tModLoader AlchemistNPC v9.0

which bosses in calamity mod drop which tiers of reversity coins?
im sure that any prehardmode boss until WoF drop tier 1 coins, WoF to mechbosses tier 2 (cryogen and acuatic scourge), tier 3 plantera and golem (i think), tier 4 duke fishron and moon lord, tier 5 any post moonlord calamity boss till polterghast, and tier 6 yharon and SCAL......I think thats the order from calamity but im not gonna play it again since my pc cant handle the insane fps drop and anti butcher kill to verify this.
So the GRealm mod's Cosmic Potions will not be planned to add to the Brewer's shop?
I'm so sad because the GRealm itself is a very good mod, but gathering the materials for making the mod's potions is very painful.
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I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but for some reason when I put the fixed dimensional casket in my inventory it forces my sound up to 100%, is this a known issue?
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Character gone freeze after using "Skeleton Booster", can drop items out of inventory and open ESC menu also equip-unequip accesory/armor but can't move/attack/interact anything after using "Skeleton Booster"....
Could someone help me...
Version : AlchemistNPC v9.3 and Calamity v1.4.5.1
Character gone freeze after using "Skeleton Booster", can drop items out of inventory and open ESC menu also equip-unequip accesory/armor but can't move/attack/interact anything after using "Skeleton Booster"....
Could someone help me...
Version : AlchemistNPC v9.3 and Calamity v1.4.5.1
Thorium ?
So is there a way to stop the Laetitia set from spawning the spore pods? cause they heavily impact the dps I can do due to the fact they give invincibility frames to enemies.
Currently, there is not way for fixing that.
I messed up and put price scaling code for Tinkerer inside players checking...
I can suggest buying something in SP by host then relogging.
You still haven't fixed this after 6 months of being aware of it, have you stopped supporting this mod?

Line 57-63
if (type == mod.NPCType("Tinkerer"))
    for (nextSlot = 0; nextSlot < 40; ++nextSlot)
        shop.item[nextSlot].shopCustomPrice *= 2;
Just get rid of this surely? Why do we need price scaling depending on the players? Seems completely unnecessary to me.
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This mod adds 8 NPCs, which are selling most potions in the game and some basic ingredient. NPCs has custom sprites, animations, can attack.
Spawn condition for Alchemist, Brewer, Tinkerer & Jeweler is kill the Eye of Ctulhu. Spawning condition for Young Brewer is having both Alchemist & Brewer alive in the world and Hardmode.
Spawn conditions for Operator is to beat EoW/BoC and Wing of the World is placed inside free housing.
Spawn condition for Architect is to have at least 3 NPCs alive.
Spawn conditions for Explorer are secret (but they are related to Torn Notes).
Spawn conditions for Musician is to beat Skeletron.
Some custom phrases while both NPC are spawned.
Mod has full Russian language support (and partially, Chinese translation).
New Discord: Join the AlchemistNPC Discord Server!

OLD Discord: Join the AlchemistNPC, MoreAccessories+ Discord Server!
Github: VVV101/AlchemistNPC

Link to the wiki:
AlchemistNPC/Moreaccssesories+ Wiki
There is also bot_helper channel in Discord. But its info may not always be up to date.

