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Pixel Art Brutallama's Brutal Pixels


Brutallama's Brutal Pixels
by: Brutallama
Brutallama Emoticon.png
(emoticon by Jestex)

(please read)

All activity is in a constant state of inconsistency, I love spriting, it's just not something I do very often anymore... so don't really expect any regular content

Greetings fellow Terrarians! My name is Brutallama, and this is my spriting thread.

I love spriting, and I do it on and off every once and a while, but as those who have been following me for a long time will know that I've become quite unproductive lately. I don't think this is really going to change anytime soon, if ever. I doubt I'll ever declare this thread officially dead, but It's certainly not "alive" per-se.

Those who know me, know that I've been the official spriter for the Thorium mod for the last few years, but because of my recent inactivity, I'll no longer be spriting for it regularly for an indefinite amount of time.

-anyway, I'll stop rambling-

Without further ado... behold, the most brutal sprites on these forums!

Chrome armor.png

Chromium Set- Made with all your most valuable metals, it's shinny enough for you to see your own reflection.

Cursed Set.png

Cursed Set- Counterpart to the hallowed set, and it's kinda creepy.

Steel Armor.png

Steel- I had my own a long time ago, but I was never happy with it... this one was actually made by @SzGamer227 (I improved it for him; and it goes all too well with my durasteel set, and he gave me permission to put it here with the link to its original thread)

Durasteel Armor.png

Durasteel- Super tough stuff! And it looks good too.

Electric Armor.png

Thundrium Set- its "shockingly" good... I'm sorry, that was just bad. (credit to @Everybody for this terrible pun ;))

Guardian armor.png

Runestone Set- Made with ancient stone. cannot be forged with modern techniques

Harbinger set.png

Harbinger Set- End game, extremely powerful defensive set.

Berserker set.png

Berserker Set- End game, extremely powerful offensive set.

High King set.png

High King Armor- the ultimate tools, weapons, and armor. All will bow before their wielder

Illumite Armor.png

Illumite Set- The perfect mix between magic and matter. You will find many new abilities when you wear this.

Ivory armor.png

Ivory Set- only the dirtiest scoundrels would poach the necessary materials to craft this.

Naga (2016_01_01 00_24_48 UTC).png

Naga Set- a concept for new ocean enemies, and items they could drop.

Tueranium Armor.png

Tueranium Set- Harness the power of the elements through this powerful set!

Volcanic Armor.png

Volcanic Set- Careful... it's hot... REAL hot

Hardlight Set.png

Hardlight Set- Be careful not to break it, fabricating solid light is no trivial task...
Tech armor.png

Tech armor- Very
advanced set of tools. All have interesting and unique traits and abilities
Misc Armors.png

All my lonely, weird, unique armors and vanity sets
Misc Melee weapons.png

From left->right, top -> bottom
Blood Thirster- (cameo to LoL) alternate to Night's Edge for crimson worlds
True Blood Thirster- True version of the Blood Thirster
Executioner- Powerful axe that weakens enemies progressively
Rapier- Razor sharp blade; only to be used by the most skillful of swordsmen
Combat Machete- decent blade; bought from travelling merchant
Warp Slicer- fires an energy blade when swung
Master's Blade- (cameo to Zelda) best. sword. ever. period.
Triton Blade- drop from Duke Fishron. Launches tidal waves when swung
Scalper (Scaper Knife)- unique sword that launches small razor sharp knives when swung
Soulrender- powerful scythe that launches lost spirits on hit
Wraith Blade- Blade forged from trapped souls
True Dark Lance- Fires an ethereal spear
True Gungnir- Fires an ethereal spear
Terra Glaive- Fires an ethereal spear

Earth Breaker- drop from golem. Extremely powerful sword with ludicrous knockback
Aeon's Eternity- fires an ethereal blade (from Avalon Mod)
Ichor Hatchet- Imbued with the power of ichor, it weakens its foes armor with every hit
Cursed Scythe- Imbued with the power of cursed flames, it ignites its enemies ablaze with every hit
Dragonbone Blade- Powerful end-game sword from this thread
Crimson Scythe- alternate to the dark lance for crimson worlds
Thermogenic Impaler- Powerful blade that lights you enemies eternally ablaze
Frostmourne- It that one *lame* sword that the Lich Kind uses in WoW
Meteorfury- Powerful sword space sword from this thread
Rune Blade- Ancient weapon found deep underground
Thief's Dagger- Increases your chance of getting rare drops from enemies, and may cause them to drop their gold...
Reforged Hero's Sword- A new-and-improved version of the Broken Hero's sword
True Hero's Sword- Fires an ethereal sword. Made with a Broken Hero's Sword... wait... what?
True Starfury- because the normal starfury was never enough
Oblivion Glaive- also from the Avalon Mod

