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tModLoader Antiaris

Discussion in 'Released' started by zadum4ivii, Jul 15, 2017.


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  1. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian


    Antiaris is a new project from part of team which made Tremor Mod.
    We decided to stop developing of Tremor Mod and make a completely new project.
    Content in Antiaris will be more interesting, balanced and unique, unlike in Tremor, since we decided that "Quality > Quantity".
    Our team will try to make the game bigger, make the player feel more interested in game.
    Check the thread everyday for more information & spoilers!

    Don't forget to join our Discord server!

    Visit our Gamepedia Wiki for more information!

    Antiaris can offer to you:
    • 230 Items
    • 13 Mobs
    • 1 Town NPC
    • 1 Boss
    • 1 Mount
    • 5 Structures
    • 1 Music track
    • Support of Russian, Italian and Chinese language
    • Support of Boss Checklist mod by Jopojelly

    • Fixed Pirate's Ship floating in air if generated in ocean with Thorium's Aquatic Depths biome
    • Fixed some multiplayer issues

    • All slimes now count for Adventurer's "Kill Slimes" quest
    • Blunderbusses are now displayed in player's hands when not used (Like Flare Gun)
    • Buffed Gold & Platinum Boomerangs
    • Ruby Rose now uses only 4 mana instead of 7
    • Added craft for Magnetic Boots
    • Robbers now drop Robber's Sack
    • Coconuts & Monster Skull can now drop without Adventurer's Quest
    • Monster Skull now drops less often and has bigger sell price
    • Forest Guardian no longer spawns with 100% chance

    New items:
    • Robber's Sack
    • Fixed a lot of Multiplayer issues
    • Fixed NPCs banners bug
    • Fixed Robbers hitboxes
    • Fixed Endless Rocket Silo & Endless Dart Pack having wrong damage values
    • Fixed autopause bug with Unconsious Guide, Bound Pirate & Adventurer
    • Fixed Desert Island generation
    • Fixed Stolen Presents quest appearing before defeating Plantera
    • Fixed Golden Apple quest appearing in worlds with Platinum ore

    • Updated some sprites
    • Rune Elementals now spawn less often
    • Fixed Robbers' Camp Generation
    • Fixed Desert Island Generation
    • Fixed Chest Finder spawning in Guide's chest
    • Player can now cancel Parrot Junior minion
    • 1st Amulet Piece now drops properly from Eater of Worlds
    • Fixed Antlion Doll not having recipe with Tissue Sample
    • Fixed Rich Mahogany items not counting as materials for Emerald Gel items

    • Chest Finder also shows Golden Chests on map
    • Removed "1 minute duration" line from summoner staffs descriptions
    • Updated Royal Crystal sprite
    • Fixed Adventurer giving the same quest everyday​
    • Fixed Boars going backwards while looking at the player​
    • Fixed Emerald Slime not jumping on enemies and water​
    • Fixed Antlion Queen not having any animation during last stage​

    • Adventurer now uses Shurikens as his weapon and has bigger attack range​
    • Player now starts with Wooden Sword, Wooden Pickaxe and Wooden Axe​
    The initial v0.1 version is out and this means that the mod is released! :eek:

    What was added?

    230 Items: Weapons for all classes, armor sets, different accessories, mounts, placeables, materials and vanity items.
    13 Mobs: Creatures with unique AI that spawn in different places and also have various loot.
    1 Town NPC: Adventurer that can be found bound in new structure will give you daily quests and then reward you with useful items. Right now he has 19 quests for you. He also sells useful items that can be bought using new currency.
    1 Boss: Face new post-Queen Bee boss Antlion Queen and get some valuable loot.
    5 Structures: New structures that are generated around the world. These're Guide's House, Pirate's Ship, Desert Island, Sunken Submarine and Robber's Camp.
    2 naturally generated tiles: Nature Crystals and Enchanted Stones can be found around the world and gathered for useful materials.
    1 Music Track: Amazing music track by @Sprywisp made for Antlion Queen.
    Support of Russian, Italian and Chinese languages.
    Support of Boss Checklist Mod by Jopojelly.And even more other things!
    Latest spoilers
    Next update will add a bit more of Blunderbusses since in current version there're only Blundebusses made of beginning ores. Here you can see one of Blunderbusses suggested in our Discord server:
    And there're even more of them! :p

    I wonder what is this spooky tower?..