-Added Old Duke's bag in Operator's modded bags shop.
-Added Sulphurskin Potion to Brewer's shop.
-Fishron booster now makes Fishron mount always accelerated.
-Widened array of blocks Terrain Reformer can dig.
-Now Penetrator properly kills the player if drains his last 3 hitpoints.
-Now Xenomorphic Mystery Meteorite is just Mystery Meteorite.
-Hopefully fixed random Knuckles spawns in MP.
-Kinda fixed earrape sound of Dimensional Casket.
-Fixed Elements Awoken-related error in Operator's code.
-Fixed Calamity mod's Rage and Adrenaline related mechanics.
-Fixed Chandeliers prices.
-Changed prices of Marble and Granite blocks.
-Some code polishing.
-Renewed sprites for Reversity Coins and Boom Box.
-Added support for Elements Awoken mod for Operator.
-Added support for Mod of Redemption for Operator.
-Now Paper Tubes may drop from some modded bosses.
-Now Antibuff mode shouldn't affect buffs with duration less than 30.0001 second.
-Changed Operator's coins menu a bit.
-Added afterimages for some projectiles.
-Added all Broken Hero stuff from Vanilla/Thorium/Spirit/Litho's Armory mods.
Available after beating Golem.
-Added Solar Veil to Operator's shop.
Available after beating Plantera.
-Added Boom Box to Musician's 3rd shop.
Allows to passively play music boxes placed in the last inventory slot.
-Added Armor's module "Barrage" accessory. Support any your attack with some energy balls.
Available after beating Moon Lord.
-Now Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil can be bought from Architect after beating any mechanical boss and breaking at least 2 altars.
-Now Adamantite/Titanium Forge can be bought from Architect after beating any mechanical boss and breaking at least 3 altars.
-Added recipes for Obsidian, Honey and Crispy Honey blocks.
-Added Calamity mod's Tesla Potion to Brewer's 2nd shop.
-Added rewards for reaching 12500 and 15000 souls counter on Cracked Crown.
-Nerfed Big Bird's Lamp.
Now it pierces Ichor immunity after beating Plantera, inflicts Betsy's Curse after beating Golem and pierces Betsy's Curse immunity after beating Moon Lord.
-Now Paradise Lost Wings actually increases run speed.
-Reworked Symbiote accessory. Its stats now depending on world state.
Cannot be crafted anymore. Can drop at the end of Blood Moon with 20%.
-Resprites for Cera Sumat legendaries (Holy Avenger by Logar8521#0059 and The Light of Cera Sumat by Shade) and new Explorer sprite.
-Fixed Snatcher souls counter exploit with Sludge Blobs from Mod of Redemption.
-Fixed Chaos Bomb hitbox colliding with ground too early.
-Fixed XtraT's and Enchanced Shroomite's electric bolts being able to hurt player.
-Fixed mod's NPC summoning items not working.
-Fixed Materia Transmutators not working as Thorium Anvil and Arcane Armor Fabricator.
-Fixed cycled sound of Blinker accessory.
-Finally fixed all Paper Tubes MP desynchronizations.
-Fixed mod's drops from Moon Lord with Calamity mod active.
This related to Reversity Coins, Torn Note, Paper Tube and National Ugandan Treasure.
-Buffed all legendary weapons.
-Buffed some EGO weapons (In the name of Love and Hate).
-Added Simulation Control Unit to Operator's EGO shop. Allows to control weather (rain, blizzard, sandstorm) and time.
Available in hardmode (after beating any mech boss if coins drop is disabled).
-Added Terrain Reformer to Operator's EGO shop. Pickaxe with right click function.
Available after beating Moon Lord.
-Added Dungeon and Space Holoprojector to Operator's EGO shop.
Dungeon is available after beating Skeletron.
-Added Feathers to Operator's shop.
Available after beating Skeletron.
-Added Forbidden Fragments to Operator's shop.
Available after beating Sand Elemental.
-Added Tinkerer's Horcrux to Jeweler's shop.
-Added config option to disable catcheability of mod's town NPCs.
-Counter Matter's projectile is now animated.
-Increased cooldown time for ''Blinker'' acceessory
-Reduced amount of lag with Nyctosythia and Enchanted Shroomite Bullets/arrows.
-Reduced mod's size (for about 2.4 mb). Big thanks to Gotoro!
-Reworked the whole reversity coins system.
Now all player are gatharing coins to their "internal" storage.
They can only be accessed while trading with Operator.
-Reworked accessories tokens availability.
Now they cannot be crafted from Perfection Token.
Now can be bought from Tinkerer in hardmode.
-Now Lifeform Analizer also creates pointer to rare creature.
Can be toggled by Mod Configuration.
-Added Master Yoyo Bag. Combines effects of Fire Gauntlet and Yoyo Bag, but gives bigger range bonus.
Can be crafted on Mythril Anvil.
-Added Braclet of Time Twist.
Drops from any treasure bag with 1:150 chance.
-Added Blinker. Gives Blink Dash.
Available after beating Moon Lord.
-Added Recall/Wormhole Potion price config options.
-Added more materials to Operator's materials shops.
-Added Assassin and Hydration potions to Thorium Combination.
-Added fragments from Thorium mod to Operator.
-Alchemist's Tremor shop is now replaced with Plants shop.
-Removed dash ability from Ninja potion.
-Fixed Simple Crafting Penny and both Materia Transmutators were not giving chance to save ingredients during craft (Alchemy Table feature).
-Fixed Thorium Combination crafting bug.
-Fixed Paper Tube multiplayer desync issue.
-Fixed NetSend error in world file.
-New awesome mod's icon by Alemeow#7389.
-Added new Holoprojector, Desert.
-Added Immortality Field projector and FEAR emitter.
IFp makes town NPCs to instantly respawn after being killed.
FEAR emitter restricts non-boss enemies from going through its field.
-Added 3 new prehardmode weapons. All drops from spider type enemies.
Sword of Arachna drops from Wall Creeper with 5%. Infests enemies with spiders.
Fang Ballista drops from Jungle Creepers with 5%. Shoots impaling arrow which may immobilize normal enemy.
Spider Fangarang drops from Bloody Crawlers with 10%. Can stack up to 3. Poisons enemies on hit.
They all also have early hardmode upgrades with spider fangs on normal anvil.
-Alchemist Charms now also add some duration to buff potions depending on tier.
-Potion of Darkness can no longer be used if any boss is alive. Removed Heart Ache debuff.
-Added Swiftness potion to both Tank Combinations and Universal Combination.
-Beach Teleporter potion now always teleport you to actual left or right side beach.
It is independant from palms now.
-Rebalanced some of the Operator's prices.
-All Calamity references to crit were redone as mod calls.
-Now Operator has separated shops for vanilla boss drops & materials shop and modded boss drops & materials shop.
-Now defeating buffed Pumpking/Ice Queen is required to unlock Nightmare Fuel/Endothermic Energy in Operator's shop.
-Removed Omniscience from Calamity combination, added Soaring and Bounding buffs.
-Fixed Ban Hammer functionality. Now it will not instakill Destroyer or hardmode event bosses.
And Dungeon Guardian now gets properly killed by it after the first hit.
-Fixed drop chances for items with low chances of dropping. Now it should be even lower, as it should be.
-Fixed/nerfed Penetrator's crit damage.
-Fixed Moon Lord wasn't dropping Torn Note, Coins or National Ugandan Treasure while Calamity mod is active.
-Fixed Thorium combination.
-Cleaned up a lot of buffs code.
-Added/fixed some more chinese localization.
-Updated to tModloader 0.11.5.
-Added support for Achievement Lib mod.
-Now Bill Cipher drops additional item, which, while used, gives Demon Slayer buff.
-Now Ravager, Astrum Aureus/Deus, Storm Weaver, Ceaseless Void and Signus drop Reversity Coins.
-Fixed Titan Scale potion functionality in Calamity Combination.
-Fixed hair drawing with equipped crowns from the mod.
-Fishron Booster no longer gives dash, but gives additional 1% to all stats.
-Zerg/Zen potions, Chaos/Tranquility Candles were moved to post Plantera.
-Removed Anticheat from Ugandan Knuckles boss.
-Jungle Teleporter potion now has different functions for left and right click.
-Jungle Teleporter potion is now available after beating EoW/BoC.
-Removed Dash from Thorium Combination.
-Cleaned up some code.
-Updated to tModloader 0.11.4.
-Fixed incompatibility with latest Calamity mod build.
-Architect can now come when you have 3 other NPCs and no longer requires to beat EoW/BoC.
Some goods now require some bosses defeated.
-Removed some obsolete coding.
-Added Research Note#8, Portal's turret.
-Added NULL Katana.
Available after beating Moon Lord.
-Added Tome of Order, new mage legendary weapon.
Drops from any mob with 1:25000 chance.
-Added Quest Skip Potion from Desiccation mod to 6th Brewer's shop.
Available after beating Skeletron and finishing 10 fishing quests.
-Strange Top Hat not summons Bill Cipher now.
It can be used for crafting Dimensional Rift, which is a new summon item.
-Hive is no longer a legendary weapon and replaced with a new one.
Now Hive drops from Plantera with 5% chance.
-Anti Buff item no longer has selling price.
-Fixed Golem Booster.
-Some more Chinese translation by tyhnoone.
-New sprites for some items.
-Updated to tModloader 0.11.3.
-Added new mode, Anti Buff mode. During Anti Buff mode, player is immune to all buffs (not debuffs).
Buffs without duration display are not disabled. Bosses and minibosses may drop permament boosting items. Their effects would work only if mode is on.
Anti Buff activator can be crafted on Demon Altar.
-Added Mod Config support. Now you may change config options ingame.
-Removed clickability on texts of Shop Changer UIs.
-Combinations now disable their certain boosts when Calamity Combination, Profaned Rage, Holy Wrath or Cadence potion buffs are active.
-Added Heart of Greed. Makes any money dropped in the world go into player's inventory. Works if placed in inventory.
Available after beating any mechanical boss.
-Added More Potions Combination.
Available in hardmode.
-Both Thorium and Spirit Combinations now take only 1 buff slot.
-Some changes in Operator's shop.
-Some new quotes for NPCs.
-Some more new sprites by CC.
-Holoprojectors no longer work while player is dead.
-Fixed/added some more translations.
-Fixed Shield Bar and Grinder MK4 sprites.
-Fixed Godhead and Soul of Fear breaking true melee.
-Updated for tModloader 0.11.1.
-Fixed incompatibility with Calamity mod.
-Reworked some weapons.
-Nerfed Paradise Lost set bonus.
-Fixed souls counter for Cracked Crown's pet in multiplayer.
-Fixed some Thorium related lines of code.
-Fix for Crucible of Cosmos functionality for Materia Transmutators.
-Reworked swing attack for Stormbreaker.
-Fixed energy capsules not being available if you have Overloaded Rick's Portal Gun.
-Some more Chinese translation by ZHAY10086.
-New sprites for some items/NPCs/buffs by CC#1547.
-Reworked Paper Tubes mechanic for a bit. Now you need to unlock Paper Tubes manually other than giving them to Tinkerer NPC.
This also mean that Paper Tubes now properly works in MP.
-Statue mobs no longer drop Legendary weapons and no longer boost Bloodthirsty Blade.
-PhD Degree Diploma is now a consumable other than inventory item.
-Added new pet. Summoned by Cracked Crown.
Drops from any mob with 1:33333 chance.
-Added some Holoprojectors to Operator's EGO shop.
They work as fake biome if placed. Not allows to spawn certain biome mobs, but may be useful for trading with NPCs or summoning bosses.
-Added Prince's Magic Wand. Final upgrade for Magic Wand. Deals even more damage, has right click function.
Suppose to be post DoG weapon. May be considered as OP if use it without Calamity mod.
-Added Overloaded Rick's Portal Gun. Post Providence/Ragnarok upgrade. Fires more rapidly and deals more damage.
-Added new Calamity mod potions to Brewer.
-Added souls of Fear, Power and Vision. Available in hardmode.
-Added Godhead (works as combo of those souls). Available in hardmode.
-Added recipes for Purification Powder and Hallowed Seeds.
-Added more support for Ancients Awakened.
-Buffed some of the Legendaries pre Moon Lord.
-Rebalanced some prices in Operator's shops.
-Reworked some EGO weapons.
-Operator now sells essences after beating respective Calamity boss or after beating Plantera.
-Symbiote no longer affects weapons with usetime 3 or lower.
-Some more Chinese translation from ZHAY10086.
-Some new sprites by CC#1547.
-Added new town NPC, Tinkerer. Sells different accessories after unlocking.
Available after beating Eye of Cthulhu.
-Added Paper Tube. Used for unlocking accessories.
-Config options are now working properly.
-Potions are now compatible with Calamity Mod's Rogue damage type.
-Perfection Token now applies custom prefixes instead of vanilla.
-Added more weapons to Ugandan Knuckles droplist.
-Now Ugandan Knuckles has 2.5K player HP limit instead of 1.3K.
-Zen and Zerg Potions are now available in hardmode (their initial recipes got changed).
-Reworked Operator's prices.
-Reworked Paradise Lost damage reduction.
-Fixed Omega Healing Potion availability.
-Fixed Calamity Combination stats boosts.
-Added Chaos and Tranquility Candles to Jeweler's shop.
-Fixed one annoying crash related to Musician's Shop Changer.
-Fixed some translation related errors.
-Just for consistency (and for preventing confusion with beta builds).
-Reworked how exactly Shops Changer works.
Now it opens shop immidietly after pressing certain shop button (~optimisation of time).
-Base PotsPriceMulti is now 1. Config file is Alchemistv83.json now.
-Added Penetrator, Legendary ranged weapon. Slow rifle with varied critical strike damage. Consumes 2 hp per shot.
Increases stats through game progression. Drop chance is 1:25000 from any mob.
-Added Hive, Legendary magic weapon. Shoots beehive to enemies, which is releasing bees in airtime and collide.
Increases stats through game progression. Drop chance is 1:25000 from any mob.
-Added Flask of the Alchemist, Legendary thrown weapon. Throws flask of the random type.
Increases stats through game progression. Drop chance is 1:25000 from any mob.
-Added Counter Matter, Legendary summon support weapon. Neglects nearby enemy projectiles depending on CD. Makes you do 1 guaranteed crit after blocking the projectile.
Increases stats through game progression. Drop chance is 1:25000 from any mob.
-Added Nature Blessing Potion to Brewer's 2nd shop. Grants Dryad's Blessing Buff.
Available anytime.
-Added Greater Dangersense Potion to Brewer's 2nd shop. Grants Greater Dangersense Buff. It makes enemy projectiles to light and be colored yellow.
Available anytime.
-Added PHD Degree Diploma. Works while in inventory. Opens up healing interface after respawn.
Will not work if Nurse is dead. Drops from WoF.
-Added Broken Dimensional Casket. Required for crafting working one.
Drops from WoF.
-Added Dimensional Casket. Allows to trade with NPCs at any point of map.
Can be crafted from Broken Dimensional Casket and some other materials.
-Added World Warper and Modified World Warper.
Allows you to teleport to any point of the map by right-clicking on full screen map.
Not works if any boss is alive.
Non-modified version can be bought from Operator's EGO shop. Breaks after use.
Modified version can be bought from Explorer. Not breaks after use.
-All Alchemist Charms are now provide different discounts. They are 10%, 25%, 35%, 50%.
-Flasks in Young Brewer shop are in separate shop now.
-Duke Fishron Treasure Bag is now available after beating Duke Fishron.
Same for Moon Lord Treasure Bag (available after beating Moon Lord).
-All Legendaries drop chance is now 1:25000.
-Pip-Boy's now also showing mana usage reduction.
-Laetitia's armor now always showing its defense correctly.
-Lowered prices for Recall, Wormhole and all mana potions.
-Added support for Census - Town NPC Checklist mod.
-Added support for Ancients Awakened.
-Added some more music boxes from the Calamity Music mod to Musician's 2nd shop.
-Added some more lines to NPCs.
-Fixed Bloodthirsty Blade was not working in MP (thanks to Grox#6739).
-Fixed 2nd Music boxes shop of Musician (returned all Calamity music boxes back).
-Fixed some bugs with red Bees and Wasps.
-Fixed potions being consumed from Piggy Bank no matter if potions saving effect was working.
-Fixed special drops in MP.
-Fixed UK and Bill Cipher exploits with Marked for Death and Glacial State debuffs.
-Fixed some more crashes with Perfection Tokens.
-Lowered prices for potions (2x multiplier by default and just +2x with Revengeance).
-Added way for getting Alchemist Charm from Alchemist.
-Now consumed Autoinjector doubles activated buffs durations.
-Now Bill Cipher gives permanent "Demon Slayer" buff to all players in MP.
-Reworked Laoskadyn's projectile for a bit.
-Reworked Tritantrum's projectile.
-Reworked XtraT electric beam and Electrocute effect.
-Some of the modded music boxes are now available in Hardmode.
-New sprites for both Pip-Boy's.
-Fixed Last Tantrum exploit in Bill Cipher boss battle.
-Fixed Target Dummy were moving while being inflicted with Electrocute debuff.
-Fixed special crafts of NPCs (Jeweler, Alchemist, Explorer).
-Fixed some crashes with reforging tokens.
-Fixed Pip-Boy's crash in Cheat Sheet item browser.
-Fixed some MP issues with variables.
-Fixed some MP issues.
-Reworked multiple shops changing mechanic.
-Multiplied most of the potions prices by 2x due to balance issues. Configurable by PotsPriceMulti value.
-Now activated Revengeance multiplies prices for mod's potions related NPCs by 5x. Configurable by RevPrices.
-Added config options to disable ^.
-Added Perfection Token. Allows to reforge item to its best possible reforge. Consumes in process.
Drops from bosses with >= 25K HP with 5% chance.
-Added Menacing, Lucky, Violent and Warding Tokens. Can be crafted from Perfection Token.
Can be used for getting exact reforge on accessory. Consumes in process.
-Added Delta Rune, post Moon Lord (post Ragnarok/DoG) accessory. Gives various stats boosts and special effects.
Can be crafted after beating Moon Lord/Ragnarok/DoG.
-Added Devilsknife. Summoner weapon. May drop randomly with very low chance from bosses with >= 75000 HP post Moon Lord.
-Added Bloodthirsty Blade. Non-class weapon. Becomes stronger after defeating any enemies. Damage is capped before Hardmode and defeating Moon Lord.
Available after beating EoW/BoC.
-Added Mordenkainen's Sword, post Plantera sword. Can slash enemies from the distance.
Can be crafted with Excalibur, Magnet Sphere and some Ectoplasm on Mythril Anvil.
-Added Pip-Boy 3000. While in inventory, shows most of the player's boosted stats.
Available from Treasure Bags in hardmode with 1:150 chance.
-Added Pip-Boy 4K. While in inventory, shows most of the player's boosted stats.
Also gives abilities of Cell Phone and allows to open TP menu by hotkey.
Can be crafted after beating Plantera.
-Added Christmas-W (F-02-49) EGO weapon. Causes some ornament balls to drop from the sky on swing.
Can be crafted after beating EoW/BoC.
-Added Dopamine to Brewer's 2nd shop. Inflicts Happy! buff for 10 minutes.
Available anytime.
-Added 4 new music boxes. Available in Musician's 2nd shop in Hardmode.
-Added pinkymod support for Operator.
-Added some new lines for NPCs.
-Added short introduction for Ugandan Knuckles boss.
-Cera Sumat, Holy Avenger now has 1:20000 drop chance.
-Rick's Portal Gun now uses Energy Capsules as ammo.
-Removed Concentrated Dark Matter due to ^.
-Balanced some of the mod's ammo.
-Nerfed Laetitia's Gift and both Sephirothic Fruits.
-Reworked availability of some Calamity mod Treasure Bags.
-Reworked some of the projectiles homing capabilities. May reduce lags.
-Thorium Coatings were moved to Young Brewer's shop.
-Removed NON CALAMITY BUFF POTION lines from mod's potions.
-Removed timings on summoner weapons/items.
-Now Heart of Yui drops with small pixie state as default.
-Now any wood can be used for making Wing of the World.
-Lowered horizontal speed reduction by some sources.
-Changed way of work of Jungle Teleporter Potion.
-Changed some descriptions of items/notes.
-Reworked True Uganda and Mind Burn debuffs. Now should be lagless.
-Fixed issue with autopause and Otherworldly Portal.
-Fixed Bill's despawn on summon while Calamity mod is not active.
-Fixed issues with NPCs summoning items.
-Fixed Potion of Darkness quickbuff overconsuming in Piggy Bank.
-Fixed some Operator's Treasure Bags shops availability.
-Cleaned up some of the code.
-Some undocumented changes.
-Fixed issue when Cera Sumat, Holy Avenger and The Light of Cera Sumat were not killing some enemies properly.
-Removed support for Content Disabler mod (as AlchemistNPC Lite is released now).
-Alchemist Charm Tier 3 and 4 are now providing real discounts for potions traders (Alchemist, Brewer and Young Brewer).
-Added Cone of Cold magic book. Shoots spread of ice cold projectiles. They may slow or freeze normal enemies and some minibosses.
Available early hardmode.
-Improved translations for English and Russian languages by drh#1109 (except EGO items).
-Increased use range of town NPC summoning items.
-Stormbreaker can now be turned into thrown weapon. Modifiers are fixed to Legendary (melee) and Unreal (Thrown).
-Curse of Light debuff no longer affects Plaguebringer Goliath and Queen Bee.
-Fixed Mechanical Wings conflicting with boots.
-Fixed Laetitia's Gift mechanics. Now it spawns Little Witch Monster automatically if you have Laetitia or Paradise Lost set equipped.
Also fixed problem with draining HP while sets were equipped.
-Fixed Alchemist Charm Tier 1 drop for MP.
-Fixed sizes of Cera Sumat, Holy Avenger and The Light of Cera Sumat.
Update v7.5.2
-Fixed some MP issues.
-Fixed Disaster Gauge appearing with Content Disabler.
-Balls of Madness can no longer hurt friendly NPCs.
-New sprites for Cera Sumat, Holy Avenger and The Light of Cera Sumat.
Update v7.5.1
-Fixed incompatibility with Content Disabler.
Update v7.5
-Added new NPC, Musician. Sells diffirent music boxes. Comes after beating Skeletron.
-Added Charm of Absolute Luck. Also affects accessories now. Can be crafted after beating Golem.
Charm of Luck only affects weapons/endless pouches/quivers.
-Added Rick's Portal Gun, reference to Rick and Morty. Opens portals to dangerous dimensions, letting the things from there damaging the enemies.
Explorer's weapon.
-Added Shield Belt, reference to Unreal Tournament.
Reduces incoming damage by up to 150, then requires recharge. Damage reduction is weaker on Revengeance/Death Mode (minimal damage is 30).
Available after beating Moon Lord.
-Added Molecular Replicator. Restores life of damaged friendly NPCs nearby over time while placed.
Available after beating Golem on Expert Mode.
-Added Mechanical Wings. Allows to flight and shooting nearby enemies with laser.
Available after beating Golem.
-Added Jungle Teleporter Potion. Allows to teleport to the leftest or rightest top jungle point.
Available in hardmode.
-Added Celestial Hook, upgrade for Lunar Hook. Faster by all means and reaches even further.
Available post Moonlord (post Providence/post Ragnarok with Calamity/Thorium mods loaded).
-Added "Wail of Banshee" scroll. One use item. Kills all normal enemies onscreen. Inflicts debuff Exhausted for 1 minute.
May drop from random boss with >=75000 HP after beating Moon Lord.
-Added "Executioner's Eyes" scroll. One use item. For 1 minute makes you deal 15% more damage (not lowered by any caps), +5% critical strike chance and your critical hits may crit again with 5%, dealing 4x damage.
Inflicts debuff Exhausted for 1 minute after ending of effect.
May drop from random boss with >=75000 HP after beating Moon Lord.
-Added "Symbol Of Pain" scroll. One use item. Makes you deal 25% more damage (not lowered by any caps) and making enemies deal 1/4 less damage for 1 minute. Inflicts debuff Exhausted for 1 minute.
May drop from random boss with >=75000 HP after beating Moon Lord.
-Added "Meteor Swarm" scroll. One use item. Makes short Meteor Rain from the sky. Inflicts debuff Exhausted for 1 minute.
May drop from random boss with >=75000 HP after beating Moon Lord.
-Added "Cloak of Fear" scroll. One use item. Makes normal enemies feared for 10 seconds if they come nearby you. Inflicts debuff Exhausted for 30 seconds after ending of effect.
May drop from random boss with >=75000 HP after beating Moon Lord.
-Added Terrarian-A (V-05-516) and Terrarian-W (V-05-516) EGO equipment. Both available at early hardmode.
A is an accessory which gives effect of Cross Necklace and have special effect at day or night time.
W is a pre mechanical boss combination of Laser and Clockwork Assault Rifles.
-Added Caught Unicorn item. Now required for Research Note#2 recipe instead of Gold Bunny.
-Added Horrifying Skull. Summons Dungeon Guardian.
Can be bought from Jeweler after beating Skeletron for 15 gold each.
-Now Alchemist Charm tier 2-4 allows to use potions from Piggy Bank by Quick Buff button.
-Increased amount of dropped Celestial's Particles from DG.
-Added petals from Thorium mod to Operator's shop.
-Added head icon for Otherworldly Portal.
-Added interface bars for Disaster Gauge and Shield Belt's Charge.
-Tenebris, Lumenyl and Depth Cells are now available after beating Plantera in Operator's shop.
-Pumpking, Mourning Wood, Ice Queen, Santa NK1 and Everscream now cannot be instakilled by Ban Hammer.
-Laetitia's Gift no longer consumes life if full set of armor is on.
-Added new line for Operator.
-Changed prices for some items.
-Thorium and Spirit buffs can now be toggled by turning of visibility of Autoinjector MK2.
-Watcher Amulet now supports sentries count increase.
-Config options for disabling spawn of NPCs now working properly.
-Fixed bosses mp desync problem.
-Fixed town NPCs summoning mp desync problem.
-Fixed targeting for some "shooting" projectiles.
-Fixed hitboxes for "Akumu" and Unchained "Akumu" shields.
-Fixed multiple non-stackeable items consuming on creating Explorer weapons.
-Fixed set bonuses for some sets.
-Fixed drop for Charm of Luck. Now will always drop from Wall of Flesh.
-Fixed Charm of Luck effect worked on consumables.
-Fixed Old One's Army Treasure Bags availability.
-Fixed Cadance HP boosting effect of Calamity Combination.
-Fixed Fabsol being able to drop in non-Revengeance worlds.
-Nerfed Sasscade and True Sasscade Yo-yos.
-Nerfed earlygame stats of Holy Avenger.
-Nerfed Watcher Amulet.
-Some secret stuff.
Update v7.4.1
-Added config options for disabling certain town NPCs spawn (AlchemistNPCv741.json).
-Added Charm of Luck. Drops after beating Wall of Flesh for the first time.
Gives better chance to get good reforge.
-Added Waspnades, direct upgrade for Beenades. Releasing Wasps instead of Bees.
Available after beating Plantera.
-Added Cursed Ice, Divine Lava and Elemental Waspnades, direct upgrades for Waspnades. Inflicting several debuffs and dealing more damage.
Available after beating Plantera (Elemental is available after beating Moon Lord).
-Fixed Fabsol drop with Calamity Combination.
-Fixed Sasscade and True Sasscade Yo-yos line breaking.
-Fixed MP issues with Pillars.
-Fixed random warns and crashes with CAE projectile and "Cera Sumat".
-Fixed recipe for Unchained Akumu.
-Changed mechanic of Unchained Akumu while player have >35% of HP.
-Changed recipes for Alchemist Charm Tiers 2-4.
-Changed Drainer mechanic. Now less likely to stupidly kill player.
-Raised damage reduction cap for secret boss to 50%.
-Emagled Fragmentation now renamed to Celestial's Particle.
-New sprite for Extractor.
Update v7.4
-Added Sacred Tools, Spirit and Enigma mods support for Operator's Modded Treasure Bags shops.
