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Add an option to completely disable banners.

Derpling Ω

Yes, yes, I know they can be useful. But I would honestly not rather have my inventory and chat spammed every time I kill the 50th of literally anything. For extended mining expeditions it's especially annoying as my inventory is already close to full and I don't need the rest of my slots being taken up by banners. If it was in an easy place to access it would allow us to switch banners on when we need them, and off when we'd rather not have inventory space clogging and chat spamming (and yes, I'm aware that only a server host should be able to do this in multiplayer.)

If this does get implemented, PLEASE have it be an a place that's convenient to click as I do actually want banners sometimes.

Pebs the Arcane ζλξθ

Official Terrarian
Support. It’s hyper annoying to run my slime farm, because every 50 kills I get another banner clog, and having 5 statutes on a 1 second timer gets super annoying.


How about make banners more than just some ugly thing you hang up. How about crafting a banner on a pole that you can carry around.


The Destroyer
That would be a amazing game mechanic I am currently fighting the Celestial Endgame Event repeatedly and I am getting so many flipping banners. So yes I am just saying I totally support this idea.


I like this idea, it gets tedious jumping into inventory and trashing banners to make space for more desirable items while farming. Makes me wish I had like ten trash spots and I could just set them to auto-trash ten items instead of clogging normal inventory. Heck, make it an item like money through, only trash trough haha

Horizontal 8

In the new update make the monster new have a star at the corner significing you killed 50 of those enamies instead of having a Banner, BAN BANNERS
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