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Drawings & Paintings Bry's Art Space



You know, I've spent an awfully long time hyper-focused on the Suggestions Forums.
Spent the majority of my junior high life on large Sprite-filled ideas that ultimately led to me having an existential crisis at 15 years of age. It was fun for a while, but then I started pressuring myself to think of things to add instead of letting the ideas flow naturally.
I've known about this part of the forums for a long time, but I don't actually know why I never really checked this place out. Better yet, I'm not quite sure why I never even tried sharing my pencil drawings.
It hit me at exactly 4:09 PM, 12/15/2018: "Maybe I should try putting my drawings and stuff out there; see what happens. Would certainly be a nice change of pace from the plethora of multicolored squares I've been dealing with for the past 4 years".
So here I am! Bry-ccentric's Sketchspace, or just Bry's Sketchspace, in case my name changes later on or something (also it just sounds nicer).

Bry's Art Space!
(I looked Sketchspace up, and it seems to not really be a definitive thing (unlike Drawspace, which very much is), so I decided to use that.)

Here, I'll post anything art-related that I make, which may include pencil, painting, digital drawings (yes, including the square variety), and whatever else I pull out of my bum (expect pencil like 90% of the time, though). I won't usually post finished products right away; I'll show off stuff mid-creation for the purpose of feedback, mainly. I'll even be accompanying the art with descriptions, because I feeeeel like it.
I won't have any sort of schedule in place or anything; I'll just post whenever I really feel like sharing my stuff. It's a stress-free outlet for my artistry that, quite frankly, I've really needed for a long time.
I'll post a few drawings every week, on the weekends. I sometimes may not be able to post, usually due to life constraints or creative drought.
Eh. I guess?
I definitely won't have any sort of priority or anything on what I do; I'll just work on stuff when I feel like it. I'm gonna treat requests as a sort of "ideas for when I'm bored" thing. If you guys are feeling extra-charitable, you could just blatantly give me a few ideas, but that's definitely not something I'll hound anyone for.

Well, enough talk, I suppose. Let's get to the stuff!
...Which there's not a lot of right now, seeing, y'know, the whole "I literally just made this thread" thing.

Pencil and Pen
An asterisk next to a name means that said name is not finalized.
Bloon-poppin' MonkeysRahlVanelopiMass amounts of penguinIzzabella
I'm a fan of Bloons Tower Defense; I admit it. I also admit that I REALLY like BTD6's Dart Monkey. It's super useful now, and the Juggernaut's Spike Balls RICOCHET OFF OF STUFF NOW, which is, admittedly, more cool than helpful (each Spike Ball can only hit each Bloon once, soooo).Now here's a character I still don't know what the hell to do with. I guess that kinda makes sense, though, since the basic concept I had for Rahl was that she's an eccentric enigma who people just can't seem to read. As I throw together random ideas, Rahl gets completely new wardrobes; here, she's supposed to be a... jewel thief of sorts; before, she was an escaped refugee from some place.
You don't know confusion 'til you've seen the inside of my brain.
Vanelopi is a nerd who had idea what to do with her life, using every minute of her day to sit in front of her screens and play video games or watch videos─or both. Eventually, though, she realized how much of the world she was missin'. After a period of self-reflection, she decided to put in full effort into learning about anything and everything, and left the internet behind.
Fast-forward a few years, and Vanelopi is livin' the hotshot student's life─popular, gorgeous, and good at everything!
...At the expense of her health.
You can tell that this was born from pure boredom. These fluffly boys are gonna build a pyramid to the MOON, baby! Maybe they should get some rabbits for help, though; they've done it a dozen times over.Or as she likes to call herself: Lady Mischief.
Creativity is very much a weak point for her. What isn't, though, is MAGIC.
Jack & Boom BotsEstelle & Bry (Work-in-Progress)Estelle & Bry (Work-in-Progressn't)Estelle & Bry IICharacter Sketches I - Gallelea, Perennie, ???
And here's where we have a prime case of "the Chicken or the Egg", because yeah I completely forgot if the Bombs came first or if it was Jack.
This is one of my less thought-out characters, since he was initially supposed to be a character of the distant past, meaning he doesn't ever interact with anybody else. He's isolated in every sense possible, and loneliness is kind of a sensitive spot for me, so this guy's kinda hard for me to work on.
At least his creations get to meet the rest of the cast.
And here's my protagonist! Who's a little, uh emaciated in this drawing, but ooooooh well, that's just how the dice roll when you need to bring your drawing like twenty feet away just to see how weird it looks. Hopefully Bry'll look a little better....I gotta keep my mouth shut.
'KAY, soooo guess HE just has a squished head, now. Pose looks a little weird, too, but I was already kinda expecting that, so I don't mind. I don't think I'm gonna finish this, though; I'm not really happy with how the pencil turned out.
And now here's the duo when they're older, I guess??????
My story's over the course of several years, yes, but this is just excessive. I just can't come up with a design I like for either of these two, nor have I been able to for the past several YEARS. I think my problem's more with Bry, though; his FACE is the most inconsistent thing about him, even more so than Estelle's.
Oh yeah, here's the takeoff of what I'll call Era 3. A Wind Mentel, and a girl with an attitude and quite a lot of time. There's also that one guy, but I couldn't come up with anything cool for him, so to the scrapper he goes.