-Added Alchemist Charm tier 1-4. Gives you chance not to consume potion while placed in inventory.
Drops after beating Eye of Cthulhu for the first time.
-Added "Cera Sumat", Holy Avenger true melee Legendary Sword. Boosting stats through game progression. Inflicts heavy enemy weakening debuff.
Can drop from any enemy with 1:15000 chance.
-Added "Light of Cera Sumat" and Pommel. Direct upgrade for Holy Avenger.
Available post Moon Lord.
-Added "In the name of Love and Hate" (O-01-04) magic EGO weapon. Shoots 4 different types of projectile.
Available post Moon Lord.
-Added Chain Gun "Meat Grinder", reference to Planet Alkatraz 2. Gains shooting speed over time. Uses special ammo.
Available post Moon Lord.
-Added Symbiote, post Moon Lord (post DoG and post Ragnarok) accessory.
Increases damage and crit by 10%, heavily decreases cooldown of healing potions. Has 2 states depending on HP.
-Added Dark Magic Wand. Direct upgrade for Magic Wand. Releases wider beam and charges even more over time.
Available post Moon Lord (post Providence and Ragnarok).
-Added True Sasscade Yo-yo. Direct upgrade for Sasscade. Shoots Nebula Arcanums to nearby enemies.
Available post Moon Lord (post Providence and Ragnarok).
-Added Eye of Pure Judgement. Direct upgrade for Eye of Judgement. Working twice as fast now and endurance drop is now only 17%.
Available post Moon Lord (post Providence and Ragnarok).
-Added Unchained Akumu. Direct upgrade for Akumu. Not lowers power while shield is active and shield now activates at 35% of HP.
Available post Moon Lord (post Providence and Ragnarok).
-Added Ultimate Sephirothic Fruit. Provides one more minion slot and minions can do critical hit with 10% chance.
Available post Moon Lord (post DoG and Ragnarok).
-Added Supreme Rampage Components. Increases ranged damage and crit by additional 5% and increases armor penetration by 40.
Available post Moon Lord (post DoG and Ragnarok).
-Added Lilith Charm. Increased magic damage and crit by additional 5%, decreased mana usage by 10%, increased mana regen even more and bees now have low chance to heal you on enemy hit.
Available post Moon Lord (post DoG and Ragnarok).
-Added Pandora PF594 and PF666 forms. Work as special attacks.
Using resets Pandora to PF422 form.
-Added infinite variations for Seeping and Icedamned Arrow.
-Added Living Shards to Operator's shop. Available after beating Golem.
-Added Betsy Treasure Bag to Operator shop. Available after beating Old One's Army tier 3.
-Added Ogre and Dark Mage Treasure Bags to Operator.
Avalilable after beating Old One's Army tier 1, 2 (only while Thorium mod is active).
-Added support for Material Trader NPCs max HP boosts.
-Added Informating Note. Available pre Skeletron. Has no usage.
-Added some new sprites.
-Reversity Coins now will only drop in Expert Worlds.
-Now Laetitia set stats boosting through all vanilla progression.
-Now consuming Autoinjector also gives permanent cooldown reduction of healing potions.
-Now Thorium Combination only takes 4 slots instead of 10.
-Flasks of Poison, Fire and Party are now available in Young Brewer's shop pre-hardmode.
-Improved Akumu Shield. Now it reflects projectiles before they hitting the player.
-Changed behavior for light pet in both forms.
-Changed mechanics for Stormbreaker.
-Changed prices for some materials.
-Changed sprite for Wing of the World. Just place tile again to fix possible issues.
-Polished mechanics for Akumu and Unchained Akumu.
-Fixed rare crash with Thorium Combination.
-Fixed Materia Transmutator recipe with Thorium and Content Disabler mods active.
-Fixed tiles placement. Now they are not floating above for a little.
-Fixed Quest fishes availability conditions (would only work after the next tModloader update).
-Fixed hotkey translations.
-Nerfed Crystal Dust Bullets.
-Made Secret boss immune to Abyssal Shell.
-Made Secret boss to instantly kill player if cheating.
-Sorted some of the code.
Update v7.3
-Added Ebony & Ivory, twin handguns. Available after beating Moon Lord.
-Added fixed Quantum Destabilizer.
Does not consume any ammo, has a bit bigger damage output. Can be crafted.
-Added Stormbreaker, post Moon Lord melee weapon, reference to Infinity War.
Has 2 types of attack.
-Added Pandora with more attacks unlocked. Can be crafted with Pandora PF422 and some other ingredients.
Available post Providence with Calamity mod and post Ragnarok with Thorium Mod.
-Added Dried Fish, unique Angel's quest reward.
Early hardmode true melee weapon.
-Added Mutant Fish fishing quest with unique reward.
Available after beating Wall of Flesh.
-Added Moses Fish fishing quest with unique reward.
Available after beating all Mechanical Bosses.
-Added Solar/Nebula/Vortex/Stardust quest fishes with custom rewards.
Available after beating Lunatic Cultist.
-Added Mini Shark quest fish with custom reward.
Available anytime.
-Added Manna from Heaven, unique Angler's quest reward.
-Added Potion of Darkness, Revengeance exclusive potion.
Fills Rage and causes Heart Attack for 5 minutes. Has 5 minutes cooldown. Available in hardmode.
-Added support for Thorium Mod damage types boosts (except TRUE).
Including combinations, both Autoinjectors, Memer's Riposte, Paradise Lost set bonus, Big Bird's Lamp, Ninja Potion and Hate Vial.
-Added support for Mod of Redemption Druidic damage type boost.
Same ways of boost included.
-Added new ability for Akumu. Now it makes shield which reflects projectiles while its owner has less than 25% HP.
But this makes weapon deal only 50% of its damage.
-Added Secret Note #2,3.
Obtainable through combining Torn Notes 4,5,6 and 7,8,9.
-Now Notes book crafted through combining all 3 Secret Notes.
-Added visual for Shield of Spring.
-Fixed MP bugs with Otherworldly Portal.
-Added missing texts on Russian, fixed some of existing ones.
-Nerfed Pandora PF422.
-Changed some condition for modded treasure bags.
Update v7.2
-Added Chinese translation by 抗药又坚硬汉化组 (SBMW GROUP). Thanks for your hard work!
-Operator is now available with Content Disabler mod. She will not have EGOs shop.
Her spawn condition would be the same (but she no longer requires Wing of the World in house).
-Added config option for disabling the world entering message. Message also will disappear if Content Disabler mod is ON.
-Added Trapper Potion. Empowers any traps.
Available after beating Golem.
-Added abilities of Big Bird's Lamp to Twilight and Paradise Lost Leggings, Twilight and Paradise Lost Wings.
-Added Kinetic Potion from Thorium in Brewer's 2nd shop. Available in hardmode.
Also added to Thorium Combination.
-Added Revivify Potion from Calamity in Brewer's 2nd shop. Available in hardmode.
-Added Onyx from Thorium to Jeweler's shop. Available after beating EoW/BoC.
-Added Count Echo's Treasure Bag to Operator.
-Added Spear Trap to Jeweler's Arena shop.
-Added infinite version of Crystal Dust Bullets and Crystalyzed Arrows.
-Added Autoinjector MK2.
-Calamity combination now only takes 1 buff slot.
Makes you immune to buffs which it is contains.
-Astrum Deus now actually drops Reversity Coins tier 3.
-Fixed some problems with Treasure Bags shops of Operator.
-Fixed recipe for Reversity Coins tier 3 (Calamity mod requirement).
-Changed prices and conditions of some modded Treasure Bags.
-Reworked National Ugandan Treasure. You will definetly like it :).
-Nerfed some of EGO equipment.
-Some secrets and easter eggs.
Update v7.1
-Added support for AlchemistNPC Content Disabler mod. Congratulations, dear content haters!
-Autoinjector can now be consumed to give player permanent effect.
Buffs will never wear off after death.
-Added Materia Transmutator MK2. Functions as Materia Transmutator, but now also has functionality of Draedon's Forge.
Can be crafted after beating DoG => Calamity Mod required.
-Added Discord Potion. Allows to teleport to cursor position by using hotkey.
Inflicts Distorted for 1 second. Deals damage, equal to 1/3 of total HP if using repeteadly and inflicts 10 seconds of Chaos State.
Available after beating any mechanical boss.
-Added True Discord Potion. Allows to teleport to cursor position by using hotkey.
Behaves same as Rod of Discord. Can be bought from Explorer.
-Added Thorium and Spirit Combinations. Can be bought from Young Brewer.
Available after beating any mechanical boss and if respective mods are activated.
-Added Paradise Lost EGO set, wings and weapon. Weapon has custom Pale damage type.
Available after beating Moon Lord (no mods)/Ragnarok (Thorium)/Providence (Calamity).
-Added Reality Piercer.
-Added ability to disable Lilith's Emblem bees spawn by changing visibility of accessory.
-Added Living Loom, Alchemy Table and Presserator to Architect's shops.
-Added recipes for Stopwatch, DPS Meter and Lifeform Analyzer.
-Materia Transmutator now also functions as Wing of the World, Crucible of Cosmos (Fargo's Mod), Thorium Anvil, Arcane Armor Fabricator and Soul Forge (Thorium Mod).
-Watcher Amulet projectile no longer aims Target Dummies.
-Ban Hammer now oneshots Dungeon Guardian.
-Added new lines for Operator through global mods progression.
-Tried to balance most weapons.
-Fixed most of the MP issues (including Extractor and PG's set).
-Fixed not saving mod's buffs after leaving the world.
-Fixed Wing of the World not counted as light source.
-Nerfed Blurring Potion.
-Changed some mechanics.
-Changed some descriptions.
-Changed some prices and conditions.
-Improved Russian localization. Now all texts should fit the screen.
Update v7.0
-Fixed MP bug with additional HP/Mana. Thanks to Dark;Light#2919 for help!
-Added new NPC, Explorer. Sells some special potions and research notes.
Available after beating Moon Lord. The way to spawn her is secret, so try to find the way.
Little advice - Torn Notes.
-Added Explorer's Brew. Works like Explorer Combination, but have Sunshine effect instead of Shine, gives bigger mining speed bonus and your attacks can Electrocute enemies.
Can be bought from Explorer.
-Added config option to disable Torn Notes drop. Also changed config file name to Alchemistv7.json.
-Reworked treasure bags shop of Operator. Now bags can be bought by special coins, which are dropping from bosses (can be disabled in config).
Also, Treasure Bags shops were separated for modded and vanilla. Currently, have Thorium and Calamity mod support.
-Boosted stats of vanilla town NPC in hardmode and post Moon Lord.
They got +20 basic damage and +30 defense in hardmode.
They got +250 max HP, 100 basic damage and +80 defense post Moon Lord. And some NPCs changes their weapons/projectiles.
-Added Heart of Yui and Yui (Light Pet). Lights up treasures, creatures and traps.
Drops from Treasure Bags in hardmode with 1:150 chance.
-Added Nyx, ultimate Sniper Rifle.
Pierces through multiple enemies, every hit causes explosion.
-Added Spear of Justice, another reference to 'Glitchtale' of some kind. Post ML throwing weapon.
Has 2 attack types. One is exploding Red Spear. Another is a spread of homing Yellow Spears.
-Added Fungalsphere, shroomite flamethrower. Deals massive damage to big group of enemies or Worm type bosses.
Available post Lunatic Cultist.
-Added XtraT, shroomite repeater. Shoots 2 arrows and energy bolt. Bolt deals triple weapon damage and pierces through enemies and tiles.
Available post Lunatic Cultist.
-Added Laoskadyn, powerful post Moon Lord sword. Shoots homing needles from the sky.
Needles explode into flames on tyile/enemy impact.
-Added Tritantrum, powerful post Moon Lord assault rifle. Shoots exploding Plasma Rounds.
Ammo can be bought from Explorer, if you have TT in inventory.
-Added Nyctosythia and Sunkrovera Arrows/Bullets. Post ML ammo.
Nyctosythia ammo phases through walls and releases homing projectiles on enemy/wall impact.
Sunkrovera ammo releases life stealing projectiles on enemy/wall impact.
-Added Enchanced Shroomite Arrow/Bullet. Releases electric clouds on enemy/tile collide, which shooting shocking beams to enemies.
Available post Moon Lord.
-Added Nyctosythia/Sunkrovera Crystals. Materials for new ammo. Post Lunatic Cultist materials.
-Added Beach Teleporter Potion. Teleports you to Beach (near the leftest or rightest palm), side depends on used mouse button.
Available after beating EoW/BoC in Alchemist shop.
-Added Ocean Teleporter Potion. Teleports you to deep Ocean, side depends on used mouse button.
May be useful for Calamity (since there are no palms on sulphuric ocean).
Available after beating Skeletron in Alchemist shop.
-Added Drainer. Damages player by 250-400 HP each half of the second, then heals by 200. Also removes most of player's defense and endurance.
Useful for gaining Rage. Available after beating Lunatic Cultist while you have Calamity mod ON.
-Added much more stuff to Jeweler's Arena Shop.
-Added Architect's Horcrux. Used for force re/spawn Architect.
-Added Gills, Flippers and Water Walking potions effects to Explorer's Combination.
-Added 6 more shops for Architect (with light sources).
-Added Notes Book.
-Added Sasscade Yo-Yo.
-Added Magic Wand.
-Added Quantum Destabilizer and Energy Cells.
-Added Eye of Judgement.
-Added Pandora PF422.
-Added Akumu.
-All Teleportation Potions now work in multiplayer (some warnings\esceptions CAN happen).
-Fixed Wellcheers vending machine usage in MP.
-Changed work mechanic of Rampage Components for a bit. Now turning off visibility of accessory turns off Sniper Scope effect instead of using it.
Now also improves power of Electrospheres.
-Horcruxes now have a bit different mechanic of work. It spawn NPC nearby player now instead of off-screen.
-Now Pink Guy Set is required to be equipped as player's main armor to make National Ugandan Treasure to drop (drop chance was increased to 25%).
-Memer's Riposte now also cuts critical strike chance in half, but crits deals 4x damage.
Also, now mirrors ANY damage (contact or projectile) taken multiplied by 5 to all enemies on screen.
-Hate Vial can be consumed now.
Grants 15% bonus to all damage & crits, +20 life regeneration and heals for 150, but removes 15% endurance, 30 defense and inflicts potion sickness.
-Wrath and Rage potions are now available in Brewer's 1st shop after beating Skeletron instead of in Hardmode.
-Tweaked Underworld Teleportation Potion. Now you can choose side for teleportation by left-click or right-click.
-Buffed Chloroshard Bullets for a bit.
-Nerfed Ballistic Nebular Destroyer.
-Nerfed Blurring Potion.
-Lowered drop chances for developer sets (1:100) and pets (1:150).
Sets now drops post Plantera.
-Improved Young Brewer sprite.
-Reworked recipes for Autoinjector and Watcher Amulet.
-Fixed Lilith Emblem's bug in multiplayer.
-Fixed Bast's Scroll armor destruction. Also added visual effect. Crafting recipe was nerfed too.
-Replaced Flesh Grinder to Meat Grinder in Architect's 4th shop.
-Removed Ancient Manipulator craftabilities from Special Crafting Point.
-Removed Battle Potion effect from Summoner and Universal Combinations.
-Wing of the World now counts as table, chair and light source.
-Fixed Alchemist sprite.
-Fixed some typos with the help of Slap it Now#1939.
-To prevent confusion with beta update.
-Added Determination Blade (yes, this is Glitchtale reference).
Extractor, soul essence and hate vial are added as well for crafting DT Blade.
Available post ML.
-Added Enchanted Mirror. Remembers last recall position.
Available in early Hardmode. Requires Magic Mirror, Beacon and some other stuff.
-Added Chromatic Crystal. Post ML material.
-Added Chromovaria Bullet/Arrow. Heavy damaging post ML bullet/arrow.
Require Chromatic Crystal as material.
-Added Underworld Teleportation Potion. Teleports player to rightest Obsidian Tower.
Available after beating WoF.
-Added NON-CALAMITY BUFF POTION tooltip to AlchemistNPC buff potions.
-Added 3 more potions from Sacred Tools.
Available as certain ST bosses are defeated.
-Added Meat Grinder to Architect's 4th shop.
Some prices tweaks too.
-Lowered chances of dropping dev items from Treasure Bags.
-Moved Tremor potions to Brewer's 4th shop.
-Fixed Tremor shop of Alchemist.
-Nerfed Reverberation Repeater (had too big DPS before).
-Nerfed set bonus of Reverberation (not longer removes manacost, leaf shield lowers damage by 15% now).
-Fixed MP part of Life Elixir and Fuaran.
-Fixed strange behavior of Crystalyzed Arrow.
-Changed sprites of Builder and Fishing Combinations, Crystalyzed Arrow.
-Fixed some typos.
-Updated sprites for both Tank combinations, Ranger, Summoner, Mage and Explorer combinations.
-Updated sprite for Crystal Dust bullet/material, Beacon Teleporter Potion.
-Animated tiles of Simple Crafting Penny, Superb Crafting Pound and Special Crafting Point.
-Added Torn Notes #8, #9. Drops from Golem and Moon Lord.
-Torn Note #7 now drops from Plantera instead of Golem.
-Added Fuaran. Allows to increase max mana by 100.
Drops from Golem with 10% chance. Can only be used once.
-Fixed drop of Torn Note#3 from Skeletron.
-Fixed Simple Crafting Penny and Materia Transmutator to have abilities of Alchemy Table.
-Added projectile.netImportant to Lilith Emblem's bees. May help in MP.
-Fixed some typos.
-Updated to tModLoader v0.10.1.3.
-Added Beacon and Beacon Teleportator. Available in Hardmode.
Beacon Teleportator could be bought from Alchemist.
Beacon can be crafted with Adamantium/Titanium Bar and some other stuff.
-Added new sprites for Battle, Explorer and Calamity combinations.
-Life Elixir can be used twice now (Now it is possible to make +100 max HP).
-Fixed Tremor shop of Alchemist.
-Fixed recipe of Simple Crafting Penny.
Update v6.6
-Added Reverberation (T-04-53) EGO weapon (Crossbow) and armor set.
Available after beating any Mechanical Boss for crafting and after all mechs for buying.
-Added Laetitia (O-01-67) EGO weapon (Rifle). Can be powered up by equipping full armor set.
Available post EoW/BoC.
-Added Sephirothic Fruit, ultimate accessory for Summoners.
Increases minion damage by 10%, gives +2 max minions and minions ignore enemy invincibility frames.
-Added Life Elixir and Alchemical Bundle.
Life Elixir adds +50 to max HP permanently. Can only be used once. Would work only if you have 500+ HP.
Can be gathered from Alchemist by talking to him while having Philosopher's Stone and Alchemical Bundle.
Available post ML.
-Added Ballistic Nebular Destroyer. Post ML upgrade of Vortex Beater.
Shoots spread of Vortex Rockets.
-Added 4 more Torn Notes. Drops from Mechanical Bosses and Golem.
Also, changed some text in previous ones.
-Added Black Cat vanity set. Available from Treasure Bags in hardmode.
-Added loot tables for Recipe Browser. May be needed to delete lootcache.
-Added trails for Icedamned and Seeping Arrows.
-New sprite for Icedamned and Seeping Arrows, Divine Lava.
-Items for crafting Materia Transmutator can now be used as crafting stations.
-Fixed Moon Lord bag not appeared after beating Profaned Guardians.
-Tweaked Titan Skin potion (and Modded Tank Combination) to provide Cursed Flame/Ichor protection after beating Twins.
-Changed Dungeon Teleportation Potion to be available post Skeletron.
-Recoded Lilith Emblem. Now it releases bees around the player while using any magic weapon.
Changed recipe for a bit.
-Fixed Lilith Emblem's bees MP crashability and mana magnet effect.
-Fixed multiple drop of Torn Note 2.
-Changed icons for Skyline222 set.
-Removed abilities of Demon Altar from Wing of the World
-Fixed some typos and errors in descriptions/tooltips/dialog lines.
Update v6.5
-Added Materia Transmutator. Works as Ultimate Crafting Station. Required for making ultimate accessories now.
-Added Dungeon and Temple Teleportation Potions. Both sold by Alchemist.
Dungeon - available after beating EoW/BoC.
Temple - available after beating Plantera.
-Added Twilight Wings. Required Lunar tier Wings, Big Bird's Lamp and Emagled Fragmentations.
-Added somebody0214 dev set. Available from Hardmode treasure bags.
-Added Moon Lord Treasure Bag to Operator shop.
Available if Profaned Guardians from Calamity mod are beaten.
-Fixed Mana Flower effect was not working in Lilith Emblem.
-Changed spawn conditions for Architect to beat EoW/BoC and have at least 5 any town NPCs.
-Added some secret stuff.
-Merged with Builder NPC mod by somebody0214#2327.
Added Architect NPC. Sell various blocks and furniture.
Comes when you have at least 1 any NPC.
-Added mage ultimate accessory, Lilith Emblem.
Combines effects of Eye of the Golem, Celestial Emblem, Mana Flower and Mana Regeneration Band and gives +50 max mana.
Also, releases cluster of deadly bees on every magical weapon shot. Will not work with some specific weapons.
-Added warrior/thrower ultimate accessory, Bast's Scroll.
Gives Master Ninja abilities, increases melee/throwing damage/crit by 15%, adds 5 defense, reduces damage taken by 10%.
Attacks destroys enemy defense totally, throwing weapons goes through tiles, allows you to jump 3 times.
Crafting recipe could vary depending on enabled mods.
-Added Zen Potion from Calamity to Brewer's 2nd shop.
-Added potions from Spirit, Cristilium and Expanded Sentries mods to Brewer's 5th shop.
-New sprite for Cursed Ice by Sad#0216.
-Fixed spawning conditions of Operator.
-Added Ninja Focus and Nightmare Fuel potions from Sacred Tools to Brewer's 5th shop.
Ninja Focus is available after beating EoC.
Nightmare Fuel is available after beating Abaddon.
-Added new lines for Calamity mod to Operator.
-New sprites for combinations by Frank#4074 and somebody0214#2327.
-Fixed Jeweler's shops again. Hopefully, forever.
-Fixed Operator spawn requirements and housing conditions.
-Added Magic/Melee sword Twilight. Tier 2 upgrade for Justitia Sword.
Can be changed to do melee/magic damage by right click.
Instakills enemies with less than 10000K HP with projectiles.
-Added Twilight Armor set. Available after beating Moon Lord for crafting.
Requires full Justitia set.
-Added Big Bird's Lamp. Available after beating Mechanical Bosses.
Provides light around the player, increases all damage and crit by 5% and destroys enemy armor on hit.
-Added special hotkey for toggling Big Bird's Lamp Light.
Bonuses would work in any state.
-Nerfed Crystalized Arrows. Still pretty powerful with high damaging bows/repeaters.
-Otherworldly Amulet can now be right-clicked to place into slot.
However, cannot be stacked anymore.
-Artifitial Altar is now wider (3 blocks). It also glows red now.
-Added Life Crystals for multiplayer to Jeweler's base shop.
Available after beating EoW/BoC.
-Added Life Fruits for multiplayer to Jeweler's base shop.
Available after beating Golem.
-Added magical spear 'Spore', EGO weapon. Releases spores after certain amount of hits.
Available post Plantera to craft and post Golem for buying.
-Autoinjector in inventory now will also allow to buy Flasks of Rainbows from Young Brewer.
-Now all 3 Torn Notes will be consumed while making Secret One.
-Reworked Grinder MK4. Now it would release spread of bullets into enemy each 20 ticks of damage.
-Buffed Solemn Vow for a bit.
-Fixed sprites for Corrosive Flask and Grinder MK4.
-Improved custom bullets rendering.
-Added new town NPC - Operator. Sells boss drops and some special EGO equipment.
She comes after beating EoW/BoC and when Wing of the World is inside free housing.
She also could sell Treasure Bags if TresureBagsShop set to true in Alchemist.json config file and World is Expert. True by default.
Else she will have only normal shops.
-Added support for live configuration changing using Hamstar's Helpers mod.
-Reworked Justitia Sword behaviour. Now it works like impowered Arkhalis. Inflicts Pale damage debuff.
Also its sprite was changed.
-Reworked Laetitia set. Now it available post EoW/BoC for crafting or post Skeletron for buying.
After certain boss killed, armor defense will grow stronger.
Modified set bonus. Now full set also gives additional 35% minion damage boost (only in Hardmode).
-Added Water Chestnuts from Thorium Mod to Alchemist shop. Available after beating EoW/BoC.
-Added Jelly from Thorium Mod to Alchemist shop. Available after beating Skeletron.
-Added some Torn Notes as boss drops. They give advices to player.
-Fishing, Crate and Sonar potions were moved to Brewer's 1st shop (since they are buff potions).
-Fixed Jeweler's base shop conditions.
-Added more description details to Calamity Combination. And also added a recipe for it.
-Reworked/recolored some sprites.
-Added Vicious/Vile Mushrooms to Alchemist shop.
Available after beating EoW/BoC.
-Changed value of town NPCs damage for pre-hardmode, hardmode and after beating Moon Lord.
-Added full support for Russian language. Big thanks to somebody0214#2327 and DESPERATION#4629 for testing.
Update v5.9
-Added "Opened can of Wellcheers" Vending Machine.
Can be crafted after beating Mechanical Bosses.
Produces 4 types of Soda.
-Added Solemn Vow, EGO weapon of "Funeral of the Dead Butterflies".
Can be crafted before fighting Mechanical Bosses.
-Added 5th shop to Brewer (Tremor/Wildlife).
-Added Opals from Thorium Mod to Jeweler. Avaible after beating EoW/BoC.
-Improved "Wing of the World" sprite.
-Fixed Party Hat problem again :()
Update v5.8.1
-Fixed NPCs size. They couldn't go through doors before.
Update v5.8
-Added Laetitia EGO armor and weapon/accessory. Avaible after beating Skeletron Prime.
-Added Wrath potion to Summoner Combination. Same buff stacking rules as before.
-Fixed and nerfed Crystalyzed Arrows.
-Fixed some descriptions.
Update v5.7
-Added Justitia items (sword and melee armor set). Avaible after beating Moon Lord.
-Added Grinder MK4. Avaible after beating all Mechanical Bosses.
-Added Wing of the World. Required to craft EGO equipment. Avaible after beating EoW/BoC.
-The Beak moved to post EoW/BoC state.
-Added Crystalyzed Arrow. Can be crafted with Hellfire Arrows and Crystal Dust on Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil.
Explodes to shards on hit.
-Horcruxes can now be used pre-hardmode.
Update v5.6
-Improved Artificial Altar texture (~).
-Improved animation of Crystal Dust.
-Magic Bullet's shot now goes through tiles.
-Sniper Scope effect can now be toggled by using Rampage Components.
-Nerfed Crystal Dust bullets (-4 damage).
They are still pretty powerful.
Update v5.5
-Added config file for changing Fallen Stars price.
Default value is 1000 = 10 silver.
10000 = 1 gold
-Added 2 new weapons. 1st post ML and 2nd post EoC.
Another fix-update v5.4.1
-Fixed shop conditions with multiple mods.
Update v5.4
-Fixed doubling potions bug in Brewer's shop.
-Added a secret way to resummon Young Brewer. Can be done in Hardmode.
-Fixed Alchemist Horcrux.
Update v5.3
-Added Tank Combination (Vanilla). Contains same buffs as Tank Combination (w/Modded), but without modded ones. Costs 9 Gold..
-Removed Fortitude buff from Tank Combination (w/Modded).
-Improved Young Brewer textures (a bit).
-Corrosion debuff now visible on enemies while active (red sparkles).
Update v5.2.1
-Removed Tremor integrations. Should fix mod crash.
Update v5.2
-While Tremor Mod is active, you could craft Corrosive Flask in Alchemical damage type.
-Added Blurring Potion. Grants Blurring buff, which activates Shadow Dodge every 20 seconds.
Costs 15 gold. Avaible after beating Mechanical Bosses. Can be crafted.
-Added new pet. Obtainable from Hardmode Treasure Bags with 1/80 chance. Gives some benefits while active.
FIX v5.1.2
-Fixed spawning problem of Young Brewer
Update v5.1.1
-Fixed mod crash while Calamity Mod is disabled.
Big thanks to jopojelly for help.
Update v5.1