Misc guns.png

From left -> right, top->bottom
Vengence- very high damage, fast firing upgraded sniper
Auto Carbine- combination or the sniper and the clockwork assault. high damage, but an automatic firing mechanic
Ultra Sharkron- Drop from Duke Fishron. Megashark, but shoots 2 bullets simultaneously
Patronizer- 3-shot, automatic shotgun (and when I say automatic I mean minishark level)
Arc launcher- fires many, shallow arcing, missiles extremely fast (much like the golden shower)
Deconstructor- Automatic, high damage plasma cannon. Blows up all the things
Blunderbus- shotgun that unleashes a torrent of bullets
Light bringer, Dusk Seeker, and Burning Twilight- powerful pistols that deal bonus damage to their counterparts (hallow/corruption/crimson)
Magmablast- Dangerous shotgun that fires searing hot shards of solid flame
Ironlock pistol-Early-game, craftable pistol
Leadlock pistol-Early-game, craftable pistol
Flare Cannon- Fires flares with great power (from this thread)
Rail Gun- Fire extremely powerful hit-scan projectiles (from this thread)
Hardmode Ore Guns- a gun for each different hardmode ore (from this thread, noticing a trend?)
Black Hole Gun- Launches a black hole... can imagine the havoc that ensues (from the same place as the Rail Gun)
Shroomite Plasma Cannon- Rapid-fire, high damage, end-game rifle
The Vulcan- From the same thread as the other hardmode ore guns

Misc Bows.png

From left->right
Piercing Tide- fires a fast moving, piercing arrow
Brambleshot- rapidly launches small, poison thorns
Molten Fury- (improved Srpite)
Night's Blight- fires
crescent arrows that explode on contact
Blood Shredder- launches barbed arrows that rip through the enemies defense
Compound Bow- fires energy bolts that have no falloff and pierce 5 times

Misc Spells.png

From top->bottom, left->right
Firestorm Staff- Unleashes an inferno of hellfire that engulfs evenything in its path
Chaos Beam- Fires a continuous beam of dark energy that will burn through any material, living or not
Blister Staff- throws a infected blister that releases toxic fumes on impact
Tidal Scepter- Blasts enemies with a surge of water
Tangleroot- Launches an overgrown projectile that slows and poisons enemies
Flamelash- (imporved sprite)
Night's Fury- Blasts enemies with pure, unstoppable chaos energy, ripping their bodies to shreds
Blood Render- Fires a bolt of pure evil that pierces through enemies, and siphons health from them to you
Void Lance- launches a bolt of void energy that explodes violently, and leaves a rift in the fabric of reality
Holy Staff- Extremely high damage, extremely high mana cost. Insta-kills undead enemies
Gust- blasts enemies with a gust of wind that throws them across the screen

Wrath of the dead- releases the souls of the damned. they seek out and rip apart all enemies they can find
Enchanted Armor- Casts a passive buff, increasing your armor for a set amount of time
Enchanted sword- deals magic damage, and grants mana on hit
True Enchanted Sword- Fires an ethereal blade. Improved version of the Enchanted Sword
Whither Staff- inflicts wither debuff, which rapidly drains health, and lowers defense
Ancient Scepter- endgame magic missile
Specter Blade- deals magic damage, and grants mana on hit

Misc Summoning weapons.png

From top->bottom
Beholder staff- summons a ranged beholder to fight for you
Meteor Staff- calls down a friendly meteor to help fight for you
Vile Swarm- summons 2 corruptlings that fly around and viciously attack their prey
Crimson Swarm- summons 2 crimson leapers they can climb on walls and jump to reach their targets
Sprite staff- summons little fairies to help fight for you. they also heal you
Spirit Staff- conjures a lost spirit to fear and kill you enemies