The Wind Mentel, Gallelea, has quite the strange hairstyle, but it kinda clues you in to what her abilities are.
Ms. No-Chill, Perennie, is actually usually quite reserved, which is mainly because she doesn't like people, I think. There's also that Clockstop abiltiy she has, but that doesn't really come into play in public much.
Character Sketches II - Vena, Sasha and SylviaCharacter Sketches III - Perennie, VenaCharacter Sketches IV - Vaccent, IsaiEscenceRandom Video Game Doodles
Now, these three are all old characters of mine, dating back to Eras 1 and 2. I haven't quite gotten to Sylvia yet, but the point of these sketches was to redesign them.
Vena, the venomous hitwoman, had and still has a maid-like outfit, as when she's first seen, she's posing as one for an extremely rich individual. I should prooobably plan her design past that.
Sasha is quite the intriguing character. She comes off as innocent and a little ditzy (she's twelve, so most people accept it), but she's actually EXTREMELY intelligent and quite the cold calculator; that's not something she wants people knowing, though, and she knows how to put up an act, soooo...
Even when the brain damage barges in, her core behavior is unchanged.
Sylvia... well, I'll hold off until you can see more than a bust shot.
Oh, and here's some attempts at poses (finally). I didn't exactly break new ground with Perennie's pose (it's just a worse version of her first drawing's), but would you look at that─Vena's KICKING!
...It was supposed to be a sweep kick, but apparently I forgot what motion lines are. Ah well. I also can't draw heels, so hmmhwjgiofjqm.

There was supposed to be a third character, who I guess I just didn't do???
...Yeah I should just stop trying to shoehorn in a third character for each of these.
Isai and Vaccent: the hunter and the musician. They're not a duo (or in any way related, even), but the girls were rapidly overshadowing the, like, 3 guys I had, so I had to come up with a few more.
Isai's outfit might seem a little similar to someone else's, detail-wise, but I can't say I know what I'm gonna do with them yet. Vaccent, though...
I'm probably gonna scrap him. He was supposed to be a classical fanatic, but I care about that genre of music about as much as I care about math: not at all. I also don't understand music genres, not to mention music, so Vaccent was doomed from the start.
So, uh, you may or may not have seen this chick before.
Enemy ConceptsFlowersBommy SketchesThe Solarian and the Vortexian
Vena, Sasha and Sylvia | Izzabella - Lady Mischief
Three very violent girls, potentially. One's a venom-blooded assassin with tons of inhumane implants and gadgets; one's been afflicted with an intriguing form of brain damage; and one's just kind of unpleasant. The one you really wanna be worried about is the one with brain damage; her personality was completely changed from outgoing and studied to cold and calculating, along with having pretty much lost all of her inhibitors when it comes to violence due to just how she attained her injury. Second to her is definitely venom-implants girl, though. Moving to their coloring, I think the best-looking character here was Sasha; Vena's dress colors are backwards, and Sylvia looks like she wants to be American (she's supposed to be from Spain; what was I THINKING?!). Sasha's only real problem was the inconsistent shading. ...Actually, scratch my earlier statement; none of them look all too hot.|Ah yes, Izzabella: Lady Mischief. Perhaps not an original title, but it's one she dons with pride. She's good with hand-to-hand combat, but her main specialty is MAGIC. Having learned the art from her parents, Izzabella can use magic to... preeeetty much just instigate confusion and chaos. That's all she uses it for, anyways; apparently causing mischief is just her favorite pastime. How charming.​
Digital [!] {!}
Candesce (Concept)| Candesce Essence|Artist Kirby|Artist Gooey|Pyrose

