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Auto Regear

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Auto Regear allows you to save the items in your hotbar, ammo, armor, accessories, equipment, vanity and dye slots to a loadout and have them automatically placed back into their assigned slot when that item is picked up.

I created this mod to fix what I see as a major pain point when playing with a mediumcore character (clearly the superior way to play); when you get back to your death pile and pick up all your stuff it all goes into your inventory at random in a complete mess, it's a real pain and can take minutes to sort all your inventory out again and re-equip all your gear.
That's a tiresome inconvenience at the best of times but it can be especially problematic if you die in a dangerous area because trying to sort through your mess of an inventory and re-gear whilst staying alive can be rather impractical.
Another area where it harms the experience is in multiplayer, if you die during a boss fight usually your chances of being able to wormhole to another player, pick your stuff back up and and get back into the fight is pretty low, so if you die you're likely just out of the fight.
Another way it ruins mediumcore is that it makes equipping stuff in your vanity/dye slots way more trouble than it's worth as it just adds more clutter to deal with when picking your stuff back up.

Auto Regear fixes this problem by adding a button to the inventory interface that allows you to save your current gear (hotbar, ammo slots, armor, accessories, misc equips, vanity and dye slots) as a "loadout", when one of the items assigned to a slot in your loadout is picked up it will automatically be equipped/placed into it's assigned slot in your loadout rather than going into your inventory (swapping out any item that might currently already be in that slot and placing it into your inventory).

It also adds another button to the inventory interface that allows you to enable or disable Auto Regear at any time, whilst disabled items will be picked up as they usually would be.

Possible future features:
Depending on if there is demand for it, having the time and my own needs I may add these features in future updates, please let me know if you have any additional suggestions for additional functionality, or better yet implement them yourself as the mod is open-source and contributers are welcome!

- Ability to save multiple loadouts
- Ability to equip a gear loadout from a chest
- Ability to selectively enable/disable Auto Regear for specifc slots (hotbar, ammo, armor, accessories, vanity, etc.)
- Ability to save inventory slots (beyond the hotbar) to a loadout
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