-Added Universal Combination. Same as from Autoinjector.
Costs 50 gold. Avaible after beating Moon Lord.
-Added Calamity Combination. Contains Yharim's Stimulant, Omniscience, Titan Scale, Cadence and Fabsol Vodka buffs.
Costs 50 gold. Avaible after beating Golem.
-Added Destroyer Emblem to Autoinjector. Now it also adds 10% damage and 8% critical chance to all weapon types.
-Reworked side sprite and code of Otherworldly Amulet mount. Now it negates knockback and fall damage.
-Fixed some typos
-Fixed Rainbow Flask buff. Now it counts as buff again.
-Removed doubling potions from Brewer's shops.
Update v5.0
-Reworked Rainbow flask. Now it simply increases DPS by ~1K and cuts 60 defense from enemy.
-Added tier 2 Otherworldly Amulet. It's called "Watcher Amulet". Allows to buy Flasks of Rainbow from Young Brewer.
Also working as Sentry Minion. More than 1 cannot be summoned.
Can be crafted with Otherworldly Amulet, some hardmode and luminite bars and ore and 20 of each fragments.
Can be used to make Autoinjector.
-Added Clairvoyance buff (Crystal Ball) to Mage Combination. Cost increased.
-Fallen Stars and Pink Gel are avaible in Alchemist shop after beating EoW/BoC.
-Brewer's 2nd and 3rd shops are changed their places.
-Brewer's 2nd shop now contains all potions, added by this mod.
-All Brewer's shops now has headings (Vanilla, Mod/Thorium/Calamity/RG, MorePotions, UnuBattleRods/Tacklebox)
-Fixed party hat for Alchemist, Brewer and Jeweler.
-Changed NPC naming from "the Alchemist" to "Alchemist". NPC needs to be resummoned.
-Added Artificial Altar. Maded with Ebon/Crimstone, Deathweeds, Rotten Chunks/Vertebras, some Thorns and Battle potions on Demon/Crimson Altar.
-Changed Jeweler's conditions for Rubies and Diamonds to defeat EoW/BoC.
-New phrases for Alchemist and Brewer during invasions and Blood Moon.
Upgrade v4.9.1
-Fixed 4th Brewer shop.
-Renamed Unknocking Potion.
-Now Masks Bundle recipe can use any vanilla Cultist Mask.
-New Masks Bundle sprite (~ Zelda reference)
-Explorer, Builder and Fishing combinations effects are now contained in a single buff, just like the others.
Upgrade v4.9
-Balancing some prices.
-New lines for Alchemist with Thorium, Tremor and Peculiarity mods.
-Fixed recipe for Masks Bundle.
-Added 2 vanity sets. Avaible from Hardmode bosses Treasure bags.
-Added potions from UnuBattleRods and Tacklebox mods.
Upgrade v4.8
-Added 3 potions from Calamity Mod.
-Added Rampage Components.
-Nerfed fishing quest requirement to 5 for all fishing type potions.
-Changed sprites of some items.
-Tweaked animation of Young Brewer.
-Cursed Ice, Crystal Dust and Divine Lava are now animated.
-Alchemist, Brewer and Young Brewer will use Corrosive Flask after beating Moon Lord.
-All class combinations (Battle, Mage, Ranger, Tank, Summoner) now will disable buffs which they are containing.
No more problems with usage.
Upgrade v4.7
-Added Autoinjector. Can be crafted with Alchemist Necklace, 15 of each fragments, some spectral and luminite bars, 30 of each possible class combinations and a new item, called Masks Bundle.
Provides all bonuses from Alchemist Necklace, gives extra 2 defense and gives to player Universal Combination buff.
This buff provides all class combinations bonuses (if accessory is on player). Bonuses will not stack with vanilla potions or other combinations.
-Added Masks Bundle. Required to make Autoinjector. Can be crafted with every basic vanilla Terraria boss mask (Old One's not included, yet).
-Reworked Summoner Combination to single buff. Not stacks with Summoning and Bewitching Potions.
Upgrade v4.6.1
-Updated to tModLoader v0.10.1
Icon should work now.
Upgrade v4.6
-Added some potions from Thorium and Calamity mods to Brewer's 3rd shop.
-Reworked Battle, Tank, Ranger & Mage combinations.
Now they work like a single buff, which includes all of combination potions effects.
Special effects of combinations are not stacking (Lifeforce, Damage & Crit boosts).
-Added new function for Otherworldly Amulet. (Big thanks to Sir Mirsario for helping with sprite)
Upgrade v4.5.1
-Added Granite and Marble Chunks from Spirit Mod.
-Added Granite Energy Core and Bronze Alloy Fragment from Thorium Mod.
Both type avaible after beating Skeletron in Jeweler's shop.
-Added icon for mod
Upgrade v4.5
-New Alchemist texture
-Added Unicorn Horn to Alchemist's shop.
-Changed possible names of NPC's
Bugfix v4.4.1
-Fix for Otherworldly Amulet.
Upgrade v4.4
-Added Sturdy Fossil to Jeweler. Avaible after beating EoW/BoC. Costs 1 gold each.
-New sprite for Otherworldly Amulet (by :red:_Kickem007#1531).
Upgrade v4.3
-Added Emagled Fragmentation and Otherworldly Amulet.
1st - Can be bought from Alchemist for 8 gold while 2nd lying in inventory. Also can be gathered from Dungeon Guardian.
On normal mode they drops from 5 to 10, on expert from 15 to 20.
25 of Emagled Fragmentations could be transformed into 2 vanilla pillar fragments.
2nd - Can be gathered from Dungeon Guardian with 10% chance on normal mode or 20% on expert.
Big thanks to :red:_Kickem007#1531 for Emagled Fragmentation sprite and ideas of this update.
Upgrade v4.2
-Added Cursed Ice and Icedamned Arrow.
-Added 1 more potion from MorePotions mod.
-Added 3 more potions from Reduced Grinding.
Upgrade v4.1
-Reworker Cycle Shop feature. Now should work like in Fargo's mod.
-Added 3 potions from imkSushi's mod (Ressurection, Angler Amnesia, Meteorite)
-Added 6 more MorePotions's potions.
-Added 3rd shop to Brewer. Avaible by cycling.
-Added Arena shop to Jeweler.
-Added 3 special items to Jeweler's shop in hardmode.
Upgrade v3.9.4
-Added 1 new potion from MorePotions to Brewer's second shop.
-Added Flippers potion to Brewer's shop.
-Invisibility potion moved to Alchemist shop.
Upgrade v3.9.3
-Reworked NPC texts and items descriptions (with the big help of Count Tobi).
-Added ability to dash to Ninja Potion.
-Gas Containers moved to Young Brewer's shop.
Upgrade v3.9.2
-Added even more potions to Brewer's shop (actually, 5).
-Vanilla flasks moved to Young Brewer's shop.
-Added potions from Reduced Grinding to Brewer's shop.
-Added Rainbow Flask. Inflicts vanilla Flasks debuffs and Frostburn to attacked enemy. Costs 20 gold.
Can be bought from Young Brewer after beating Moon Lord.
Can be crafted with Ancient Manipulator after beating Lunatic Cultist.
Bugfix v3.9.1
Upgrade v3.9

