Single Thread RP Collision (A Whatever-you-want RP)

Pancake shoots a fireball at Ice, but so many snowflakes are in the air that the fire goes out.

"oops." Ice shrugs, pushing some snowflakes off his shoulders.
Alright, I have to get closer.
Pancake begins inching closer, trying to dodge the snowflakes.
Pancake begins to shoot fireballs to melt the snowflakes, but they are too cold.

"Use a bomb."
"I dont have a bomb!"
"No- like a counter spellcard that only lasts a few seconds. To clear the snowflakes."
"Can it just be a move that I name?"
"Not really."
(If any snowflakes hit Shine, they either melt into nothing or make them colder.)
Pancake doesnt have a spellcard to bomb with, so he just shoots a ton of fireballs in a circle.
"Fire Sign ~ Melting the Enemy"
It works, leaving an opening in the spellcard for Ice to be attacked.
Pancake shoots a rather large fireball at Ice, causing an explosion.
(im just imagining shine freezing in a corner)
The spellcard stops.
"That was WAY too much."
"Well you beat it, so that means you got better."
"Lets see how you are at using spellcards."
"Oh no- the last time that happened I literally made the sun blow up in front of the entire group."
"Well try again!"
"And blow up the Earth too? No!"
(im sorry but Ice isnt the type of person to notice that you're freezing to death)
"you'll see this is gonna end horribly we're all gonna :red:ing die ugh"
Sun Sign ~ The Sun's Deadly Wrath(not what i wrote-)
his monstrosity appears above Pancake's head.
You can't really see it in the picture but those squiggly lines are snaking back and forth slightly. Also the entire thing is spinning. Well at least its just light instead of fire- OH GOD THEY'RE LASERS-

Nathan thankfully notices Shine being unable to defend himself, and teleports over to him to summon an ice spike as a shield.
"Oh. Oh wow."
Ice shoots ice towards the orb of sungiven destruction, however it melts from one of the lasers.
Ice jumps up, ducks under a laser, and then shoots more ice, but it's useless.

The air is beginning to heat up...
The Aura Sphere, already light, is unbothered by the lasers and hits the source.
The spellcard changes.
"Hey I didnt want this- you did. Blame yourself."
It becomes this orb.
"Is it doing anything?"
"I dont know!? I only wanted a fireball!"
"Hell of a fireball."
The orb begins to shoot a single line, spinning around.
"Oh. I recognize this."
"Is it bad?"
"I call it a 'plot progression'. It'll continue adding line lasers. Or it'll turn into a flower. It's hard to tell."
While he's talking, the line doubles.
The Aura Sphere hits the orb, knocking the lasers away. Wait-
This becomes
And now it doubled.

"What the hell. How are there TWO SOURCES."
"Look, I don't and will never know."
Is the octagon getting bigger? Also the flower gets fancier.

"Maybe it's just pretty?"
Okay, maybe that's a little too fancy. The flower suddenly gets HUGE.
"AAA-" Pancake jumps back.
<I knew it.>
Solus throws the Aura Sphere aimed at the center of the flower, then gets behind the tree again.

(ALSO I updated the descriptions for Navy and Roxas
Even though they technically won't be back for a while, wanna see the updated descriptions anyways?)
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