Console Are Ocram weapons too weak ?

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Shall they take small improvements ?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. GoldenArrow

    GoldenArrow Skeletron

    By the way in console and mobile you have to defeat one mechanical boss for the solar eclipse to be able to occur , it is possible to get the terra blade without even beating all three mechanical bosses .
  2. Abyss Raider

    Abyss Raider Steampunker

    Hmmm... Did not know that. I always thought it was a Post-Plantera event. Thanks for the info.
  3. FGX[Official]

    FGX[Official] Steampunker

    If he is the Mobile Final Boss, they should make it's Items stronger aldo, he isn't supposed to be summonable before Plantera! He should be summonable exactly after defeating Plantera.
    Also they should make it drop tons of Soul of Blight. It's annoying to take the crafting materials to then summon him and don't being able to craft other stuff. Or make him drop more soul of blight, or make the items made of it only consume 1-4 Souls of blight!
  4. MouseyMouse

    MouseyMouse Eye of Cthulhu

    YES PLEASE YES!!!! Also ocram summon item should be craftable with palladium, orichalcum and titanium bcoz its not fair
  5. Lowdown

    Lowdown Terrarian

    The only reason I summon ocram is for two things: the trophy and the mask.
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    They should also add some new weapons to his loot table, as everything he currently drops isn't too valuable.
  6. Orithan

    Orithan Eye of Cthulhu

    While I will agree that the Ocram gear needs improvements, buffing them isn't really needed. The real problem with the Ocram gear is obtaining it; you need to grind Ocram way too much for his equipment to be worth the trouble of grinding. Each of his items (excluding the entirely pointless-to-craft Sparkly Wings, which require 10 Souls of Blight) require 15 Souls of Blight among other expensive crafting materials. Ocram himself drops between 15-30 souls per kill, each kill on average netting 1.5 items. As if to pour salt in the wound, each summon requires 15 Iron/Lead Bars, 20 Adamantite or Titanium Bars, 20 Souls of Light and 8 Souls of Night. Unless you can get a lot of Adamantite (which is required for the armors, not sure about weapons unless you like playing with the RNG) or Titanium, you are not going to summon Ocram frequently enough to get all of his gear.
    I would probably propose to rework the crafting recipes so they are like Hallowed Armor and only require Hallowed stuff plus souls and a couple of common-ish miscellaneous things for flavor, but I have yet to see the recipes in 1.2.4 because the Wiki hasn't been updated (eg. it is now possible to craft the Suspicious Looking Skull with Titanium) plus inconsistencies.
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  7. Trevorpusspuss

    Trevorpusspuss Terrarian

    I don't understand why you people think these weapons are justified. It's a little sad so many of you think a 2% better excalibur is "fair" for a Plantera difficulty boss. The armor sets are above Chrolophyte, so why shouldn't the weapons be at least half as good? Here's what I think should happen to these weapons:

    53 damage to 79 damage

    Vulcan Repeater
    56 damage to 68 damage
    17 use time to 14 use time

    56 damage to 75 damage
    26 use time to 20 use time
  8. Treesmasher

    Treesmasher Golem

    Us people realize they're fine.
  9. Trevorpusspuss

    Trevorpusspuss Terrarian

    Ocram weapons are basically hallowed weapons + 10 damage and -2 use time. Pretty pathetic difference if you ask me. Tizona would've been a good chance to make a powerful non-projectile shooting sword, but it just ended up being a time waster. I'm also salty on how hard it is to get the summon for that little :red:. I could've defeated Plantera 20 times by the time I had enough resources to simply summon Ocram only one time. I actually killed Ocram after Plantera with more difficulty so...
  10. The TechnoMancer

    The TechnoMancer Skeletron Prime

    I agree with you completely. I use the desktop version, but I'm still disappointed in the console and mobile version's endgame items. I mean, seriously. Just COMPARE the meowmere or solar eruption with the tizona or tonbogiri.
  11. Mihn

    Mihn Golem

    That's a bad comparision. You are comparing Hallowed-tier items to Moon-tier.
  12. The TechnoMancer

    The TechnoMancer Skeletron Prime

    That's kinda' the idea. Ocram is considered to be the final boss of the console/mobile version, making the tizona, vulcan repeater, and tonbogiri endgame weapons. If you compare the desktop endgame weapons, console/mobile endgame weapons are outclassed in every aspect. Anyway, what's your point? You're only proving me right.
  13. Mihn

    Mihn Golem

    TIme passes. The endgame used to be WoF. In 1.2 it's Golem. In 1.3 it's the Moon Lord. Orcam is the endgame boss for 1.1 back then, and now if 1.3 is out you expect Orcam to be top-tier and forever endgame?

    The problem with the Orcam weapons is that they are weak even compared to the Hallowed Weapons, and they're a hassle to make. Not that they are not on the Moon-tier level.
  14. The TechnoMancer

    The TechnoMancer Skeletron Prime

    You do make a good point. These weapons are nearly impossible to make and very pathetic and disappointing when you make them. Also, of course Ocram won't remain endgame forever. I get the feeling when the console and mobile versions are updated to 1.3, Ocram will be removed all-together.
  15. Soulstar

    Soulstar Terrarian

    Or they leave him in with their own .05% chance drop item from him... Or more laughter make his twin Olop ;-)