-Added 8 more potions from MorePotions mod.
-Reworked sprite of Jeweler.
-Added Seeping Arrow. Crafted with Divine Lava and normal arrow. Applies On Fire! and Ichor debuffs. Has higher basic damage.
-Added Divine Lava. Crafted with Crystal Ball, Ichor and Lava Bucket (or just normal Lava).
-Nerfed Sunshine potion effect. Before it could light up the whole fullhd screen with lighting "retro".
Upgrade v3.8
-Added Sunshine Potion (greatly increases light radius).
Doesn't work perfectly to light through blocks, but greatly lights open spaces and caves.
Can be bought from Brewer's 2nd shop just after NPC spawns.
Upgrade v3.7
-Added "More Potions" mod potions to Brewer's 2nd shop.
Upgrade v3.6
-Fixed Base Summoning Potion selling for imkSushi's Mod.
Upgrade v3.5
-Upgraded to tModLoader 0.10.
-Fixed selling condition of Ninja Potion to Post Plantera.
Upgrade v3.4
-Added new ammo type - Crystal Dust Bullets (even more shards on hit). Do much more damage.
Made with 100 crystal bullets & crystal dust (which is made using Crystal Shards with Autohammer)
-Little rework of Battle and Tank combinations (removed Swiftness from Battle and Titan from Tank, added Titan Skin to Tank)
-Added Thorium Mod Coatings and Gas Containers to Brewer's flask shop.
Upgrade v3.3
-Added more Tremor mod materials to NPC's
-Added Tremor mod materials to Lady Moon (sadly, I don't get how to simulate conditions of Tremor mod, so all materials are selling just after NPC spawns).
-Added Corrosive Flask (makes with Celestial tower fragments and Toxic Flask) Can be made in 2 variants (Magic and Throwing).
-Improved descriptions of Combinations.
40K anniversary.
Upgrade v3.2

