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Switch Combat Targeting for Switch?

Discussion in 'Console General Talk' started by Stonetribe, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. Stonetribe

    Stonetribe Terrarian

    Hello everyone! I apologise for being horrendously out of the loop regarding the console version of the game, but I was wondering about something. Does anyone have any idea if the lock on combat targeting will be added to the Nintendo Switch Edition. I will admit that I'm having some difficulty adjusting to playing with a controller after using a mouse and keyboard for so long. More importantly though, is that I'm planning on playing with a younger sibling when split screen multiplayer is added. She absolutely loves video games, but she's also still getting used to playing them so it'd be nice to know if I'd be able to give her a little handicap that way.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. salad_den

    salad_den Skeletron Prime

    to put it bluntly, no.
    best to do for now is just keep using the controls. once it becomes muscle memory you will have less trouble. same with your sister
  3. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi @salad_den, do you have a source to back up that Switch won’t get combat targeting? I haven’t seen an official answer one way or the other so curious if I missed it.
  4. salad_den

    salad_den Skeletron Prime

    if console don't got it. switch don't got it. remember that the switch port is based off of the console editions
  5. Stonetribe

    Stonetribe Terrarian

    Ah okay then, thanks for replying!

    Depending on how well she manages to adapt to the controlls, I can always just hook her up with some summoner gear so that she can focus more on dodging while still being able to contribute.

    I can't help but find it strange how the PC version has support for a controller based feature while the console version doesn't. I suppose it's not impossible that it might be added in a future update though, right? Maybe when (or if) 1.4 finally comes around?
  6. Syvwulf

    Syvwulf Official Terrarian

    PS4 edition has combat lock-on that can be enabled in the controls by binding it to a button, I am not sure about Xbox edition though, I do not have an Xbox to test it myself, although I have heard it does too. I would imagine that lock-on will eventually be added into Switch in a later update because of this.
  7. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to this. Like Syvwulf mentioned, console does have combat targeting abilities, so that’s not a source for your statement that Switch won’t ever get combat targeting. Even if console didn’t have the ability, I encourage you in the future to have an official source before presenting your opinion as absolute fact.

    Like I mentioned before I haven’t seen an official source say that Switch will or won’t get combat targeting. So right now, we just don’t know. Personally, I’d love to see it added as well.
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  8. Stonetribe

    Stonetribe Terrarian

    Oh, well that's nice to know! I have been getting a lot more used to aiming regularly with a controller, though I will admit that as of right now, I think I'd struggle reaching the later waves in the pumpkin/frost moon events.