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tModLoader Cheat Sheet


Hi, thanks for your mod, it's amazing.

Im having some problems with the Paint Tool, sometimes schematics loads and sometimes not, but there's always 11 paints loading, can't load anything else but only these and I found out that these are the ones exported in my TModLoader folder in Documents named "CheatSheet_PaintTools_X.json"

My question is, is there any page or place where I can get more paints in that file format? Like people sharing their paints in a json or txt format. I think that could be nice, so you just download it and import it to your folder easily. I read that schematics are connected to your PC/Internet and that's why you just put the most rated ones, I think it might be a good alternative.

For example, I create a paint then I export it to my folder so I can share it to people so they can use it.

Sorry for my bad English and thanks again
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