+ and counting!)


There are 143 threads in this list. Feedback on any and all of them would be appreciated!

Color Code:
Implemented in an official update! (Hooray!) I am satisfied with the current state of the subject.
Partially implemented suggestions. Were some of my concerns addressed? Hell yes! But there's still more!
Under construction. I have plans to adapt these to account for changes made in recent updates.
Closed because they are no longer needed for one reason or another.

Content Suggestions:
Ancharpoon Small.png
The Ancharpoon - The ultimate Harpoon-type weapon.
Acid Rain Small.png
Acid Rain - HM Rain Event - Includes enemies, equipment, and a new debuff.
Alchemy Lab for New and Improved Potions - Combined and enhanced potions from a new crafting station.
Armory - A Melee Buff furniture item - The Grindstone assumes the niche that this suggestion would have filled.
Ashwood Tree - A tree to populate the barren wastes on the outskirts of Hell.
Aquariums Small.png
One Heck of a Big Suggestion: Aquariums - Aquatic Terrariums for the enjoyment of all.
The Bard Small.png
New Town NPC: The Bard - Weapon customizing service and hints for Hardmode.
Beetle Tools and Weapons Small.png
Beetle Tools and Weapons - Giving Beetle Husks some love
Biome Hazards - Additions and improvements to natural "traps"
Pre-HM Boss Drops Small.png
New Summoner and Utility Drops for Pre-HM Bosses - New boss summoning weapons and utilities! Hooray!
Cleansing Filters Small.png
Cleansing Filters - Solution to collateral Clentamination - Preventing unwanted biome destruction.
Clentaminator Solutions for Complete Biome Terraformation - I found a better suggestion that I like more. Click the link if you're interested!
Terrestrial Magnet Small.png
Cordial Magnet and a Myriad of Upgrades - A few accessories which increase pickup range.
Corruption and Crimson Bullets - Blood Shot and Vile Bullet - Ammo for your Musket and Undertaker.
Skeleton Marksman Small.png
The Crossbow - Filling in a gap in progression and possibly adding a new enemy.
Bone Charm + Snake Eyes Small.png Cursed Bone Charm and Snake Eyes - A couple of enemy-dropped accessories I came up with.
Disposable Rocket Tube - A consumable rocket-firing weapon and Grenade upgrade.
Coyote Small.png Desert Coyote - Pre-HM charging enemy - Desert is fully fleshed-out now, and a Coyote wouldn't fit thematically anymore, so yeah. :p
Dungeon Toilets - Because they would be hilarious.
Event: Corruption Rising - Late game evil-themed event.
Critter Staves Small.png
Critter Staves for Early-Game Summoners - Easy to obtain summoner weapons.
Cursed Masonry Small.png Cursed Masonry - Crafting Station for Dungeon Furniture - Exactly what the title says.
Equalizing Earlygame Ammo - Adding Tungsten Bullets to balance Silver Bullets, and new Arrows to balance them.
Evil Tiered Magic: Vessel Skewer and Swarm Staff
Excavation Gear for collecting unobtainable background objects and walls.
Dart Expansion Small.png Expansion of Content for Dart-type Weapons - The Dart Rifle and Dart Pistol are probably as much as this will ever be expanded.
Factional Melee Weapons for the Hardmode Dungeon - Meet the Bone Lance, Skullcrusher, and Blazing Wheel.
Useful Frost Legion Drops - Hardmode Holiday Weapons - To make the Frost Legion more worthwhile to complete.
Shortswords Small.png Give Shortswords a Helping Hand - Shortswords. Make more of them and more use of them, too.
Golden Bass Statue - You know you want it!
Hardmode Consumable Weapons - Throwing Knives for the post-WoF part of the game.
Mob Armors Small.png Hardmode Enemy-Dropped Armor Sets - A big fat suggestion full of enemy-dropped armor ideas.
Hell Counterparts (Fire and Brimstone) - An underworld of corrosion and torment.
High-Tech Goggle Upgrades - Vision enhancing headgear options.
Hoverpack Small.png
Hoverpack, anyone? - This thread has been merged with my Wings Redux thread. Check it out!
Ideas for new types of arrows - Unique arrow possibilities stemming from the Dart Expansion thread.
Ideas for New Fishing Equipment - Fishing poles, bait, and a compilation of other fishing-related ideas.
Red Probe Small.png If the BoC had a Hardmode version... - This is what I would want it to be.
Just some power tools for pre-Hardmode, I guess.
Kusarigama Small.png Kusarigama - Combination Scythe and Flail weapon sold by the Traveling Merchant in Hardmode.
