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tModLoader Calamity Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by MountainDrew, May 27, 2016.


What would you like me to create more of?

  1. NPCs (enemies, house NPCs, etc.)

    834 vote(s)
  2. Bosses

    1,517 vote(s)
  3. Items (Accessories, Weapons, etc.)

    1,078 vote(s)
  4. Vanity (furniture, armor sets, etc.)

    295 vote(s)
  5. Mineable Stuff (Ores, Blocks, etc.)

    244 vote(s)
  1. Vesperia52

    Vesperia52 Terrarian

    may you put the link for me to download this mod on mac? i have really wanted to play it, but the mediafire link wont work. Ive seen so many videos on youtube and im so excited to play this mod <3
  2. Zach_

    Zach_ Plantera

    Here's how to get it for Mac
    Step 1: don't, throw away your Mac and build a :red:ing pc

    Anyways.. Just try mod browser.
  3. justvkb

    justvkb Terrarian

    Can we get an option to remove the stress mechanic? It's complete aids. We're debating removing the mod all together on our server.
  4. Poly

    Poly Steampunker

    seeing as thats a revengeance thing, you should've read the description of the item that enables rev
  5. justvkb

    justvkb Terrarian

    Characters + Server already made weeks ago.
    Mod was updated without notes. Figured it was a bug fix. We're not downgrading to remove a bad addition to the mod with issues still in the mod.
    Revengeance Mode adds too much to the game not to use.
    Lose the forced timesink meter or lose users of your mod. That is the only option here.

    Also, you read the item. Says nothing about a stress system.
    Spazkid likes this.
  6. Poly

    Poly Steampunker

    ok, then there should be an indicator that it adds a stress bar. We aren't concerned about losing 2 people so thats your issue, I assume you could just turn the mod off and reinstall anyways
    Jerryhh, Alucard3598 and MountainDrew like this.
  7. leqesai

    leqesai Terrarian

    How does the stress mechanic work? I updates and got the stress bar and am getting some accessories to reduce it but can't quite figure out what causes stress...
  8. ECloudy

    ECloudy Skeletron Prime

    Hey the lore might need a bit of updating. Bosses like the Slime God (Now he's just a blob) and Leviathan (Now instead of eating her victims first she now lets her siren attack the player first) don't make much sense now :dryadsmile:
    Oh and also bosses like Brimstone Elemental, Crabulon and Astrum Deus need some lore :dryadwink:
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 10, 2017, Original Post Date: Sep 10, 2017 ---
    great response xD
  9. MineCat

    MineCat Golem

    There's a wiki page for that.
  10. Wafflequak

    Wafflequak Terrarian

    Anyone know if the Music Boxes are able to get music from the boss fights?
  11. MineCat

    MineCat Golem

  12. ECloudy

    ECloudy Skeletron Prime

    Is anybody going to add a Ravager minimap sprite? It really bugs me that he doesn't have one :dryadindifferent:
  13. Spazkid

    Spazkid Terrarian

    I've watched loads of videos about how to beat cryogen in expert mode, ive tried probably 20+ times. I notice you gave him more health later on or buffed him somehow because i see people with worse armor and weapons than me beat him in a third of the time. For a boss that's supposed to be before the mechanical bosses and before plantera. It's pretty ridiculous, i wiped plantera the first time but with cryogen it just seems impossible. He clips inside the player and you just cant move or get away from him, not until you only have 100hp left. Then the freezing, maybe my map or biome is messed up but seriously it feels impossible.
  14. Alamandra Vonn Pravus

    Alamandra Vonn Pravus Dungeon Spirit

    Warmth potions work very well for him.
  15. atyllek21

    atyllek21 Terrarian

    At which version of calamity zerg potion is?
  16. Creeper da Snek

    Creeper da Snek Plantera

    1.2, I believe.
  17. Zach_

    Zach_ Plantera

  18. atyllek21

    atyllek21 Terrarian

    Creeper da Snek likes this.
  19. Catman8274

    Catman8274 Official Terrarian

    I think the Slime God just got triggered. He is not just a blob. And I believe the lore for that has been updated.
    I also wouldn't mind some lore for the other bosses.
  20. Victiny

    Victiny Terrarian


    Thanks hero :D and thank god too :D :D :D