    We've reached 20000 downloads in Mod Browser!
    This amount of downloads is not even comparable to downloads of big mods but still it's a good achievement for us!
    Thank you for your support :happy:

    Take this little spoiler devoted to reaching 20k downloads.
    In next update there will be a Quest Tracker which will help you to finish Adventurer's Quests. Right now it's in alpha but it will still look like on the picture.

    If anyone wonders, if you close the minimap the tracker will move to healthbar. And it's also inspired by WoW.

    Ready to explore something new in next update? ;)

    The first thing we made - is change of the beginning of the game.
    Now, when player creates a world - a destroyed house will generate near player's spawn with a unconscious Guide in it.
    If you talk to him - he will wake up and tell you a bit about his story that will lead to more adventures!
    The chest in Guide's house also contains some stuff that can be useful for progressing.

    Notes are a new little mechanic we've addded.
    When used, it will show the message in interface like NPCs chats.
    We've made it a bit realistic - the player will hold the note like shown on the screenshot until you close the Note via ESC button.
    Btw, this Note is found in chest in Guide's House.

    There is a special magic Stave which can heal town NPCs. It is very useful, since NPCs can help with killing enemies and very helpful if your NPCs are dying during invasions or boss fights.

    Gif Link

    Blunderbusses are new guns for beginning of the games. New players can craft basic Blunderbuss almost after starting the game. These weapons use new type of ammo - Buckshots.

    Forest Guardian is the first new mob in the mod. It can spawn when you cut down a tree during night time and it's drop is used in many early game recipes.

    Gif Link

    Here is the repaired Guide's house with some new decorations.

    Gif Link

    Gif Link

    The beginning of the game in mod will be more interesting. For example: You can get Leaves when cutting down a Tree. There is also Scissors in Guide's house chest that can cut Vines. Combine Leaves & Vines and you will get your first healing item that heals only a bit of health but can be crafted easily.

    Gif Link
    Gif Link


    Gif Link

    Royal Gel is pretty useless expert item, do you agree?
    Well, no more! By finishing Adventurer's quests you will be able to get a Emerald Net which will allow you to catch slimes (If only you have Royal Gel equipped) and get Emerald Gel. You can make many useful items with this gel!

    Gif Link

    Since there's Adventurer NPC with quests, we decided to allow other mods add quests for him too! Because why not?
    This is an example quest done in separate mod, you can see the code in the lower part of the screenshot. Pretty easy to do!
    The code allows to set quest message, message for finishing the quest, set the quest item & reward for it.




    Alpha version of something big that we're working on right now! :eek:


    Here's a little structure that generates in caverns. By breaking these glowing things you will get an item that can be used for crafting Enchanted Armor shown before on spoilers.


    Make sure to check out music for our new biome made by our new composer - Sprywisp!
    Soundcloud Link

    Some people probably thought that all Adventurer's quests will be like "Bring me a certain item". However, there will be quests for killing different mobs! You can see one of these quests on the screenshot.


    We've reached 200 items in the mod! :happy:
    The 200 item is "Jumper's Boots" accessory, suggested on our Discord Server. This accessory allows you to jump higher and also allows auto-jump (Like the Frog Leg does). The most interesting part of it is that it allows you to jump on the enemies dealing damage to them, like on the Slime-mount. You can now become Mario!


    What could it be?..

    There will be upgrades for Celestial Towers weapons (1 for each Tower) in the mod :eek:

    As you know, we were implementing a biome (Torment, to be exact) and there were several spoilers about it.
    We decided to implement it in next versions, since the development of this biome takes a lot of time (And it is still not finished) and because of this we can't release first version of mod.

    Do you remember the Note from first spoilers of the mod? We decided to update it a little bit, now it has new background so it looks more like a Note. And also it has updated text!

    Decided to show you some of new decorative furniture added to the mod ;)

    Finishing Adventurer's quest will give you a bit of new coins. You'll be able to buy some pretty useful items using them!