Lakefreeze Boots, Hellfrost Boots, and Magic Ice Skates - Flurry Boot upgrades to make them more unique.
Lihzahrd Temple Small.png Lihzahrd Temple Expansion - Hazards, obstacles, improvements, and more!
Lucky Rabbit's Foot Small.png
Lucky Rabbit's Foot - A solution to accidental critter slaughter. Mostly.
Lunar Drop Ideas - Laser Glaive, Black Hole Gun, and Meteorfury.
Magic Paint Small.png
Magic Paint for magical decorative particle effects - What? It would be cool.
Meteor Revival: Making Meteorites a Legitimate Biome - Less dull and more worthy of the name "biome."
Mechanical Boss Loot: Soul Expansion and Balancing - My ultimate compilation of balanced loot distribution suggestions.
Minecart Tether and Riding Gear - Putting Mounts and Wings on the same level.
Hell Ammo Small.png Molten Bullets or Incendiary Shots - Hell-tiered fire ammo
Motion Sensors and Proximity Detectors - A technical guide to the no-contact sensors of the future!
Muddy Water - An easier way to convert dirt into mud.
Nanite Wrench Small.png
Nanite Wrenches and Wire Cutters - The ultimate wiring tools.
Obsidian Forge - Station for crafting Obsidian furniture and Demon lighting.
(Complete) Post-Plantera Armor Sets... A Trinity of Trinities - My quest for perfection: three armor sets with three unique sub-sets each.
Plantera's Hook - Grapple around the world like the mighty Plantera would.
Phoenix Charm Small.png
Phoenix Feather - Hardmode Hell "Revival" Accessory
Pirate Voodoomaster and Summoning Staves - A Pirate caster enemy and new weapons for summoner class.
Possessed Armor Variety - Spicing up Hardmode's most monotonous enemy with a touch of variety.
Post-Mech Cross-Class Armors - Blazing and Toxic Frost armor counterparts.
Hell Expansion Small.png Post-Mech Hell Expansion - New Hardmode Underworld enemies, weapons, and accessories.
Post-Plantera Dungeon Wheels and Flail Enemies - Hardmode Blazing Wheels and Spike Balls, because why not?
Pumpkin Tools - Equipment to go along with the Pumpkin srmor set.
Rethinking Hardmode gun progression - Ore-Tiered Guns - Craftable guns in early Hardmode progression.
Scanner + Flashlight Small.png Scan Cannon and Flashlight - Mapping tools for the completionist
Skeletron Prime Improvements - Changes and additions to make Prime a more intimidating and worthwhile boss.
Skull Vanity Variety - Imitate more types of Skeletons!
Sleeping Bags and Tents - Outdoor Sleeping and Temporary Spawnpoints - Camping away from base without the hassle of Beds.
Slimed Skeletons - Spice up the caverns beneath you with these all-new slime-covered enemies!
Soulrender - Ranged Life-steal done my way.
Special Hitscan Bullet Weapons - Beamshot and Railgun - Special guns that enhance your ammo.
Spectre Heagear Small.png Spectre Helmet/Headgear - A New Defensive/Supportive Option - New set option which focuses on mana and defense.
SzGamer's Sentry Summon Suggestions - Helping out the underdeveloped weapon type of the underdeveloped class.
Things that go BOOM - Grenade upgrades galore - More throwable explosives. Make the Demolitionist proud.
Transmutation Reactor Small.png
Transmutation Reactor - Extractinator upgrade for off-world Ore conversion
The Trapsman... and a whole lot of new trap ideas. (Warning: Supermassive Megathread)
Toad Small.png Toahds - Pre-Hardmode Lihzahrd enemies
Tornado in a Bottle - A new Hardmode flight accessory to go along with Wings.
Vamprire Staff Small.png Vampire Staff - Vampirism for Terraria - Summoner life-steal in the form of a new vampirism mechanic.
Vanity Accessories - Open to further suggestions.
A Variety of Flamethrower Ammo - Different types of ammunition for the Flamethrower and Elf Melter.
The Wardrobe - Easy vanity set equipping, swapping, sharing, and more!
Weaponized Flares - Because people want a more dangerous Flare Gun.
Weaponized Grappling Hooks - Specialized Hooks that latch onto and damage enemies.
Werewolf Charm - A tinkered Moon Stone + Moon Charm accessory just for kicks.
Wolf Mount - For land-based traveling - Unicorn Mount has all my yes, and basically assumes the niche that this was intended to fill.
Wyvern Aesthetic Change and Wyvern Wings - For mythical accuracy and a new flight accessory.
Yin Rang Small.png Yin 'Rangs - A new use for Light and Dark Shards - Chakram counterpart of the Dao of Pow.

