Tool ArmorHelper - Sprite armor sets >30x times faster!

Hmm, could you maybe add an option which automatically cuts out the shape of the player's hand onto the chestpiece so I don't need to go to an external program and do that myself? Just a little convenience thing.
YOU ABSOLUTE MADMAN GENIUS, YOU'VE DONE IT! You've made something that makes the most tedious part of modding not as tedious anymore! YYYYEEEEESSSSSS!
Could you possibly add a shoulder pad slot? Because currently it's an absolute pain to get them on the arm sheet :/ and if they aren't on the arm sheet, the helm renders over it and it can look weird.
Im trying to make a robe with this tool, but I dont know how to do the legs with the current template.
Just wondering, what is Wine? I've heard some people talking about it, and it sounds useful (especially since I really want to use this program on my Mac.) Do you know where you can get it? (And if it's safe.)
Wine is just a program that lets you run windows applications on mac and linux iirc, just google "wine mac" or something
And yeah it should be safe
Okay, this is epic.

Thank you! I'd love to create a content mod but armour sprites are the only things blocking my way.
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This is a small, but extremely useful tool I wrote in 2 days for [COLOR=#CCCCCC]@Zoomo[/COLOR] all spriters of this community who are tired of having to deal with Terraria's ruthless gigantic armor sheets. It works by converting armor sheets in a new very fit and simple format (below) to all of vanilla's sheets (Head, Body, Arms, Legs, Female Body)

Everything can be better explained by the image below:


Oh, and it can also export GIFs, for easier showing off:


Requires .NET Framework 4.6
NOTE: Currently only for Windows.
Download from Dropbox

Installation & First Time Usage Tutorial:

(Really not as complex as it may look from the amount of lines here)
  • Get the tool from the link above!
  • Unzip it into any folder (preferably an empty one).
    NOTE: Don't even try to run it from an archive.
  • Start it by launching ArmorHelper.exe
    NOTE: Some dumb or incorrectly setup antivirus software may suspect it to be a virus just because it's new and came from internet. Whitelist that .exe if needed
    NOTE: If it doesn't work and you're sure it's not the antivirus' fault - make sure you have .NET Framework 4.6 installed (I love my C# 7 too much).
  • Check the folder you were just in. There should be an image named ArmorTemplate_v1.png. Duplicate it and name it however you want.
    NOTE: That file will be recreated next time you start the tool if you move it or delete it.
  • Edit your copy of the template into your own armor using your favorite art program (Aseprite, Piskel, etc.. Why do i have to explain this?)
  • After you're done with your sprite, head back to the tool's window.
  • Press "Choose..." Button in the "Input Files" group box. Choose your edit of the template.
  • Press "Choose..." Button in the "Output Folder" group box. Choose the folder where you want to export the generated sheets to.
  • Choose what sheets you'd like the program to export. You'd usually only need the first 5, but you can for example generate a fancy GIF of the armor set to show it off in "action".
  • Press "Export"! Enjoy the results. Praise the sun.
  • If you want your sprites to be highest quality, you can go modify shading a bit in the exported sheets. That really shouldn't take much time.

Could you please make a version of this for Town NPC sprite sheets? (Awesome tool btw)
New Computer, Windows 10, trying this again 1.5 years later...
Same, :red:ing, Error

@Mirsario why am I getting this error? When I try to install NetFramework 4.6 it tells me I already have it and refuses the installer :/
Do I need to like, DOWNGRADE my net framework or something?
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