-Added new NPC (Jeweler), which solds various gems, vanilla bands, Opals and Lapis Lazuli from Tremor mod.
-Added more vanilla materials to Alchemist shop.
-Added some Tremor mod materials to Alchemist shop.
Mini-Update v3.1
-Added Gills and Water Walking Potions to Brewer's shop.
-Changed descriptions of some new potions.
-Changed danger detection distance of NPC's.
Update v3.0
Nearly 30k downloads anniversary.

-Added Alchemist Necklace. Crafted from Charm of Myths & Cross Necklace. Gives life regeneration, reduce cooldown of healing potions & prolongers invincibility after hit.
-Replaced attack of all NPCs (to Toxic Flask).
Upgrade v2.9
-Added Fishing Combination. Grants effects of Crate/Sonar/Fishing/Regenation/Thorns/Iron Skin/Calm/Inferno. Lasts for 10 minutes. Costs 5 gold. Avaible after beating 10 fishing quests.
-Added Ninja potion. Grants 10% damage & crit to all sources. Also give chance to dodge enemy attack and ability to climb walls. Costs 7 gold 50 silver. Can be bought in Hardmode. Also has recipe. Lasts for 10 minutes.
-Fixed sprite size of Young Brewer (I guess this should fix Party Hat problem).
Upgrade v2.8
-Changed spawn condition for Alchemist & Brewer (now it is required to kill the Eye of Ctulhu for allowing to spawn them).
Also this should help for respawn.
Mini upgrade v2.7
-Added Titan Skin Potion with recipe to the Brewer. Avaible in hardmode.
Gives immunity to On Fire!, Frostburn, Cursed Flames, Chilled, Frozen & Ichor debuffs. Lasts for 15 minutes. Costs 5 gold.
Upgrade v2.6
-Added separate shop for Tremor flasks to Alchemist
-Added separete shop for vanilla flasks to Brewer
Big thanks to jopojelly for help.
Upgrade v2.5
-Added Love potion to Alchemist & Calming Potion to Brewer
Upgrade v2.4
-New Young Brewer sprite (now he is not look like Angler with other hairstyle)
-Tried to fix endless potions effect
Upgrade v2.3
-New sprite for Brewer (hope that is better)
-Redesign of Alchemist sprite (to follow 2x2 pixel rule)
All needed animations works correctly.
There was a problem with some hovering of Brewer. Thank god it was simply solved by moving all sprite set for 2 pixels down.
Update v2.2
-Added 2 new potions:
Invincibility Potion (prolongers invincibility time after hit). Costs 3 gold in Hardmode.
Unknocking Potion (player cannot be knockbacked). Costs 1 gold.
Both are craftable. Last in 10 minutes.
-Added 3 new combinations:
Mage Combination (grants Magic Power, Mana Regeneration, Wrath & Rage buffs). Lasts in 10 minutes.
Ranger Combination (grants Ammo Reservation, Archery, Wrath & Rage buffs). Lasts in 10 minutes.
Tank Combination (grants effects of Ironskin, Regeneration, Lifeforce, Endurance, Titan, Obsidian Skin, Invincibility, Unknocking & Thorns Potions). Lasts in 10 minutes.
All 3 sells in Young Brewer's shop.
-Some changes in shops (Flask of Gold, all fishing Potions in Alchemist shop, Invincibility & Unknocking potions in Brewer's shop).
-Added recipe for Bewitching Potion.
Update 2.1
-Fixed Young Brewer spawnability problem.
Update 2.0
-Alchemist renamed to The Alchemist for compatibility with other mods.
-Changer price of Spelunker, Hunter & Obsidian Skin potions.
Update 1.9
-Added Explorer Combination (Grants Spelunker, Dangersence, Hunter, Mining, Night Owl and Shine buffs). Costs 3 gold 50 silver.
Lasts in 15 minutes.
Update 1.8.
Adds new NPC (Young Brewer) which sells combinations of potions. Spawning Condition is having both Alchemist & Brewer alive in the world and Hardmode.
Upgrade v1.7
-Added Bewitching Potion (has effect of Bewithing Table for 15 minutes). Costs 1 gold.
Can be bought from Brewer after beating Skeletron.
-Changed price of Summoning Potion to 75 silver.
Upgrade v1.6
-Removed Empty Seed Bag from Alchemist.
-Gender Change potion was sent to Alchemist and now has changed price.
-Added Flasks to Brewer.
-Used other method to change prices in shop (Thanks, Cheezegami).
Restored prices for Base Summoning Potion (10 silver)(imkSushi's Potion Addon) and Empty Seed Bag (10 gold)(Thorium).
Right after spawn of NPC:
Lesser Healing Potion
Lesser Mana Potion
Lesser Restoration Potion
Recall Potion
Wormhole Potion
Gender Change Potion
Bottled Water
Glowing Mushroom
After beating EoW/BoC:
Healing Potion
Mana Potion
Restoration Potion
Strange Brew
Vile Mushroom
Vicious Mushroom
Fallen Stars
Pink Gel
Dungeon Teleportation Potion
At start of Hardmode:
Greater Healing Potion
Greater Mana Potion
Teleportation Potion
Pixie Dust
Crystal Shard
Unicorn Horn
Cursed Flame
Beacon Teleportator
After beating Mechanical Bosses:
Super Mana Potion
After beating Plantera:
Temple Teleportation Potion
If you have Otherworldly Amulet in inventory:
Emagled Fragmentation
If imkSushi's mod is active:
Base Summoning Potion
Angler Amnesia Potion
Meteorite Potion
Ressurection Potion
If Thorium Mod is active:
After beating EoW/BoC:
Water Chestnut
After beating Skeletron:
Alchemist Tremor Shop:
Right after spawn of NPC:
Basic Flask
Frost Liquid Flask
Lesser Healing Flask
Lesser Mana Flask
Lesser Poison Flask
Boom Flask
Freeze Flask
Burning Flask
After beating Skeletron:
Gold Flask
Untreated Flesh
Light Bulb
Atis Blood
Tears of Death
Torn Papyrus
Phantom Soul
The Rib
At start of Hardmode:
Big Healing Flask
Big Mana Flask
Big Poison Flask
Extended Boom Flask
Extended Freeze Flask
Extented Burning Flask
Health Support Flask
Mana Support Flask
Lesser Venom Flask
Big Venom Flask
Crystal Flask
After beating Plantera:
Phantom Flask
Plague Flask
Sparking Flask
After beating Moon Lord:
Moon Dust Flask
Super Mana Flask
Cluster Flask
Shop 1 (Vanilla)
Right after spawn of NPC:
Swiftness Potion
Ironskin Potion
Regeneration Potion
Mining Potion
Builder Potion
Archery Potion
Summoning Potion
Endurance Potion
Heartreach Potion
Ammo Reservation Potion
Thorns Potion
Shine Potion
Night Owl Potion
Warmth Potion
Spelunker Potion
Hunter Potion
Dangersense Potion
Flipper Potion
Gills Potion
Invisibility Potion
Water Walking Potion
Obsidian Skin Potion
Featherfall Potion
Gravitation Potion
Magic Power Potion
Mana Regeneration Potion
Titan Potion
Battle Potion
Calming Potion
Stink Potion
If 5 angler quests finished:
Fishing Potion
Sonar Potion
Crate Potion
At start of Hardmode:
Lifeforce Potion
Inferno Potion
Wrath Potion
Rage Potion
Love Potion
Shop 2 (Mod/Reduced Grinding/Calamity Mod/Thorium Mod)
Right after spawn of NPC:
Sunshine Potion
After beating Skeletron:
Bewitching Potion
Fortitude Potion
At start of Hardmode:
Invincibility Potion
Titan Skin Potion
After beating Mechanical Bosses:
Blurring Potion
After beating Plantera:
Ninja Potion
If Reduced Grinding is active:
Right after spawn of NPC:
War Potion
Time Potion
Expert Change Potion
Rain Potion
Slime Rain Potion
If Thorium Mod is active:
Right after spawn of NPC:
Glowing Potion
Accuracy Potion
Blood Potion
Combat Potion
Conflagration Potion
Silver Tongue Potion
Aqua Potion
Frenzy Potion
After beating Skeletron:
Frost Coating
Explosive Coating
Gorgan Coating
Life Leech Coating
Toxic Coating
Creativity Potion
Earworm Potion
At start of Hardmode:
Inspiration Reach Potion
Holy Potion
If Calamity Mod is active:
After beating Skeletron:
Omniscience Potion
Zerg Potion
Yharims Stimulants
At start of Hardmode:
Cadence Potion
Fabsol's Vodka
After beating Golem:
Titan Scale Potion
Shop 3 (MorePotion mod)
If MorePotions mod is active:
Right after NPC spawns:
Heavy Roots Potion
Natures Blessing Potion
Honey Potion
Jelly Soles Potion
Jump Potion
Penetration Potion
Warriors Drought Potion
Rangers Drought Potion
Summoners Drought Potion
Gladiators Potion
Olympians Potion
Swift Hands Potion
Speed Potion
Starlight Potion
Golden Potion
At start of Hardmode:
Diamond Skin Potion
Manashield Potion
Reactive Armor Potion
Vengeance Potion
Enchanced Regeneration Potion
Holy Elixer Potion
Soulbinding Elixer
Manaforce Potion
Courage Potion
Delving Potion
Forbidden Potion
Venomous Coating
Gold Coating
Ichorous Coating
Cursed Coating
After beating Mechanical Bosses:
Leaf Crystal Potion
After beating Plantera:
Lifesteal Potion
After beating Golem:
Super Regeneration Potion
After beating Moon Lord:
Solar Potion
Nebula Potion
Vortex Potion
Stardust Potion
Terrarians Wrath Potion
Shop 4 (UnuBattleRods mod/Tacklebox mod)
If UnuBattleRods mods is active:
Right after spawn of NPC:
Bob Escalation Potion
Bob Speeding Potion
Faster Escalation Potion
Further Escalation Potion
After beating Skeletron:
Maximum Escalation Potion
If Tacklebox mod is active:
Right after spawn of NPC:
Frog Potion
Diving Potion
Ultrabright Potion
After beating Skeletron & beating 5 angler quests:
Angler Potion
Super Angler Potion
Super Crate Potion
Super Fishing Potion
Shop 5 (Tremor Mod/Wildlife Mod/SacredTools/SpiritMod/CristiliumMod/ExpandedSentries)
If Tremor mod is active:
Right after spawn of NPC:
Inspiration Potion
Rock Climber Potion
At start of Hardmode:
Bloodmoon Potion
After beating Moon Lord:
Paradox Potion
Sunfury Potion
Midnight Potion
Scamper Potion
Saving Potion
Glass Potion
If Wildlife is active:
Right after spawn of NPC:
Bounce Potion
Fluxglow Potion
Deer Blood
Tortoise Potion
After beating Skeletron:
Molter Potion
At start of Hardmode:
Fairy Bottle B
Fairy Bottle G
Fairy Bottle P
Ascension Potion
Glitchhop Potion
Spark Potion
Normal Shop
Right after NPC spawn:
After beating EoW/BoC
Sturdy Fossil
Band of Starpower
Band of Regeneration
Life Crystal (only in MP)
After beating Skeletron:
Diamond Ring
At start of Hardmode:
Alchemist Horcrux
Brewer Horcrux
Jeweler Horcrux
After beating Golem:
Life Fruit
If Thorium Mod is active:
After beating EoW/BoC:
After beating Skeletron:
Granite Energy Core
Bronze Fragments
If Tremor mod is active
After beating Skeletron:
At start of Hardmode:
Magium Shard
Rune Bar
After beating Moon Lord:
Lapis Lazuli
If Spirit Mod is active:
After beating Skeletron:
Enchanted Granite Chunk
Ancient Marble Chunk
Arena Shop
Right after spawn of NPC:
After beating Skeletron:
Honey Bucket
Heart Lantern
Star in a Bottle
Water Candle
Peace Candle
Sharpening Station
Bewitching Table
Ammo Box
At start of Hardmode:
Crystal Ball
Young Brewer
Right after spawn of NPC (Hardmode):
Vanilla Tank Combination
Tank Combination
Battle Combination
Ranger Combination
Mage Combination
Builder Combination
Explorer Combination
Summoner Combination
Flask of Poison
Flask of Fire
Flask of Party
Flask of Gold
Flask of Ichor
Flask of Cursed Flames
After beating 5 angler quests:
Fishing Combination
After beating Plantera:
Flask of Venom
Flask of Nanites
After beating Moon Lord:
Universal Combination
If Watcher Amulet is in inventory:
Flask of Rainbows
If Thorium Mod is active:
Right after spawn of NPC (Hardmode):
Gas Container
Corrosive Vial
Combustion Vial
Nitrogen Vial
If Calamity Mod is active:
After beating Mechanical Bosses:
Calamitas Brew
After beating Golem:
Calamity Combination
Tremor Mod Lady Moon's shop extention:
Right after spawn of NPC:
Dark Mass
Carbon Steel
Nightmare Bar
Void Bar
Angry Shard
Cluster Shard
Dragon Capsule
Husk of Dusk
Night Core
Golden Claw
Stone Dice
Concentrated Ether
Tooth of Abraxas
Cosmic Fuel
Eye of Oblivion
Boss Drops Shop
Right after spawn of NPC:
Demonite/Crimtane ore depending of world type
Shadow Scale/Tissue Sample depending of world type
After beating Queen Bee:
Bee Wax
After beating any Mechanical Boss:
Soul of Light
Soul of Night
After beating respective Mechanical Boss:
Soul of Might
Soul of Sight
Sould of Fright
After beating Mechanical Bosses:
Hallowed Bar
After beating Golem:
Shiny Stone
Beetle Husk
After beating Moon Lord and having Otherworldly Amulet in inventory:
Solar Fragment
Nebula Fragment
Vortex Fragment
Stardust Fragment
EGO Shop
After beating Skeletron:
The Beak
Laetitia Armor set
After beating any Mechanical Boss:
Solemn Vow
After beating Mechanical Bosses:
Laetitia Gift.
After beating Plantera:
Big Bird's Lamp
Grinder MK4
After beating Golem:
Treasure Bags Shop (if TreasureBagsShop in config is set to true and world is Expert)
After beating Skeletron:
All pre-Skeletron Treasure Bags
After beating WoF:
Skeletron Treasure Bag
Wall of Flesh Treasure Bag
After beating Plantera:
All Mechanical Bosses Treasure Bags
Plantera Treasure Bag
After beating Moon Lord:
Golem Treasure Bag
Fishron Treasure Bag
If Profaned Guardians beaten:
Moon Lord Treasure Bag
1) Ninja potion.
Grants 5% damage & crit to all sources. Also give chance to dodge enemy attack and ability to climb walls. Costs 7 gold 50 silver. Can be bought in Hardmode. Lasts for 10 minutes.
2) Bewitching Potion.
Gives effect of Bewithing Table for 15 minutes. Costs 1 gold.
3) Titan Skin Potion.
Gives immunity to On Fire!, Frostburn, Cursed Flames, Chilled, Frozen & Ichor debuffs. Lasts for 15 minutes. Costs 5 gold in Hardmode.
4) Invincibility Potion.
Prolongers invincibility time after hit. Costs 3 gold in Hardmode.
5) Fortitude Potion.
Player cannot be knockbacked. Costs 1 gold.
6) Sunshine Potion.
Greatly increase light radius. Costs 1,5 gold.
7) Blurring Potion
Activates Shadow Dodge buff each 20 seconds after cooldown. Available after beating Mechanical Bosses.
8) Dungeon & Temple Teleportation Potions.
Can be bought from Alchemist after beating Skeletron (for Dungeon) and after Plantera (for Jungle Temple).
All new potions has recipes and also can be bought from Brewer.
All new potions has recipes and also can be bought from Brewer.
Special items:

