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WIP Building Upon the Cultists.

What do you think?

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  • Not another invasion!

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First things first, I'm not all too familiar with the other suggestions. That being said, I do not know if something like this has already been suggested. If it has, feel free to let me know and I'll get to a staff member and get this removed.

Secondly... this suggestion is full of spoilers to those of you who have not gotten to near late-game. If you have not beaten Golem, please feel free to disregard this thread until you do, unless you truly do not care about spoilers.

Ok, with that out of the way, on to the suggestion.

So, as I've been replaying Terraria, an question popped in my head... what are the Cultists worshiping? What is this mysterious tablet, and why are they worshiping it? No matter how long it takes for you to "stop" the Cultists, they never stop worshiping it... nothing bad, or good, happens.
Usually, it takes me between 1-5 hours of constant playing to get prepared for the Cultists and Lunatic Cultist after defeating Golem. But... you could sit around for 20+ hours and there is still no outcome of the Cultists worshiping the tablet.
As for my actual suggestion, I feel that this mysterious tablet should play a larger role other than giving powers to the Lunatic Cultist. I feel that the Cultists should be able to accomplish something by worshiping the tablet and not being disrupted by the player(s).
One of my ideas for this is, what if the Cultists managed to complete their "ritual" before you were able to stop them? What would happen? So, basically, my idea is that IF the Cultists complete their ritual, I feel that the Cultists should be able to invade your town. Oh great, another invasion. I know, I hated this idea originally too, but, this one is different. So, those of us who have fought the Lunatic Cultist, or at least knows of what he can do, you know he uses a variety of spells ranging from lightning bolts, fireballs and ice spikes, to clones, to summoning a spectral dragon (Phantasm Dragon). I feel that the "Cultist/Devote Invasion" should involve the Cultists/Devotes (Depending on which word you like better, personally I prefer Devote, even though they are technically already called Cultists.) using those various spells with an addition to a few more spells. If you are in expert mode however, the Cultists/Devotes would also be able to summon a slightly weaker version of the Ancient Vision that the Lunatic Cultist summons is able to summon.

Anyways, I think you've read enough of my rambling for now, I'd like your input on this suggestion. Would you like this to happen? Would you prefer it not happen? Would you like something like this to happen? Let me know!

Anyways, that is all for me, for now. Thank you all for reading this.
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Great Idea. It makes the cultists have a lot more relevance outside of the celestial event.
Also, have an idea from me: making the cultists only do their rituals in nights with a full moon, and having Devotee Scouts spawn randomly in the world in other times. A Renegade Cultist NPC would be nice as well(what cult doesn't have renegades?).


Yeah cultists are kinda shady storywise adding them some more awesomeness would be great! As well a little known fact there are banners in the game files for other cultists


Well I've been stuck on what to do after beating golem. What's all this about cultists then. Well regardless I'll say it sound sweet adding more of a background story to a group/boss.
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