Proposed Changes:
Balancing Shadow Orbs and Crimson Hearts - Crimson Heart now drops a Crimson Heart, which fulfills one part of the suggestion and throws off the rest.
Biome-Specific Ammo from Pots - To make each biome more unique.
A Change to Ichor Small.png
A functional change to Ichor - It shouldn't discriminate against slow-firing weapons.
Buffs and Changes to DoT Debuffs - Establishing a stronger hierarchy of DoT debuffs and making them stronger PvE.
Catching up the Crimson - A few unresolved differences with the Corruption.
Decapitated Plant Enemies Small.png
Decapitated Plant Enemies - No more vanishing into thin air when their root block is destroyed.
Debuff Resistance Items - Improvements and additions to immunity items.
Improvement to Mannequin Interface - Displaying accessories, dyes, and being more user-friendly overall.
Improving Shroomite Headware - Encouraging actual variety rather than weapon "specialization."
Mechanical Bosses Spawning Hallowed Ore - Giving progression from early- to mid-Hardmode a backbone.
Merchant Merchandise Small.png
Merchant Merchandise - A few small changes - Ways to make the Merchant more involved and more useful.
Mimic Improvement - Making them better at mimicry.
New uses for single-purposed Pumpkin Moon ammunition.
NPC Buffing Items - Ways to make townies less fragile
Rethinking Food - A whole new food system
Special abilities for 1.1 Hardmode armors - A compromise between the alternate Hardmode Ore's abilities and the blandness of the original.
Special Abilities for High Velocity Bullets - Penetration and an anti-armor bonus, because they deserve more love.
Spooky Wood - An easy way to give it more uses.
Statues; Crafting and functional changes - Lots of statue-related ideas I've had.
Total Wings Rework - BIG improvements to the progression and diversity of Wings in Hardmode.
Minor Changes:
Advanced Enemies and Basic Drops - Making basic materials more plentiful in HM instead of more scarce.
Background objects should drop items - Why shouldn't those big ugly boulders be dropping stuff?
Can we make Gem Hooks require a Hook to craft? - A way to solidify early-game Grappling Hook progression.
Avenger Emblem Recipes Small.png
Change Recipes Involving Avenger Emblem - Getting ripped off by unnecessary extra Emblems that are going to waste.
Dye Small.png Compound Dye improvements - Better Values and Dye Separation.
Depth Meter and Compass acquisition - We have a minimap, so why are these so hard to get?
Enemies should be dropping ammo if they use ammo - Archers dropping Arrows, gunners dropping Bullets, etc. Seriously.
Late-Game Enemies and their (lack of) debuffs - Did I get that Ankh Charm for nothing? Hopefully not.
Meteorite function and realism suggestions.
Minor Recipe changes, additions, alternates, and the like - This is where I'll be dumping any crafting bothers I have.
Minor sprite change to the Frost Hydra - If it has an eye, they might want to make it more visible.
Modifiers for "The" Weapons - Legendary The Axe? C'mon, Terraria, you can do better.
My simple and long standing opinion about WoF drops - The easiest way we could reduce grinding.
A new use for the Magic Quiver and Ammo Box - Infinite ammo has been implemented!
Placeable Whoopie Cushion for pranks and giggles - Just-for-fun idea for the lulz.
Post-Plantera Dungeon Bones deserve better debuffs.
Restore Pre-Hardmode Bosses to Their Former Glory - If you want harder boss fights you have Expert Mode. I happen to 133.7% approve of Expert Mode.
Sand half-blocks and gravity don't mix - How Sand (and other) Blocks should react with slopes and half-blocks.
Unorthodox Sets Small.png Special Bonuses for Unorthodox Earlygame sets - Warm Eskimo armor, thorny Cactus armor, and a bonus for Rain gear.
Stacking Boomernags Small.png
Stacking Boomerangs - Making them Reforgable and letting them have modifiers.
Under-Powered Weapons that direly need buffs.
Water Bottles, Drowning, and the Wet debuff - Putting some logic into water. I hope it doesn't drown.

