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tModLoader Calamity Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by MountainDrew, May 27, 2016.


What would you like me to create more of?

  1. NPCs (enemies, house NPCs, etc.)

    827 vote(s)
  2. Bosses

    1,502 vote(s)
  3. Items (Accessories, Weapons, etc.)

    1,072 vote(s)
  4. Vanity (furniture, armor sets, etc.)

    292 vote(s)
  5. Mineable Stuff (Ores, Blocks, etc.)

    240 vote(s)
  1. I also hear it gives you a curse. Maybe there is a reason why other mods (i.e. Thorium) keep their expert items secret for players to discover on their own...
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  2. MountainDrew

    MountainDrew The Destroyer

    Once the curse effect is discovered it's up to the player whether or not the ring is worth it. But imho, it is most certainly a worthwhile accessory.
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    Oh yeah, Calamitas and Devourer now go ape:red: when day time starts. Just to add a challenge if anyone's interested :D
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  3. Darklordofhell

    Darklordofhell Terrarian

    It appears my attacks against the devourer are only doing 1 damage, I'm using summoner armor with a stardust dragon staff

    It also appears that dried seekers segments don't all die on death
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  4. The dried seeker segments not disappearing is not a bug, but a feature ;)
    Dealing only 1 damage to devourer sounds like a bug though, as if it's got way too much defense. Try using other weapons to see if anything changes. I haven't gotten anywhere close to that far so I can't test things myself xD (yes I could use cheat sheet and a new character but I don't feel like doing that :p)
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  5. Darklordofhell

    Darklordofhell Terrarian

    Actually it seems to be with both the desert scourge, and the devourer. I do regular damage to the head though. But is kind of impossible to direct my summons to the head.

    Also it appears the ores spawning from the bosses are generating on top of trees.
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  6. Generating on top of trees? Sounds to me like the ore spawning block(s) wasn't set correctly.
    I remember being able to damage the Desert Scourge quite fine in the old version, including body segments. I'll have to take a look at the new version.
  7. MountainDrew

    MountainDrew The Destroyer

    Seems to be that I set the defense wrong. And ore spawning on top of trees? I've never had that happen before o_O

    Which ore was spawning on top of trees?
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 9, 2016, Original Post Date: Jun 9, 2016 ---
    Dammit, the Devourer and Scourge had their defense set wrong :sigh:

    I've updated the mod and I've also set the Aerialite ore to spawn in WorldSurfaceLow instead of WorldSurfaceHigh. Hopefully this fixes the issues.

    V1.1.1 released! Updated Aerialite ore spawn to spawn lower in the world.
    Updated Desert Scourge and Devourer to not be invincible on Expert Mode.
    Fixed Verium Bullets to have their alpha values set to 255.
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  8. MountainDrew

    MountainDrew The Destroyer

    Well that was infuriating. It seems large worlds don't like either WorldSurfaceHigh or WorldSurfaceLow. Changed it to rock layer instead.

    V1.1.2 - Aerialite ore for SURE won't spawn in trees anymore.
    Sorry for the inconvenience as I was testing mostly on Small worlds :(
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  9. NyctoDarkMatter

    NyctoDarkMatter Pixel Pirate


    Update didn't appear to change anything. As soon as Slime God got to his second form, I barely walked off screen to heal real fast and he despawned. It's really annoying since he can TELEPORT.
  10. MountainDrew

    MountainDrew The Destroyer

    I'll look through the entire AI again tomorrow to see what the issue might be. I'm just getting very impatient right now with some of these problems, considering I've spent months on this content and I'm not getting paid anything to do it.

    I'm already working a job almost every day and that's easier work than this.

    I'm not going to stop creating content though. I love Terraria and the modding community, but sometimes I want to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the content that I've created.

    Sorry for the rant, I've just had enough stress for one day.

    Another solution: don't walk off screen ;)
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  11. NyctoDarkMatter

    NyctoDarkMatter Pixel Pirate

    Harder said than done since he takes up most of it! xD But I understand, take your time. I just won't fight him right now, lol. I beat him ONCE legit.
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  12. Kefke

    Kefke Steampunker

    Your ore spawn has no chill. `:D


    Also, regarding bosses - While I wouldn't say the worm was easy, it was pretty farmable, and the armour I got from it was a major upgrade to what I had.

    For the slime, both it and its minions had a hitbox smaller than their body. Combined with the slime's attacks, this actually made it ridiculously hard.
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  13. MountainDrew

    MountainDrew The Destroyer

    It still spawns in the freaking trees even after I set it to spawn in the rock layer in the 1.1.2 update? For me, it never does this.

    And how does everyone feel about the new Slime God AI? Is it too hard?

    I know Calamitas is hard as hell, but that's how I programmed her.
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  14. Kefke

    Kefke Steampunker

    Actually, I had one piece spawn in a wooden beam (the background object) that I placed for decoration. Oh! And some replaced parts of vines. I think one bit replaced a cactus...
  15. MountainDrew

    MountainDrew The Destroyer

    You're sure you're updated to the 1.1.2 version? I just killed Scourge and no ore spawned above the surface. Large world.
  16. Kefke

    Kefke Steampunker

    I'm absolutely certain. Though it may have had something to do with the fact that my friend and I killed the Scourge eight times in a row when we fought it. Also it's worth mentioning that I was hosting the world, and the ore wasn't visible to me until I restarted the server.

    Also, regarding the difficulty of that fight; I can't give too accurate an assessment, other than to say what we were using. I had the Bellerose (Godly modifier) and Thorium Armor, from the Thorium mod. Bellerose is roughly equal to a Falcon Blade, I would say, but launches a piercing projectile every fourth swing. Thorium armor is about silver tier in strength, and gives...well, actually the same bonuses as Victide, but at half the strength, and a bonus to critical instead of the in-water bonuses. After boss farming, I switched to the Victide armor, which has (if I remember right) four less defence, but actually caused me to take about 10 less damage on average, and deal a little more.

    My friend was wearing full Crimson Armor, and an Arkhalis. I'm not sure what modifier he had. Between us, we were able to take out each of the eight we summoned quite quickly. All in all, I'd say it only took a couple minutes for us to take out all eight, without trouble. I recall at one point getting juggled along the entire length of the worm and not needing to heal afterwards, and although we both had already farmed up full 400HP, I'm not sure I would have needed to even with half that base.
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  17. MountainDrew

    MountainDrew The Destroyer

    Yeah, that boss is meant to be fought before the Eye of Cthulhu after all :D

    And the world generation must have been on his end, because it is for certain fixed in the 1.1.2 update.

    Here is my planned progression:
    Desert Scourge
    Eye of Cthulhu
    Wall of Flesh
    Slime God
    Mechanical Bosses
    Devourer of Gods
    Jungle Dragon, Yharon
    Lunatic Cultist
    Moon Lord
    Tyrant King, Yharim
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  18. Kefke

    Kefke Steampunker

    That certainly makes the difficulty of the slime fight make more sense. However, I think that if the Scourge boss is meant to be pre-EoC...well, much as I hate to say it, Victide armour might need a bit of a nerf, if that's the case. The rest of the gear in the set certainly seems right around that mark. The armour, however, acted as a direct upgrade to my Thorium set, which is overall maybe slightly better than Gold tier (despite numerically Silver stats) and barring deep caving, post-EoC content.
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  19. MountainDrew

    MountainDrew The Destroyer

    Noted. I will likely nerf the Victide set in the upcoming patch, probably the damage and defense only.
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  20. Kefke

    Kefke Steampunker

    I really do hate to say that, since I replaced my old armour with it. `:D
    (Any chance you'd buff the boss and other gear instead? j/k)
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