I'd been trying to come up with a new concept for a fire-wielding character for a while. I had the character's basic appearance thought up, but all I really had, personality-wise, was that she was a pyromaniac. Then I got inspiration from two Kirby characters: Adeleine and Meta Knight. I'll give you one guess as to what I came up with (hint for Meta Knight's influence: look at the anime).|"Candesce" was a pun on "Incandescence" (clever, I know), but then I remembered what the term I initially wanted was, which was "Fluorescence". The latter doesn't have the second syllable to work with, and "Flouresce" sounds weird (I apologize to any girls named Florence), so I just went with the best of both worlds: Essence.|Just a, uh, fun fact for you folks: I like art. Kirby's Artist ability; I also like that. So I drew that.|Kirby's got nothin' on Gooey, though. Just look at that technique. Tongue technique. Tonguenique. |Currently my least original enemy concept; the Pyrose is a huge fire-colored rose that expel fire FROM its face and from its spines. Once I finished drawing this guy, he started to look familiar. Some time later, I found out I practically ripped off an enemy from somebody's Celestial Mini-biomes suggestion, it looked so goddamned similar. The attack ideas are completely different, though, so I'd like to say I'm in the clear if I want to use the Pyrose later on.
The Muckery ||||||||
"Again with the Muckery, Bryan." Yeah, yeah, whatever. I like this thing; it grew on me. The Muckery was originally made for my Hardmode-Underworld Expansion thread, but the enemy concept soon became one of my favorites; a weird, grimy mass that grabbed other beings to mold itself around their shape. Like a doppelganger enemy, except not really, because they're a freaky, black, reflective effigy of you. In this image, the Muckery is styled as if it was a Mother 3 encounter; I got the urge to do this after seeing the Mother 3 fangame Mother 4's Modern Mind enemy.

Spooky Legion #1 | Spooky Legion #2 | Spooky Legion #3 ||
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Just gonna reserve like, 2 posts. I'm very familiar with the image limit.
Okay maybe just one. I'm probably going to get pulverized by staff if I keep trying.
Goodnight, sweet prince.


...OOOOOKAY. Slow month, drawing-wise. I'd apologize, but I'm not really sure anybody cares.
I only have a bit of new stuff (which is pretty sad, seeing the whole month in-between posts), but to make up for that, I also decided to add some concept art I made for a suggestion I made in the past! I'm gonna be putting that stuff in a separate section, beeecaaauuse I don't knooow.
Also, noticing that the images in the spoilers are completely erratically-sized. I'll see what I can do about that; just don't expect it immediately.

Estelle! Oh, uh, Bry's here too, I think???
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Wwwwell. THIS went to :red: fast.
Truth be told, I'm not quite sure how to get a handle on my motivation. But, 8 weeks later (I think [yikes ':eek:]), I've returned with... not too horribly much. However, I've been adding little (er, I'm sorry; "little") descriptions to some of the images, which I hope brings you some minor enjoyment.
The erratically-sized images, by the way, are yet to be fixed, though I think I know the solution.

Flowers are nice. Have some flowers!
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Week Twentyyyyyyyyyyy
Been practicing foreshortening a bit, and I've gotta say, I suuuuuuck at it. Vena turned out alright, but the other guy, uh, hoooo boy.
I've been wanting to shorten the gap between updates, but I don't wanna force it too hard, lest I burn out horribly again. I apologize to the folks who actually care about my art (which is still zero, I think) and have to wait a lightyear and then some (even though that's not a measurement of time).
As you read this, I'm working on adding more descriptions to some of the drawings. A little fun fact for you: images in Tables don't actually show up in editing, meaning I have to make out where everything is with just code. It's... not exactly easy, by any means.

Character concepts! Here we have Perennie and Vena, as well as the empty void of life, I guess!
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