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Discussion in 'Released' started by bawr, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    Okay, it's all fixed now.

    Feel free to dowload again, and do tell me if it works as advertised this time. ;)

    MISSINGNO Terrarian

    Oh my god you made my yesterday
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  3. ShadowTiger

    ShadowTiger Plantera

    Cool beans, Bawr. This works with dirt, stone, mud, and the kitchen sink. Wasn't expecting it to work with that.

    This has single-handedly brought a new age to tAPI, I feel; the age of not being mildly annoyed by potential hoarding traits.
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  4. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    Okay, I've been playing around with my mods, and the following irritations have been noted:
    • Craft list right-click functionality should be enabled even without the guidebook in main slot
    • Guidebook should show all craftable items by default, but have an option of ignoring an item
    • To complement that, it should be possible to toggle between unignored / ignored items
    • Trash slots don't disappear when opening a shop, d'oh
    • (EDIT) The key to toggle filters will be changed from [Ctrl]-click to [Alt]-click, because I don't like enabling pick snap mode by mistake.
    Gonna fix all that later today. If anyone has another suggestion, strike the iron while it's hot. :D

    EDIT: Also, I'm thinking about a mod to fix general stock control issues. Off the top of my head - shift-right-click an item to take all but one (useful for chest management); hotkey for quickstack; when you have a stack of item X in trash and drop another stack of item X, the stacks should merge instead of being replaced; maybe add a hotkey to show nearby chest names without putting your cursor on them... enough to get started, I'll have to browse the suggestion forums, really. ;)
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  5. Its_a_Trappman

    Its_a_Trappman Terrarian


    I'm getting a crash, seems to be whenever I abuse the (amazing) BAWR Light mod in water. I've done a bit of testing, just to make sure, and it seems to crash whenever I have a torch in my active slot and I right click to use my zero slot. Here is the crash report:

    System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
    at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item( key)
    at BAWR.Light.ModPlayer.FrameEffects()
    at TAPI.Hooks.Call(System.Action[] ts)
    at Terraria.Player.PlayerFrame()
    at Terraria.Player.UpdatePlayer(System.Int32 i)
    at Terraria.Main.UpdateReal(Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GameTime gameTime)

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  6. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    Thanks for being specific, it narrowed down the bug quite a bit. :D

    I'll push that hotfix ahead of the queue, give me an hour or two.
  7. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    Fixed, head to the download link for a new version. :D

    Ignoring items was a bit trickier than I thought, but the changes highlighted in green have been implemented.
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  8. LuigiSauce

    LuigiSauce Terrarian

    Can you update this for tModloader?
  9. RianbowChickinjr

    RianbowChickinjr Terrarian

    is this for r16