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tAPI BAWR Tweaks

Discussion in 'Released' started by bawr, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    This is going to be a collection of non-content mods.


    BAWR.Craft is a portable crafting guide with a twist. Press F, and you get a crafting guide screen anywhere. That's the basic part.

    The advanced part is where you use 5 books to create a Crafting Guidebook.

    Putting the book in the guide slot (or pressing [Alt]-[F] to do it automatically) shows you everything that can be created with the items you have. It will even look into nearby chests to find available source items! (Can be turned on and off, you can select the chest scan range). It also shows you items that could be created from the items that could be created from the items you currently have, etc, etc.

    When using the guide, you can right-click on any recipe ingredient to show you all of its recipes, or right-click on any shown recipe, to show you all recipes that use the right-clicked item. Currently block items are not shown (because they clutter everything horribly), and the guide doesn't check ingredient counts - this is a feature, not a bug. ;)

    Also, if you press Shift-F, items from your inventory will be added to any stacks in the nearby chests. It will not create new stacks, just move your items to unfilled stacks.

    Multiplayer support: Shift-F will make your items disappear. Shift-F disabled.

    I'm going to fix that in the next release, for now Shift-F is disabled in multiplayer to avoid accidents. Further feedback regarding the guide functionality in multiplayer would be very welcome.

    Download here. (Updated 2015-03-02.)

    2015-03-02: Enabled recipe explorer globally, enhanced mod description.


    BAWR.Trash is that pickup filter you always wanted. Dirt got you down? Can't stand yet another eleventy thousand seeds in your inventory? BAWR.Trash is the mod for you! Just right-click on the trash icon, add items you don't want to pick up, and off you go, clutter-free.

    Special thanks to ShadowTiger for suggesting this, and coming around to my thread.

    When you right-click on the trash icon, you get 50 slots for item filters. Items you put in the filters will be auto-removed from your inventory just after pickup. The first 10 filter slots are special, and will let you keep 1 stack of the items you put in them - useful, say, for lesser healing potions or something. Right-click on an extra slot to clear it.

    Yes, the item you put in the main trash slot is also used for filtering, and extra pickups are stacked directly in the trash slot.

    Aside for the main trash slot, any auto-dumped items are not recoverable. This is by design.

    You can right-click on the trash icon with [Alt] to toggle pickup filters globally.

    Your filter list and filter toggle is saved with your character.

    (It's not possible not to pick up those items in the first place, at least until I get to modify TAPI.)

    Download here. (Updated 2015-03-02.)

    2015-03-02: Key changed from [Ctrl] to [Alt], disabled shops while editing trash.


    BAWR.Light is a tiny addition to MiraMai's MainSlotZero. When you keep a torch or a glowstick in your current inventory slot and use slot zero, now the light source doesn't go out and flicker.

    Additionally, light sources are kept alive when you're using ropes.

    Download here. (Updated 2015-03-02.)

    2015-03-02: Fixed a bug reported by Its_a_Trappman (lights crashing underwater).
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2015
  2. Pumpking

    Pumpking Headless Horseman

    Wow! Looks nice. I'm going to try this out.
  3. xGodzPlayerx

    xGodzPlayerx Steampunker

    this work in multiplayer?
  4. Pumpking

    Pumpking Headless Horseman

  5. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    The crafting guide shouldn't have any issues, not sure about auto-stacking. I'd like to check thoroughly, but docs on multiplayer mods are scarce at best.
  6. xGodzPlayerx

    xGodzPlayerx Steampunker

    i will try it with my best friend in mp :D
  7. xGodzPlayerx

    xGodzPlayerx Steampunker

    in mp appear a error fix if you can :p
  8. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    What kind of an error? I tried it on a local server and didn't get any issues.
  9. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    Update: I roughly know what needs to be done to enable item stacking on the server.

    Expect an update in a day or two.
  10. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    I have a suggestion. Maybe make a mod, that will let you change the default world spawn point ?
    Pumpking likes this.
  11. ShadowTiger

    ShadowTiger Plantera

    Does this interfere with typing? Renaming a chest, for example. Haven't tested it out yet, but that seems to be the primary concern with most mods like these.

    But dang it all, non-content mods are just the best. Thank you for this. Can't wait to see other utility mods from you, should you deign to create.
    aceper likes this.
  12. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    It doesn't, I've done my due diligence and .IsKeyboardFocused checks. :D

    That said, if you find anything irritating about its behaviour, complain away, I'm here to fix things. ;)
    ShadowTiger likes this.
  13. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    Aaaaaaaand you know what? Net week I'll take a stab at your pickup filter idea, it'd make a great non-content mod.
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  14. ShadowTiger

    ShadowTiger Plantera

    You know, you're going to bear the wrath of the develo-gods upon yourself for stealing their thunder-to-be. Express caution. :p Heh. That would indeed be the grandest thing we'd ever see, likely.
  15. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    As they say, a great danger to progress is waiting on progress to happen on its own. ;)

    But before this I really need to make a small mod that makes your screen flash red when you're low on health or something, don't know about you, but I don't really notice the health/mana bars all the way to the top right.
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  16. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    So yeah. Wrath schmath, went ahead and made this. Enjoy! :D
  17. ShadowTiger

    ShadowTiger Plantera

    Wow, neat. Thanks a bunch. :eek:

    It works! Once. I right-clicked on the trash icon, and put some dirt into a box in the second from the top row. It did absorb one dirt, but only one. After mining the second dirt block, it added a dirt block to my inventory.

    Also, yes, pressing "F" while editing a chest name isn't possible. Very happy about that. Thank you so much.

    EDIT: Using the Bawr.light tAPI mod: Do glowsticks always get thrown, and then displayed, when used with MainSlotZero? Seems a little odd. Then again, it does this even without Bawr.light, so it's not your issue at all. :p
  18. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    Give me 15, I'll check that issue right away. I'm assuming this is single-player, right?

    Ah, I think I know what's going on - can you confirm that if you stop mining for a second, then mine another block, all blocks get auto-dumped after all?
  19. ShadowTiger

    ShadowTiger Plantera

    Ah, yes, wow. Wouldja lookit that. A block of dirt accumulates without any sort of pause, but if you do pause, the block vanishes into the trash. Interesting.

    And indeed, I never play Multiplayer, so I'm indeed on singleplayer.
  20. bawr

    bawr Terrarian

    Okay, this bug is because TAPI is a :red: and doesn't (directly) tell me when the drop text gets updated with a new item count. I would tell you to go into mod options and disable "Trash on pickup", but I just found another bug in that mode. :D

    A debugged version will follow in the next 15-30 minutes, that should vaporize all blocks on sight. ;)