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November 19 2016 - Updated for 1.3.2~1.3.4 armors and texture pack support

This is a basic file replacement set that allows you to use armors from the opposite gender, so female characters can wear male breastplates and male characters can wear female breastplates. This doesn't touch the default player sprites though, as I'm lazy and I just want to wear full armor on my female characters.

This only modifies breastplates, so stuff like gypsy robe may look weird. Some armors, such as the developer vanity sets and many Halloween costumes, have no difference in between the male and female sprites. They are included and listed for completion's sake, but primarily because I am lazy.

Included in the download is the following content:
  • Renamed files for male an female armors, so you can selectively replace content as you wish
  • A file list, so you know what file refers to what breastplate
Here's a download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/icd465hxxk75k1c/armor+sprite+swaps.zip

  1. Navigate to your Texture Pack.zip file (or create one, instructions here)
  2. Enter the Images folder
  3. Add files from the download to the Images folder in Texture Pack.zip as desired
  4. Run game and enjoy armors
Male Lamia's Wraps is entirely topless, so I elected to not include it in the swap.
The male>female swap for Monk's Shirt is a combination of the male Monk's Shirt and female Lamia's Wraps graphics. It looks like this:

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There really isn't much to show by virtue of it being a sprite swap, but here's some old ones I used for a thread about this subject:

Crimson armor, default

Crimson armor, sprites swapped

Basically you can just look up each armor on the wiki and get an idea of what it'll look like. The only real difference between male and female characters is the breastplates and the damage sound.

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Wait, I like that you put work into doing this, but I must know. Why...?
For myself and my friends, mostly. I want to play a female character while still being fully armored. I did the file swaps for male characters to wear female breastplates out of the interest of fairness and equality.

What you do with the files is up to you.


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"as much skin as they do" They barely show off any skin. If that's too lewd for ya, I don't know what to say.

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If you just wanted to wear the opposite armor, wouldn't it have been easier just to make a male character?
It's not really that simple. If you make a male character then your character makes the male hurt sounds, which doesn't really fly if you want to specifically be playing a female character in full armor.

This file swap stemmed off of a previous suggestion thread I made that ultimately became discourse, so I decided to take it into my own hands. I haven't updated it for a while since none of the armors have appeared too different (barring stuff like Lamia Wraps and Monk armor), but I suppose I should look into it for the sake of utilizing the experimental texture pack feature, so I guess I'll look into that in the next couple of days...?

(Sorry for not replying sooner, I first saw the notify on mobile and then forgot to actually check it on PC...)


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Or you can ask the mod creator if she wants it to be listed as a mod or a texture pack, as this flies as either.

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I'll contact a moderator myself about moving it to texture packs after I play with the feature a bit. This isn't really a simple one and done deal due to how I released it, it's a mix and match sort of create your own armor adventure mess.
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