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TV Anime General Discussion


Official Terrarian
I just think that Adult Anime for teens like me are Blockbuster Action-Packed Hits that have a lot of enjoyability like Akame Ga Kill, High School of the Dead, High School DxD and it’s sub-sequels and reboots, and Black Lagoon for example.

Unit One

Staff member
I hate that Censorship in Anime is a thing and an always thing in US Anime, which is unfair. Whoever thought that Censorship in Japanese English dubbed Anime should be part of the US Article is an :red: because we teens don’t care about female nudity, like who the hell cares?! Or why would they :red: about highly graphical amounts of Intense Violence and Blood and Gore!!!
Hi @SuperiorMirajaneStrauss I moved your post (and any replies) into this thread (out of the Ask Me Anything section). The AMA section is for others to ask you questions. This post that you’ve made is more talking/venting about anime so I moved it into this anime thread that already existed.


The Destroyer
My fav are Assassination classroom and angels of death oh and the promised neverland <3



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