Ask me stuff or whatever

Goose with rocket launchers and weapons inside it, that is functional?
Sir I request to own this artifact.
Do you have any way for me to regain motivation to do stuff? If not, do you have any ideas for upgrades for some magic types in my lore?
Hmm… Motivation… Would someone else helping you work on whatever it is help?
Also, I have never seen your lore
It's mostly the roleplaying, and my lore can be found by clicking either the literature thread link in my signature or the lore document link in my signature

Do you like milk?
No, milk is disgusting

Huh… Roleplaying motivation is pretty hard to get, so don’t feel bad about not roleplaying
(Speaking of motivation and lore, I can’t be bothered at this point to do my lore, but I really really want to)
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Ask me questions or whatevs
I’m tired
Also, taking slightly more personal questions, like, ‘Who lives with you at your house’ or ‘How many cats do you have’
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