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This is a small, but extremely useful tool I wrote in 2 days for artists of this community who are tired of having to deal with Terraria's ruthless gigantic armor sheets. It works by converting armor sheets in a new fit and simple format (below) to all of vanilla's sheets (Head, Body, Arms, Legs, Female Body)

Everything can be better explained by the image below:


Oh, and it can also export GIFs, for easier showing off:


Requires .NET Framework 4.6+
NOTE: Currently only for Windows.
Download from Dropbox

Installation & First Time Usage Tutorial:

(Really not as complex as it may look from the amount of lines here)
  • Get the tool from the link above!
  • Unzip it into any folder (preferably an empty one).
    NOTE: Don't try to run it from an archive.
  • Start it by launching ArmorHelper.exe
    NOTE: Some antivirus software may suspect it to be a virus just because it's new and came from the internet. Whitelist that .exe if needed
    NOTE: If it doesn't work and you're sure it's not your antivirus' fault - make sure you have .NET Framework 4.6 installed.
  • Check the folder you were just in. There should be an image named ArmorTemplate_v1.png. Duplicate it and name it however you want.
    NOTE: That file will be recreated next time you start the tool if you move it or delete it.
  • Edit your copy of the template into your own armor using your favorite art program (Aseprite, Piskel, etc.. Why do i have to explain this?)
  • After you're done with your sprite, head back to the tool's window.
  • Press "Choose..." Button in the "Input Files" group box. Choose your edit of the template.
  • Press "Choose..." Button in the "Output Folder" group box. Choose the folder where you want to export the generated sheets to.
  • Choose what sheets you'd like the program to export. You'd usually only need the first 5, but you can for example generate a fancy GIF of the armor set to show it off in "action".
  • Press "Export"! Enjoy the results. Praise the sun.
  • If you want your sprites to be highest quality, you can go modify shading a bit in the exported sheets. That really shouldn't take much time.

ur welkom
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Sick yo.
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Also, everyone should use this tool. It's just great, and odd someone never made it before.
Sounds like it could be incredibly useful for most modders, I feel like this should've been made alot earlier and glad to see someone doing it.
Thank you for taking the trouble to help us. We highly appreciate it! At least me.
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Well, there is a big problem - the template is 128x80 px and can not be changed whatsoever. So, if I want to draw 1x1 style (i.e. NOT Terraria 2x2), I'm out of luck. So, if it possible to make the template 2x bigger? In that case anyone can draw 2x2 style OR 1x1 style without any trouble.
I have a request for something sorta like this... Do you think you could do this for wings..?
Wings are pretty annoying also.
I have a request for something sorta like this... Do you think you could do this for wings..?
Wings are pretty annoying also.
There would be no point in doing one for wings since you still have to hand-draw each frame of the wings. This program simply does the copy-paste portion of sheeting for you, in which wing sheets have none of.
While I think this is nice to have, and I appreciate the time you spent coding this, you're massively overstating your case by saying this makes spriting armor sets 30x faster.
First of all, you need to actually make the armor, and the time gone into spriting that is probably going to be at the very least 60% of the creation time. Then, you need to sprite each piece of the armor separately and in different positions. This takes up roughly 25% of the creation time. Then, you have to paste all those pieces together in the right frames. This is more like 15% of the creation time, tops. All this tool does is paste all your pieces of armor together in the right way, which again, is useful, but will probably only save you around 10-15 minutes per armor, so no, it won't make your spriting 30x faster. This is a useful tool though, and I appreciate you making it!
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