Single Thread RP Collision (A Whatever-you-want RP)

"Well I hadn't seen you in a while and I wanted to make sure you were over what happened before I began to talk to you."
"I wasn't then, but now I am. It was so long ago... to be honest I'm surprised I was able to stay mad for so long."
"Do you know if the others have forgiven you yet?"
"I don't think so... though since you guys forgave Kesshin, I can always have hope."
"now THAT was a while ago- the Seishin Incident!"
"I know right! Nobody expected that Kettei and Ketsui could actually work together for once."
"Plus they were actually really hard to beat!"
"Their spellcards were insane! Remember
4th of Fate ~ Destroying Imperfection Atom by Atom!?"
*And I quote myself for this action: "I have no context for this conversation you guys are having because I always walk into the room at the most confusing part."*
"Oh, me and Pancake are talking about an Incident we were both involved in a long while ago. Beginning of an era to be honest."
"Basically, Kesshin(Kettei and Ketsui fused), got obsessed with perfection due to the Lord of Perfection's manipulation. He decided that true perfection only occurs in the Rainbow Shining Forest and tried to make the forest spread across the entire world. The spirits were attacking people, the grass was spreading like crazy, it ate a few people's homes actually-"
"Long story short, it was the beginning of a group of people called the Incident Investigators, which included, Pancake, Sarah, Ai(a person you guys haven't met yet), Abigail(kahn's mom), and I think Max was there though I'm not sure."
Pancake being a scattered person, says "Oh yeah Ice you're good at spellcards right? Can you help me with getting better at them?"
"Like training you?"
"I guess, yeah"
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