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Ask a possessed Shroomite armor anything!

U like Shroomite?

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Did you know that flare gun is effective against wyvern?
Thanks for the advice!
Why the hoverboard is a wing?
I’ve tried many times to make a category for hoverboards with ML and Lazure, but I was unsuccessful.
am i a Shroomite?
A Shroomite what?
does shroomite taste good? should i risk my life trying it?
It doesn’t
What do you think of your predecessor, chlorophyte armor?
Do you like the truffle, the man( or shroom) who invented shroomite
Hallowed might be better.
what about spectre bars?
do they taste good?
do chloro bars taste like vegetables.
You should ask @Specter Steve about it.
Chlorophyte doesn’t really taste like anything but metal.
Who/what posessed you?
I just found myself like this.
do you know the spectre Armour
Any fav gun?
Uzi, but I like the pulse bow more.
What types of ranged weapons would you add to create a shroomite arsenal?
Make them or choose them?


Vortex armor has same ability that you have, since Endgame armors for another classes are sort of unique. What do you think about that?
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