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Pixel Art Brutallama's Brutal Pixels

Brick Creeper

Duke Fishron
it seems that you are taking request, guess i request an big boss like worm (like the worms in the caves but the size of the eater of worlds) with gems on its body
If you looked at the main thread you will see large yellow letters stating that requests are on hold... just sayin'.
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Some of the stuff I've been working on to add to the texture pack

Not too sure about the True Night's Edge, and the meteor stuff is.. different; but it always bothered me that it magically changed color when you crafted it


Skeletron Prime
hey, can I have some ore sheets and some bars please? the more the merrier! your work is amazing and among the best work I have seen.


Skeletron Prime
hey, its me again, I am wondering, could you help me make the apocalypse mod? reply to this comment or post sprites on the apocalypse mod thread if dats ok - could I have a ton of stuff? armour sets, weapons, bosses, bars (lots and lots of bars), ores, items, npcs (3 or more frames would be nice) and anything else yo can dream up. thx, bye
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