1) Horcruxes. Can be bought from Jeweler in hardmode.
Used for summon Alchemist, Brewer of Jeweler. Cannot be used if NPC is alive.
2) Alchemist Necklace.
Provides life regeneration, lowers cooldown of healing potions, and increases length of invincibility after taking damage. Can be crafted with Cross Necklace and Life Charm on Tinkerer's Workshop.
3) Corrosive Flask
Toxic Flask, improved by Celestial Powers. Deals much more damage and applies debuff, which dealing about 100 dps. Can be crafted from Toxic Flask and 5 of each fragments on Ancient Manipulator, Can be done for Mage or Thrower.
4) Otherworldly Amulet
Only obtainable from the strongest of enemies. Legends say that it can do something amazing.
Can be gathered from Dungeon Guardian. Makes Emagled Fragmentation to be sold by Alchemist. Can be sold for 1 platinum.
Also works as Mount Item.
5) Flask of Rainbows.
You weapon inflicts multiple debuffs (Betsy's Curse, Ichor, Corrosion, Daybroken). Can be bought from Young Brewer while having Watcher Amulet.
6) Autoinjector
Can be crafted with Alchemist Necklace, some spectral and luminite bars, Masks Bundle and 30 of each possible class combinations.
Provides all bonuses from Alchemist Necklace, gives extra 2 defense and gives to player Universal Combination buff.
This buff provides all class combinations bonuses (if accessory is on player). Bonuses will not stack with vanilla potions or other combinations.
7) Masks Bundle. Contains all basic vanilla boss masks in one item. Requred to make Autoinjector.
8) Rampage components. Gives 10% ranged damage/crit, Rifle Scope effect, Ammo Reservation bonus and turns musket ball into deadly Chloroshard Bullets.
9) Watcher Amulet. Tier 2 upgrade of Otherworldly Amulet. Allows to buy Flask of Rainbows from Young Brewer and works as very powerful Sentry weapon.
10) Suspicious Looking Scythe.
Summons your own Grim Reaper. Increases your crits moderatly.
11) Lilith Emblem
Increases magic damage by 15% and crit by 10%. Adds +50 max mana, increases mana regeneration speed, autouses mana potions. Releases deadly bees on each magic attack. Not works with some specific weapons.
Available post Moon Lord.
12) Bast's Scroll
Gives abilities of Master Ninja, allows to jump 3 times (togglable), 10% damage reduction, 15% to melee/throwing damage/crit, attacks totally destroys enemy defense, throwing attacks goes through tiles.
Available post Moon Lord (or post Ragnarok & Supreme Calamitas in respective mods are active)
13) Materia Transmutator.
Works as Ultimate Crafting Station (including Water/Lava/Honey sources).
Available post Moon Lord.
14) Alchemical Bundle
Required for making Life Elixir. Available post ML. Can be crafted from some fragments and luminite ore.
15) Simple Crafting Penny, Superb Crafting Pound and Special Crafting Point.
Required for making Materia Transmutator. Can be used as crafting stations.
16) Sephirothic Fruit, ultimate accessory for Summoners.
Increases minion damage by 10%, gives +2 max minions and minions ignore enemy invincibility frames.
17) Life Elixir.
Life Elixir adds +50 to max HP permanently. Can only be used twice. Would work only if you have 500+ HP.
Can be gathered from Alchemist by talking to him while having Philosopher's Stone and Alchemical Bundle.
Available post ML.
18) Ballistic Nebular Destroyer. Post ML upgrade of Vortex Beater.
Shoots spread of Vortex Rockets.
19) Torn Notes. Works as advice items. Total of 10 are exist now.
20) Fuaran. Increases max mana by 100. Drops from Golem.
EGO items:
Special equipment from the game "Lobotomy Corporation".

