A Use for the Obsidian Rose: Molten Rose and the Bone Serpent Skull!

Is the Molten Rose a good idea?

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Wall of Flesh
Before the release of 1.4 comes around, I just wanted to put out a few quick suggestions which could help out fire-related accessory progression.

Here's the most important suggestion:
Molten Rose
The Molten Rose will be an accessory that combines two very similar abilities which NEED to be combined in vanilla:
- 7-second lava immunity
- Reduced lava damage

Provides 7-second lava immunity and reduced lava damage

It will be crafted with an Obsidian Rose and a Lava Charm at a Tinkerer's Workshop.
For this to become viable, the Obsidian Rose's droprate must be increased from 2% to 15-20%.

This accessory could greatly help when exploring the Underworld and mining Hellstone, and save the player a precious couple seconds (compared to the base accessories alone) when Magic Mirror/Ice Mirror-ing to escape.

Bone Serpent Skull
The Bone Serpent Skull will be an accessory that combines and improves the abilities of the Obsidian Skull and Molten Rose. It will provide:
- Immunity to the Burning debuff (like the Obsidian Skull)
- Improved 9-second lava immunity (or 5-6-second lava immunity with a speed boost could work, just trying to emulate the ability of the Bone Serpent to burrow in lava)
- Reduced lava damage (from the Molten/Obsidian Rose)
- I was also thinking that a cool mechanic could be a new On Fire! immunity bar, but that is most likely too overpowered and would cause UI clutter, so I allocated that ability to the Riot Shield (see below).

Grants immunity to fire blocks
Provides 9-second lava immunity and reduced lava damage

It will be crafted using the Obsidian Skull, Molten Rose, and 30 Bones or a special item(s) dropped by the Bone Serpent (e.g. Bone Serpent Mandibles, Broken Bone Serpent Skull/Head, etc.) at a Tinkerer's Workshop and Hellforge.

This could serve to make the Bone Serpent have a use other than being a stronger enemy in the Underworld if the special item idea is introduced.

I also came up with a couple extra accessories to balance the classes:
Burning Sphere (accessory)
The Burning Sphere will be an accessory that allows fire damage via Magic weapons that do not inflict other debuffs (so NOT things like the Venom Staff and Shadowflame Hex Doll). It will be crafted with a Crystal Ball and a Magma Stone at a Tinkerer's Workshop.
As an added bonus (since it includes the Crystal Ball), it will provide 5% increased Magic damage.

5% increased magic damage
Non-special magic weapons inflict On Fire!

This accessory can serve as a great way to create a use for the Magma Stone with Mage players, and provide another source of debuff infliction.

Hell Quiver
The Hell Quiver will be an accessory that allows fire damage via Bows that do not have any other special effects (so NOT things like The Bee's Knees or Shadowflame Bow). It will also provide nerfed buffs (bear with my oxymoron) from the Magic Quiver:
- 9% increased Bow damage and knockback (nerfed from 10%)
- 18% chance not to consume Arrows (nerfed from 20%)
- 90% increased arrow velocity (nerfed from around 100%)

Increases bow damage by 9% and greatly increases arrow speed
18% chance not to consume arrows
Non-special bows inflict On Fire!

It will be crafted with a Magic Quiver and a Magma Stone.

This accessory can serve to be a nice upgrade for Ranged characters who obtain the Magic Quiver, and provide a use for the Magma Stone for Ranged players.

And finally, the accessories where I have allocated the fire immunity:
Riot Shield
The Riot Shield would:
- Act as a Shield (affected by some 1.3.4 accessories that allow blocking, etc.)
- Reduce knockback by 59%
- Provide 5-second (9-second in Expert mode worlds) On Fire! immunity
- Increases defense by 2

2 defense
Greatly reduced knockback
Provides temporary fire immunity

It would be dropped by the Tactical Skeleton with around a 30% chance (the accessory really isn't too powerful) and be visible on the player like all other Shields.

This accessory can serve to make the Tactical Skeleton more useful for all players (not just Ranged characters), and can really help Underground when encountering Skeleton Archers (which would reduce On Fire! duration to 1 second) or Flame Traps in the Lihzahrd/Jungle Temple (which would reduce the On Fire! duration to around 4 seconds rather than around 11).

Potential SWAT Helmet buff
- Now provides 10% increased Ranged damage
- Now provides 1-second On Fire! immunity
- Now provides 2 increased defense
- Now has a set bonus with the Riot Shield: +1 second On Fire! immunity and +1 defense

2 defense
10% increased ranged damage
Provides brief fire immunity

Along with the Riot Shield, this buff makes the SWAT Helmet more of a useful item instead of a random accessory. This set does require a chestpiece and leggings to be viable, however, so I'll most likely add that to this post soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my suggestions!

EDIT: Removed some unnecessary stuff that was causing clutter
EDIT 2: Revamped, added Hell Quiver and SWAT Helmet buff, added tooltips
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Wall of Flesh
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