Misc accesories.png

From left -> right, top->bottom
Aegis- combo of the paladins shield and the cross necklace
Wynebgwrthucher- fabled shield of invincibility. A combination of the Ankh Shield, Aegis, and the Frozen Turtle shell. It will also grant a second chance to the player holding it when they receive fatal damage
Devil's Pauldron- Prevents you from receiving fatal damage, and restores 15% of your health
Enchanted Sheild- when wearing this, you will take 50% damage, but the remainder will be drained from your mana pool
Firestorm boots- combination of the lava waders and the lightning boots
Power stone- no idea, open to ideas
Trick mirror- teleports you to the last place you used you magic mirror from
Deaths gaze- teleports you to the last place you died
Shattered mirror- teleports you the the nearest player who also holds a shattered mirror
Utility Belt- Combo of the tool belt, GPS, Extendo Grip, Portable Cement Mixer, Brick Layer, and Ruler

Nights weapons.png

Night's Weapons- the Night's Edge was lonely, so I took care of that

Hardmode Staves.png

Hardmode Staves- why should only the easymode ores get fancy magic staves?
Bloodstone Armor (2016_01_01 00_24_48 UTC).png
Coral Set.png
Danger set (2016_01_01 00_24_48 UTC).png
Darksteel Set (2016_01_01 00_24_48 UTC).png
Dragon set (2016_01_01 00_24_48 UTC).png
Dreadful Set (2016_01_01 00_24_48 UTC).png
Flesh set (2016_01_01 00_24_48 UTC).png
Titan Set (2016_01_01 00_24_48 UTC).png
Harbinger set.png
Desert Set.png
Frost Set.png
Magma Set.png
Obsidian Set.png
Crystalite Armor.png
Thorium Set.png
Terrarium Set.png
Flight Set.png
Lodestone Set.png
Valadium Set.png

Go HERE to see what all these are!
PHM armor remakes.png

Pre-Hardmode armor remakes- I wasn't quite satisfied with the early armors and tools, so I improved them as much as I could while staying true to their original designs (Felmale sprites by @m31k)

amplified Cobalt armor.png
Amplified Mythril armor.png
amplified Adamantite armor.png

with the additions of the 3 new hardmode ores, the old armors really began to show their age, so I "amped" the up

Molten Tools- Updated.png

Molten Tools- same boat as the shadow tools

meteor items.png
Phasesabers and blades.png

Meteor Tools and Phaseblades/sabers- recolors, added details, consistent color schemes. Just little improvements.

Vanilla Item remakes.png

Vanilla Item Reskins- Many of the in-game items that I think look either a bit lackluster, or just bad...

Skeletron Head-Updated.png
Skeletron Prime Updated.png

Skeletron: revamped- You gotta admit, the first time you fought Skeletron you pooped your pants a little, so making him look a bit more intimidating and sexy can't hurt. And his prime version is now truly prime

Destroyer Updated.png

Destroyer: revamped- Skeletron couldn't let his good old friend The Destroyer go without a makeover too
Master list.png

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Emblem of Brutality.png
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didnt u say ur not taking requests? lol

fine i request something... anything related to my avatar
It's not that I'm not taking requests... its kinda complicated... I don't like the "give me a picture and have me re-create it in terraria style" kind of requests

I'd much rather the, "this thing would be cool!" kind of requests, which are more like suggestions

anyway, Zerog2002's request was a little more specific than I'd like, but since it was the first one; why not?


Pixel Pirate
It's not that I'm not taking requests... its kinda complicated... I don't like the "give me a picture and have me re-create it in terraria style" kind of requests

I'd much rather the, "this thing would be cool!" kind of requests, which are more like suggestions

anyway, Zerog2002's request was a little more specific than I'd like, but since it was the first one; why not?

lol i get it, i dunno what to request really i just like seeing ur art, i like it better than my own lol

kinda want another weekly challenge to enter, i do so enjoy CERTAIN topics (though i vastly ignore those i dont)


True Dark Lance.png

Indirect request from HAAARPY!-True Dark Lance

lol i get it, i dunno what to request really i just like seeing ur art, i like it better than my own lol

kinda want another weekly challenge to enter, i do so enjoy CERTAIN topics (though i vastly ignore those i dont)
I've got an idea of something to do related to your avatar... So ima do it, but like I said before, give me at least a week


Duke Fishron
View attachment 2061
Indirect request from HAAARPY!-True Dark Lance

I've got an idea of something to do related to your avatar... So ima do it, but like I said before, give me at least a week
Well now you have to complete the set and make a True *insert hallowed spear here (can't remember the name)* and a Terra Spear. :p
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