Tool ArmorHelper - Sprite armor sets >30x times faster!

Awesome program! Is there any chance that you can update this to work in 1.4.2? Looks like in Journeys End ReLogic changed the armor sprites and now the arms and chest are a part of one sprite, so this program is broken.
For the first time in my life, I have found a software mainly directed on Terraria modding. And I must say, good job. <3
Hey, it is telling me that i used a bad input, and not letting me test my armor sprites, i am using the thing it gives me and the size is correct, what am i doing wrong?
I'm spriting some armor for a texture pack using ArmorHelper and it's exporting ðe armor wiþ visible human bits in holes in my sprite. Is ðis just because of how ArmorHelper exports full armor gifs or do I need to worry about it happening ingame?
ArmorTemplate_v1 - Copy_GIFFullArmorPlayer.gif

Ðe colors are just placeholders.
Its an excellent, simple tool but was really hoping it would work with Terraria's 2x sprite sheets rather than shrinking them to 1x 😅 And NO i dont support mixels, im working on a player mod and thought something like this would be useful. But this has prevented me from using it :C
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