Mechanics Suggestions:
Auto Select Tools based on their capabilities - Selects tools of appropriate length and power to get the job done.
A Block placement quality-of-life improvement
Cures for Debuffs - Small suggestions concerning how Debuffs behave and how they can be removed.
Housing Small.png Designation and Blocking of NPC Housing - Simple idea to solve minor housing inconveniences.
A New Door Breaking Mechanic - Making Hammers more useful and Goblins less annoying.
Grappling Hook Equip Slot
Solutions for common difficulty option problems - You may or may not have heard of Expert Mode. I approve of Expert Mode.
Weighting the Probability of Unacquired Boss Drops - Reducing Boss grinding.
World Generation Options - Special alt presets and ore selection.
Minor Suggestions:
Alt music tracks should play according to player location
A Pause Button - Making pausing the game more convenient.
Explosives and Hardmode mining - Because blowing up HM ore shouldn't do nothing.
Quick Loot storage option

Option for critter droppings? - Good idea or bad idea? Either way, it's a crap suggestion.
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Hey! You've discovered my ultra-secret post there I upload off-topic things for other places. :naughty:
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So be it.

EDIT: Sadly it won't be any time soon because I have to redownload Terraria and school :dryadcry:
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Empress of Light
I always like your suggestions! Haven't check all of them but I bet they're good!


I'm honestly surprised you're not a game developer or something similar, I can imagine a development team really needing someone as competent as you to join them.
Nah. I'm only this good at it because Terraria is the best game on planet Earth.

I want whatever job Cenx has. Being a Re-Logic creative director would be a dream come true.


Cenx said she had recently implemented 4 community suggestions. The only one revealed was Baconfry's suggestion about prefixes, I believe. I'm not exaggerating but I wouldn't be surprised if one of your ideas are planned for the game.


Cenx said she had recently implemented 4 community suggestions. The only one revealed was Baconfry's suggestion about prefixes, I believe. I'm not exaggerating but I wouldn't be surprised if one of your ideas are planned for the game.
I feel like almost every single one of my suggestions has a place in the game, but it's up to the developers to decide what they think would be most beneficial to the game. Some of my ideas visions of what my solution to a certain problem would be, but as long as they fix the problem itself in some way, I will be satisfied.

Sometimes I just throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks with the community. :p
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