1) Wing of the World.
Crafting station for this equipment. Avaible after beating EoW/BoC.
Requires some Shadow Scales/Tissue Samples.
2) The Beak. EGO weapon.
Handgun. Avaible after beating EoW/BoC.
Requires some Crimtane/Demonite Bars and Tissue Samples/Shadow Scales.
3) Grinder MK4. EGO weapon.
Spear, which ignores enemy invincibility frames. Avaible after beating 3 Mechanical Bosses.
Required big amount of souls and some Hallowed Bars.
4) Magic Bullet. EGO weapon.
Upgraded Sniper Rifle, which shots go through tiles and pierce same amount of targets as Luminite Bullet. Avaible after beating Moon Lord.
5) Justitia, EGO armor set and weapon.
Sword with projectiles, has good damage output.
Alternative Post Moon Lord melee armor set.
Avaible after beating Moon Lord.
Requires Solar and Nebula Fragments, Luminite Bars.
6) Laetitia, EGO armor and weapon/accessory.
Avaible after beating EoW/BoC.
Requires some Silk.
7) "Opened can of Wellcheers" Vending Machine.
Can be crafted after beating Mechanical Bosses. Requires some Hallowed Bars and hardmode bosses Souls.
Produces 4 types of Soda.
8) Solemn Vow, EGO weapon of "Funeral of the Dead Butterflies".
Can be crafted before fighting Mechanical Bosses.
Requires some Adamantium/Titanium Bars and pre-boss Souls.
9) Spore. EGO weapon.
Magical Spear, after certain amount of hits releases spores into enemy.
Available post Plantera for crafting and post Golem for buying.
10) Full Twilight Set (Armor set, Melee/Magic sword, Wings). Upgrade for Justitia set.
Available post Moon Lord.
11) Big Bird's Lamp. Provides light and removes -60 enemy defense.
12) Reverberation (T-04-53) EGO weapon (Crossbow) and armor set.
Available after beating any Mechanical Boss for crafting and after all mechs for buying.
1) Battle Combination - Gives effects of Ironskin, Restoration, Endurance, Lifeforce, Wrath & Rage potions. Costs 10 gold.
Lasts in 15 minutes.
2) Builder Combination - Gives effects of Builder, Calming & Mining potions. Costs 2 gold.
Lasts in 15 minutes.
3) Summoner Combination - Gives effects of Summoning, Bewitching & Battle potions. Costs 3 gold.
Lasts in 15 minutes.
4) Explorer Combination - Gives effects of Spelunker, Dangersence, Hunter, Mining, Night Owl and Shine potions. Costs 3 gold 50 silver.
Lasts in 15 minutes.
5) Mage Combination - Gives effects of Magic Power, Mana Regeneration, Wrath & Rage potions. Costs 5 gold.
Lasts in 15 minutes.
6) Ranger Combination - Gives effects of Ammo Reservation, Archery, Wrath & Rage potions. Costs 5 gold.
Lasts in 15 minutes.
7) Tank Combination - Gives effects of Ironskin, Regeneration, Lifeforce, Endurance, Titan Skin, Obsidian Skin, Invincibility and Thorns potions. Costs 12 gold. Lasts in 15 minutes.
8) Fishing Combination - Gives effects of Crate/Sonar/Fishing/Regenation/Thorns/Iron Skin/Calm/Inferno. Lasts for 15 minutes. Costs 5 gold. Avaible after beating 5 fishing quests.
9) Calamity Combination - Grants most buffs from Calamity Mod potions (contains Yharim's Stimulant, Omniscience, Titan Scale, Cadence and Fabsol Vodka buffs).
10) Universal Combination - Gives combined effects of Tank, Ranger, Mage and Summoner Combinations in a single buff.
11) Tank Combination (Vanilla). Same as Tank Combination (W/Modded), but costs less and doesn't have modded potions.

Latest version is always in tModLoader.
Download link (v9.3): AlchemistNPC v9.3
Download link (AlchemistNPC Lite v1.7.4): AlchemistNPC Lite v1.7.4
Content Disabler (for v7.5.2 and lower):

Pre 0.10 (Version 3.4)

Big thanks to «Temple» for his MorePotions mod.
tModLoader - MorePotions

My co-authors:
Frank#1531 (First Co-author, made some sprites)
RebooT#8695 (Another coder)

Skyline222#0060 (Mostly an idea generator)
Shade#0216 (Spriter)
somebody0214#2327 (some sprites, Architect NPC)
drh#1109 (Translator, helper)

ELMO#0138 (some sprites)
Other help:
Thanks to drh#1109 for fixing grammar errors and improving localizations.
Thanks to
Badluck Gamma#9283 and Chiya#0662 for testing new builds.
Thanks to
somebody0214#2327 and DESPERATION#4629 for testing Russian localization.
Thanks to
Dark;Light#2919 for help with some multiplayer code (server sync).
Thanks to
Neptune#0662, TheGameDevourer#3954, somebody0214#2327, and DESPERATION#4629 for testing v6.0.
Thanks toCheezegamifor other price changing method.
Thanks tojopojellyfor helping with making other shops and multiplayer issues.
Thanks to Count Tobi for texts fixes.
Thanks to Sir Mirsario for helping with sprite.
Thanks toLuiafk and DivermanSamfor helping with Rampage Components code.
Thanks to 抗药又坚硬汉化组 (SBMW GROUP) for their Chinese translation of the mod.
Thanks to
monkeyzilla32 for awesome SAO pixel art:
Maple Kirito (made in minecraft)

And of course, biggest thanks to RiverMouse for the original idea.

Wow! Mod had reached more than 1KK downloads! You guys are awesome! Thanks for your support.

View attachment 179515 View attachment 162379 View attachment 162549 View attachment 174302
Alchemist, Brewer, Young Brewer, Jeweler.
View attachment 170937 View attachment 182064
View attachment 170939 View attachment 170940
Full condition shops (Alchemist, Brewer (upper ones) and Jeweler with Young Brewer (lower). Outdated.

Awesome banner by ECloudy:
I would Love to help make a minecraft port if you are willing to help
Apparently, this can happen

Something can line up with a button in a way that causes the casket to register something on a vendor when you click holding the casket. Now I can only trade with the merchant.

(bruh.png: holding click, note that the arrow holds the GUI by the merchant button)


(bruh 2.png left: using casket from hotbar by clicking on screen, GUI appears with merchant button under arrow again)
(bruh 2.png right: after releaseing mouse, releasing seems to have registered as a click on the merchant button)
bruh 2.png

Edit: re-entering the world didn't help.

Edit: restarting tModLoader freed me of the merchant's curse.

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So ive been playing Calamity mod for a couple days and I decided to get the alchemistNPC lite mod because I was too lazy to get the ingredients for potions.I downloaded the mod off the mod browser of TModloader and when I downloaded it said problem with Calamity and my computer was getting very slow so I went and deleted the mod and it went back to normal so. Idk if my pc is a piece of literal garbage or Calamity and AlchemistNPC Lite is not mixing even though it should.

List Of Mods I Use:
Boss Checklist
Calamity Mod
Calamity Music Mod
Recipe Browser
Vein Miner
CTRL Trash
Smart Doors
AlchemistNPC Lite v1.8.0
Big thanks to b2mauler for porting Lite version to alpha 1.4.
-Updated to tModloader 0.12.
-Added Queen Slime and Empress of Light's bags in Operator's vanilla bags shop.
-Fixed issue with excessive prices scaling of Tinkerer and potions sellers in multiplayer.


worked fine when i played like 3 days ago, now i cant get this to work and i'm not even sure why it's talking about D:\, my one and only drive has the letter C
Hi so the jeweler just keeps giving me money with the sell button even when i dont have any paper tubes on me i don't know if that's a problem with the mods i installed or a thing its supposed to do so in case its a bug im posting here

edit either im blind or the paper tube was glitched because i reloaded tmod loader and the paper tube appeared in my inventory
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I found a problem, Mod of Redemption completely render some items unusable, such as the symbiote or the suspicious scythe Grim Reaper pet. When the buff is applied, the character is completely imobile as if they are affected by Petrified.
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