Absorb The Non-Issue

(I may have forgotten that this was the Absorb the Non-Issue thread in my prior post.... Ooops. At least I kind of made it work by accident...)

They keep pestering me about giving them Kromer, and eventually pull a Duolingo on me.

I eat an avocado whole.
You eat me unaware

i summon Omega Flowey
someone wise once said "there can only be one!"
unfortunately i'm tragically killed by a flying yogurt in the battle :<

i'm trying to to make a game but the player keeps falling through the platforms and i can't figure out why
Unfortunately you were the only thing between me and a wall of great bombards. With you on the edge of defeat, nothing stop Suleiman from advancing into my town and destroying it, killing me in the process.

I draw some characters.
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