Single Thread RP Collision (A Whatever-you-want RP)

*Currently just bouncing around where the forest fire was alongside half a frost legion, there's now snow everywhere and any remaining trees have frost all over them*
"Oh- hi" Ice says as he pulls out a spellcard. He reads it before putting it back in his deck."No..." He pulls out another. "Here we go, this is better."
Pancake goes to the other side of the clearing.
"I have a sneaking suspicion I will not have fun."
"Pshh yes you will."
"Slow Moving Glacier ~ Simple Spiral"
Shards of ice begin to emanate from the center of the field, shooting off into a spiral.
Like this, but with ice.

"Those spaces are a little thin....?"
"Well it's not like spellcards are supposed to be easy."
Pancake gets ready to dodge.
The spiral catches up to Pancake and he starts to follow the spinning motion. He barely grazes a bullet. "ow..." After this, he doesn't get hit again.
"Alright, you've got that essentially down, so try to shoot the source."
"The source...?"
"Yeah- where the bullets are coming from."
"Oh ok..."
Pancake shoots a fireball at the point where the bullets are coming from.
A small explosion happens that grazes Pancake and Ice but doesn't do anything. The ice bullets stop.
"You did it!"
"Lets try something harder.."
Icy Blizzard of Deflected Feelings ~ Frozen Storm

Really sharp snowflakes spin around Ice in a dramatic and flashy way, spinning speedily in grand circles towards... kind of the entire group.

Nathan just summons a basic ice spike to block any snowflakes coming at him.

Shine, still exhausted and all, is kinda screwed.
Solus just uses the nearest tree as cover.
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