Single Thread RP Collision (A Whatever-you-want RP)

(Maybe, but probably on one of your characters, and assume that'll be the case for Nathan and Solus too)
(Rolled a D10 to decide between having Shine pass things to Pancake or Ice because I'm too lazy to just flip a coin, so insert filler post where you'll have to imagine that Shine just passes things to Ice again because I'm too tired to type that)
(No it's fine I just need to decide on which region Solus is from, between like 3 regions or smth)
Solus does answer, but because of my planning ahead (or lack thereof) I need to put a filler comment here.
(i almost never plan ahead- i usually wing it and hope i dont have to fix 800 plot holes later)
"Shine, where have your travels taken you?"
(Just going to need to quickly make sure: is Ice asking about where Nathan is from, or the travels part? because if it's the first then I might need to go to a name generator or use RNG to decide where exactly he's from, as my original lore stuff implies he's from another world along with Viora (and also a random Lapras that I have used in a few stories so far but haven't actually developed enough to add to my OC list), but I never actually decided on a name for that world)
(im sorry for putting you through this- i feel like i stressed you out and i didnt mean to do that)
"Can i ask a question?"
"To who"
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