    Also, not all items in Adventurer's shop are available from beginning, he will sell a new item when you'll finish a certain amount of quests

    You probably wonder why there're no spoilers? That's because we're really close to release! We only have to finish several things: Add a bit more Adventurer's Quests, some weapons, couple of armor sets, then we just need to test everything a couple of times, fix bugs if we'll find them, and then you'll have the release! :naughty:
    If everything will go fine, we will release first version on the next week :eek:

    Mod Videos


    Our Team
    @zadum4ivii - founder, programmer

    @Zerokk - programmer

    @Sprywisp - music creator

    @DarkTiny - spriter

    @Ryuno_Kota - spriter

    @Vikri - spriter

    @CursedKnight - spriter

    • Re-Logic - for creating Terraria
    • tModLoader team - for developing tModLoader
    @KBitegp - for making Italian translation of mod
    @#AmetistoFF - for being a beta tester of mod
    @Zoomo - for allowing us to use his sprites & ideas
    @Sergo - for allowing us to use his sprites & ideas
    @Bla2e - for making armor animation sheets
    @TMRC - for allowing us to use his sprites

    Wanna support the mod?
    Put this code into your signature to add an awesome banner by @DarkTiny into it!


    Latest version is
    Antiaris can be downloaded via tModLoader's Mod Browser.
    Alternatively, you can download the mod from here and install it manually.


    If you have any ideas - feel free to share them in comments!
    Don't forget to check the thread for spoilers if you don't want to miss anything!

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  2. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    Reserved for future things
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  3. SamTerarrium

    SamTerarrium Skeletron Prime

    This is looks amazing, I'm interested of this new mod :D
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  4. Caseratis

    Caseratis Skeletron Prime

    I'm glad you guys are going for quality over quantity since that was my issue with tremor. Good luck on the mod!
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  5. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    New mod!! Really Zadum4ivii?!
    Hope this mod will not be like Tremor after 1.3 update!!
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  6. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    The first thing we made - is change of the beginning of the game.
    Now, when player creates a world - a destroyed house will generate near player's spawn with a unconscious Guide in it.
    If you talk to him - he will wake up and tell you a bit about his story that will lead to more adventures!
    The chest in Guide's house also contains some stuff that can be useful for progressing.
  7. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    Sounds cool!!
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 15, 2017, Original Post Date: Jul 15, 2017 ---
    Is this mod will add more after ML content?
  8. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    Maybe in future ;)


    Glad to hear this!
  9. PPrism1470

    PPrism1470 Official Terrarian

    Any chance that 1 or 2 things from tremor will be ported over, either way can't wait for 1.0 release. Also will there be new music.
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  10. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    There will be no content from Tremor.
    I don't think there will be music too.
  11. PPrism1470

    PPrism1470 Official Terrarian

    ah well. anyway, good job on your decision, not many developers would be willing to give up their work. high hopes for the new mod.
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  12. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    Notes are a new little mechanic we've addded.
    When used, it will show the message in interface like NPCs chats.
    We've made it a bit realistic - the player will hold the note like shown on the screenshot until you close the Note via ESC button.
    Btw, this Note is found in chest in Guide's House.
  13. AintDatTrueI

    AintDatTrueI Terrarian

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  14. MiningdiamondsVIII

    MiningdiamondsVIII Eye of Cthulhu

    So, are the notes given to you by the game, or crafted by you to have fun with friends?

    This mod has a lot of potential, by the way!
  15. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    Right now they're given by the game but in the future players could probably right on them too ;)
    And thanks!
  16. Valkyrie Valhalla

    Valkyrie Valhalla Dungeon Spirit

    Hella hyped for this, glad to see the team is still holding strong and learning from the past.

    Great work so far. :)
  17. GoldenTrapper

    GoldenTrapper Terrarian

    Wow! Looks amazing! I'm hyped for more!
  18. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    Thanks! :happy:

    Thank you too!
    There're more interesting this to come :)
  19. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    I've added latest spoilers to the OP, so you don't have to check through all thread to find the spoilers.
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  20. GoldenTrapper

    GoldenTrapper Terrarian

    Wow I like where this mod is going, it's adding more of a story that you have to follow until the end of the game.
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